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  1. Those alien figures look awesome! Kane with face hugger FTW! I would love to see Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon in the reaction line.
  2. Very Nice! I should receive my Jugs Colossus 2 pack next week. Picked up Sinister, boom boom and night crawler this week. Also received the X-men retro wave. Good times!
  3. Are you guys reading house of x and powers of X? If not, I highly recommend. Two issues in and it's shaping to be one of the best X stories in nearly two decades. I want a Rasputin IV action figure.
  4. I preordered the X-men and Xfcator sets. The AOA may be an easy pass. Most of the character designs from that series were utter garbage. Magneto and Sabretooh were cool, but not much else. Dark beast is a no brainer. Dr Doom looks awesome. I really wish they give him a soft goods Cape, but good fodder for customization. Figures/ teams I would like to see incoporated into existing lines: 1. Classic Excalibur team 2. Classic shadowcat on jubilee buck 3. Giant Size X-men team (thunderbird, banshee, storm in OG costume) 4. Banshee in blue/gold costume (90's team,) 5. Marauders 6. Apocalypse horseman( we have archangel and caliban) 7. Legion 8. Starjammers 9. Imperial Guard 10. Hellfire club and their goons 11. Reavers and lady deathstrike 12. Finish remenders X- force team
  5. I have endgame black widow, ps4 spidey, and red/black suit spiderman on PO. I would like to get battle damaged Tony, but I bet it's going to be a pretty penny. I would be surprised if the Captain marvel and Robin figures get released. Seems like the boat has sailed on those figures.
  6. This should be pretty cool. Those of you that want to know more about the character, check out Jason Aaron's run on Thor. One of the consistently best books by Marvel. Jane gets another upgrade at the end of the war of realms storyline. Also another fun read. There's another theory floating around about another side Mcu character that if true will get a Hulk sized rebirth in this next Phase.
  7. Hello Alto, I got into Gunpla about 2 1/2 years ago and started painting with rattle cans. I've since moved onto airbrushing as I feel it gives the best results. It was intimidating to learn at first, but like anything, the more you immerse your self into it, the easier it becomes. You can get some really awesome looking kits no matter if you are hand brushing, air brushing or just panel lining and doing washes. There are a lot of really great modellers you can follow on YouTube that post really informative tips/tricks and tutorials. The models thread also has a lot of really talented artists who are eager to share their knowledge. It's a great place to start.
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