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  1. Those were so cool. The OG Joe line was one of the best action figure line of all time. I plan to repaint a lot of the weapons. A $4 can black krylon matte paint and an airbrush will do wonders. Another good option are the weapons from little armory.
  2. Where did you purchase them from? I got road block and Scarlett from my LCS. Duke from Amazon, Destro and Snake Eyes from Hasbro Pulse.
  3. They all show out of stock in my area. My local Target did sell a bunch of them yesterday and one of the employees told me it was a crap show. I suspect they are holding the remaining inventory for 8/14. I now have all of the wave one minus pulse Snake eyes. The only one that has loose joints is Road Block and it's one leg. They all look so much better in person. I dig the redesigns. I swapped Scarlett's head with Target exclusive Black Widow. Best $9 spent.
  4. It may be worth getting 2 hellfire club sets. One could be Jean/Selene. The other could be used for Tessa/Sage. There should be plenty of Black haired female's in the line for that swap.
  5. Sh9000, Good score! The ML moon knight should be showing up in Walgreens now. Mine had 3 in stock.
  6. Definitely picking up 3 or 4 of the robins, Flashpoint Batman, red Hood and Red Death. The figure details from this line continues to be amazing.
  7. Yep. No chance. I had a roadblock in cart for several seconds and was jacked.
  8. Backed the sentinel. Can't wait to get this figure. I'm wondering if the book reveal at the end is an allusion Destiny's diary. She would be a cool figure to add seeing we have an updated Mystique and the sentinel is from Hox/pox. The deadly origin black widow us currently on sale at Target for $10. I picked up 2 and one will serve as a head swap for Scarlett.
  9. I think they will make some vehicles, but the selection will be limited. The black series has seen the snow speeder, tie fighter and x-wing just to name a few. They could easily do motor cycles, recon sled, Amarillo, asp, snow sled. Larger vehicles could feature the Hiss tank, Wolverine, water mocassin, rattler. They should do playsets and weapons packs as they would be popular and really cheap to do. 6'inch killer whale and sky striker would be a dream!!
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