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  1. No I got mine from GS as well. Bbts also has it in stock now. Can't wait for storm and the cuckoo's! I hope the cuckoo's won't be Walgreens exclusives. Dani Moonstar was a bitch to track down.
  2. Let us know your impressions of the book. I sat in a panel at NYCC this year and they were talking about it. I wanted to pick up a copy, but never made time to do so.
  3. AOA Rogue or Magneto would be cool, but I don't want to see Rogue on the current female buck. We will likely get Sabretooth. I was pretty underwhelmed by most of the new offerings. I will pick up Doom and Croossbones outside of the X-men.
  4. Paint applications aren't bad. The yellow on jeans Mid section appears a little thin. I can't tell if it's just a minimal coat of paint or they used a wash technique. Other than that no real complaints. The eyes and hair don't have any paint slop.
  5. Very Nice! I really love the blue that they used. For all 3 characters. We finally have a proper Jean Grey. They need to redo Psylocke. I also want to see Kitty Pryde on a smaller buck.
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