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  1. Id name mine after the three musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
  2. So did we ever figure out if the "eye" they showed before Alto's valk first went powerless was the queen Vajra or something else? It seemed as if whatever it was, was under water.
  3. I dont think that Grace is dead. Maybe that form or body was destroyed. If I recall, right before she detonates the "bomb" she contacts Brera and tells him shes about to blow the place up, to leave, and that she will contact him later. Whoever Grace really is, shes not dead or gone from the big picture at all.
  4. I definitely notice that shot of Sheryl and thought what the hell?
  5. Just watched the second episode and must say that I loved it. The action scenes and the character interaction was all there. Also, the flow of the episode was a step above the broadcast version of ep. 1. I also agree that the episdoes never seem long enough. Then again, I think this for most anime television episodes. They always get you really hooked and then BAM!! The end of the episode. Ah well, guess I gotta be patient and wait for ep. 3.
  6. Agreed. I really like the intro song since the first time I heard it in the DE, but I would have preferred if they had stuck with Minmei's song for the ending. The ending song they chose is meh and doesnt really fit the show IMO.
  7. Ok, so Ive just watched the broadcast version and I have to agree with alot of others. I love the new stuff they added in, but I hate the pacing and the edits. It makes some of the scenes not make sense and the story doesnt seem as fleshed out as much as it was in the DE version. I am still looking forward to episode 2 and hope it is more in line with what we saw back in December.
  8. Oh boy, this bad boy comes out just in time for my birthday. Im picking this and the YF-19 FP as gifts to myself. Guess I will give my "old" YF-21 to my little brother. Now all I need are Macross 7 valks in 1/60 and I'd be a very happy man indeed.
  9. If Bandai can produce a Valk with the same quality and price (or lower) than Yamato's Valks, then Im all game for it. I guess we will have to wait and see what comes of it. I cant wait to get my hands on a VF-25 with full armor.
  10. I found this really funny... Does that make me an über geek?? I actually found this funny too. Maybe we're both geeks.
  11. Where can I find this set? I want, I want, I want!!
  12. Great work on all three. Keep us posted with the pics of those fast packs.
  13. Macross and Lego sound like a match made in heaven. Too bad we'll probably never see officially licensed models for sale.
  14. Thsi figure looks like its going to be my new favorite. Can't wait until they're released.
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