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  1. I found this Super Robot at the Dollar Store!

  2. I found this Super Robot at the Dollar Store!

    It's a knockoff of EXKaiser God Max from the Brave series.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0dczhp6fPQ
  3. I found this Super Robot at the Dollar Store!

    I forgot about the Brave series..I know Dai Atlas & Sonic Bomber from TF Zone were also added to Brave..
  4. It reminded me of old school Diaclone or Transformers Victory/Zone toys..
  5. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Well... Sony had better produce that Robotech film.. Before 2021..
  6. Macross Live Action Movie Script

    Gloval and not Global? Richie-Richard-Rick?
  7. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    Third parties always ruin stuff..
  8. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    I meant one of the first Macross English adaptions not all of Anime..
  9. Unpublished Robotech Pages (Antarctic Press)

    I like this side story.. It's simple and short.. I can see Roy having some dogfights with Miriya or even Khyron..
  10. Macross DYRL TV Special Finally online! Have to watch!

    Wow, Mari & the other actress kind of favor their characters but the live action Hikaru looks like he should be working for IBM.. Thanks so much for the find..
  11. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I think Delta proved it's time for some new cooks in the kitchen.. Might be time for a full reboot or a sequel that has very few ties to other series.. Kawamori is second to none mecha designer but his current philosophy of non violent battles is getting a little old.. Yes, it must have flashy mecha to catch your eye but a real plot is badly needed..
  12. SDF Macross Extended English Language Pilot Online!

    Macross history in America.. One of the first times an English adaption was created for an Western audience.. Yeah it's pre-Robotech but..

    Yes pink haired girl is named Sakura. She wants to form a singing duo with EVE whom she met online.. It's called Megazone23 XI (sai) and takes place on a different Megazone fleet the Megazone11.. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-04-18/new-megazone-23-anime-project-plans-crowdfunding-for-promo-video/.114962

    So the girl with pink hair is EVE? I like the design but I'm not sure for EVE..