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  1. I think a lot of the characterization has been spot on. In year 0, Xavier has been portrayed as the consumate hopeful idealist to the Mutants detriment. We now know why and mostly how he has changed. Magneto has been spot on. His banter early in the series with the humans has totally been in character. Ditto for a certain hero from the Seas! Hickman hasn't show all of his cards yet, so I think there will be plenty of surprises once we get into Dawn of X. I don't think that the mutants are all going to live merrily with each other. Moiras redacted journal hints at so. If you haven't liked the story, he did write an easy way for the next creative team to reset the status quo.
  2. I haven't read the last issue yet, but humbly disagree. I felt the series has been the best X story in quite a long time. But art is subjective, what may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. I think we can agree that it has created quite a buzz around the X-men whether you enjoyed the story or not. Judging from the Dawn of X solicits it has at least given Marvel a fresh start and a great jumping on point for new readers to become acqquianted with the X-men. I thought Hickman touched on all of the best story points that have been introduced in the X-men books over the years, and showed how to make seemingly throw away characters fresh and interesting. Not many writers can do that. Right now I think Marvel's best writers are Hickman, Cates and Aaron.
  3. Looking really good, I can't wait to see this once it comes out. Harbingers costume has a lot of elements from the comic version. I didn't like Superman returns, but it wasn't because of Brandon Routh. He looks awesome in the Kingdom come costume. Hopefully his character will stick around post crisis, because I think once onscreen, we will want to see more of his rendition of the character.
  4. Nice!! My 2 emma from Walgreens website arrived today. I scored a 3rd at my local Walgreens! They also had Cannonball from the Wendigo wave. Also picked up the game stop exclusive wolverine this weekend. I passed on the Punisher, but after seeing the picks, I may have to go back and get him.
  5. Mine shipped as well. I should get it delivered on Monday. I went to my nearest Walgreens last night and they had setup a Marvel display on the toy section endcap. Of course there are nearly 20 medusa figures there but who's counting.
  6. Yeah, some of the X-force costumes are from Greg Capullo's run on the book. They technically aren't wrong, it's just I don't recall that lineup having those specific costumes at the same time. I really dug his run on the books back then.
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