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  1. Que gran trabajo!!! SV-51 al más puro estilo Flanker, hojalá le pudieran hacer este esquema en el futuro, de nuevo felicitaciones por tan buen gusto.
  2. To me, the very most precious macross mecha ever made!!!
  3. The Carnivalk!!! In reference at the colored scheme, But it looks fine and other order te box design it's great!!! At last an style in line with the product with in.
  4. SV-51!!! It's Awesome in the 3 modes.
  5. Hasta donde tengo entendido en julio tomaran los pedidos porque han cerrado las pre orders. Deseo saber si hay sitios que esten aceptando pedidos?
  6. Rusty

    New Yamato addict...

    Bueno viejo este pasa tiempo e s CARO so expensive wellcome the club enjoy and avoir your your wallet.
  7. Para mi los mejores Valks de Yam..(ahora Arcadia) fueron: SV-51(una de las más sólidas y mejores transformaciones, fieles al Anime), 1/48 VF-1 y por supuesto los nuevos join points del YF-19, sin dejar de nombrar al VF-19 Emerald Force de M7 y el último que representa el Apex el VF-4 III. (desearía hubieran hecho mejor trabajo con el diseño de la cabeza). Esperemos que no pierdan la licencia y sigan en los proyectos en proceso.
  8. Rusty

    DX VF-25G

    Mine it's just received this afternoon from NY.
  9. I mentioned in another topic, to me Bandai makes toys and Yamato create real models, the SV-51 is to me the best Yammie. but thats not the point, I waiting for the new VF-4 as much as you.
  10. Yamato is my favorite of them so I hope a good mecha design proposal.
  11. Battroid Mode feet are very small just like the YF-21 ones, I hope Yamato create a good model as the last VF-19 because it has to look good in all three modes. Recall that Bandai is taking advantage with renewed versions of their Valks and Yamato can not lag behind.
  12. Xcuse, my feeling it was a new model on my collection, and i want a couple of reissues: a new scheme of a SV-51 and a low viz 1j
  13. The VF-4 Lightning from Macross Flashback 2012 obviously
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