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  1. Shiklah and Deadpool are definitely wasted opportunities. She does however have some value in that she could be used for a Sage or Selene custom. I would like to see them throw in some of the younger X-men here and there for varieties sake. Surge, maggot, Marrow, Doug Ramsey, just to name a few. We still need Banshee!
  2. Damn That looks Good!!! You have to do the Blitz soon! "Athrunnn!!!!!" "Kiraaaa!!!"
  3. Very. Nice Anubis! I love your highlighting. I'm building Seed kits this month. I just finished the Updated HG Destiny, and I look to start painting the PG Strike Freedom by the end of the week. I also just finished the MG Providence.
  4. Damn! Very nice anubis! I so want the Blaze Zaku. What colors did you use for the bright red and Grey? I started painting the MG Providence this week and will also start the PG Freedom. I'm working on Seed kits this month.
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