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  1. Very nice collection!! I really dig the starboost armor. It's pretty fun in the Avengers game once you unlock it and go on your 1st mission with it. That Tony looks so much like a young Timothy Dalton.
  2. I picked up both the Flash point Batman and Grim knight Batman. Great display pieces.
  3. Mommar, I will take your house of X allotment :)!! We need Apocalypse original Horsemen and a Dawn of X apocalypse. I see the Aim soldiers are back in stock. I need to grab one or 2. Will the Lilandra head fit on the Jacosta body?
  4. One for me and one for my nephew/brother. They are both heavy gamers.
  5. Nice score SH9000! Did you back the razor crest? Today's Haul.
  6. Great minds think alike. I was able to get a PO for the digital PS5. Still trying to secure the disk version.
  7. Damn!! I was going to pass on most of that wave, but seeing that custom. Apocalypse was in a suite early in one of the X-men Dawn of X books!!! Could do the same with Charles and Magneto. Need a white suite for Mags.
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