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  1. Two years ago areaseven left Macross World so this thread pretty much died out without his enthusiasm and support. Anybody else keeping up with wrestling these days? WWE? Impact? ROH? I pretty much have stopped watching, but I still enjoy the videos Botchamania puts out and I'm still following Wrestlecrap after almost two decades.
  2. Wow, nice to see that somebody subbed this and put it up on YouTube. Definitely a neat piece of Macross/DYRL history.
  3. Carl, The issue you are looking for is September 2002 Issue 61. Optimus Prime is on the issue I have (cover 2 of 2). There was a Robotech price guide in the back of that issue. The article you contributed on is on page 102.
  4. Twenty years ago today... "Hulk Hogan is the Third Man!" "Well the first thing you've gotta realize, brother, is that this right here is the future of wrestling. You can call this the New World Order of wrestling, brother." For better or for worse the event that probably had one of the biggest impacts on professional wrestling the last two decades happened this very day in 1996 at WCW's Bash at the Beach pay per view event. The Hulkster's heel turn and the birth of the NWO helped propel the WCW to the top of the ratings war with the then WWF and to help propel professional wrestlin
  5. Not a BAD GUY... Not a GOOD GUY... Not THE GUY... (as of Sunday) and now... Not even A GUY... in the WWE universe for the next 30 days. Roman Reigns Suspended for 30 Days.
  6. That explains that. In the past I have tried to post YouTube videos on here and some would show as links while others would show up correctly. Thanks again.
  7. "Hey... you people, you know who I am, but you don't know why I'm here..." And in this day in professional wrestling it was 20 years ago today that Scott Hall, after having completed a several year run in the WWF as "Razor Ramon", made an out-of-the-blue appearance at the end of WCW Nitro. In the weeks to follow fellow Kliq member Kevin "Diesel" Nash, who had also had just left the WWF, joined up with him and were presented as an unofficial "invasion" by the WWF. And just a few more weeks after that Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea joined their merry band at the WCW pay-per view event "Bash at the
  8. I've been out of the Macross toy/VF-1 collecting scene since about 2008, but this may very likely get me back into swing.
  9. Not even that. Remember the Robotech Classic Collection from last summer? Dead in the water at just Volume 1 (first 18 episodes of Macross and Robotech).
  10. I saw it over a week ago. I enjoyed it for what it was worth and if the sequels happen I would see them as well. But with that said, it's kind of my opinion that the Terminator series, just like The Highlander series, should have not gone beyond the first film. Like other time travel movies, such as The Final Countdown, the movie is self contained and self full-filling; the attempts to go back in time to change history is what actually became the history that was supposed to have been changed. Terminator 2 was in many ways what the first movie should have been, but now James Cameron had th
  11. Definitely stoked about Rock Band making the current gen with most or all of our old songs transfering over. But still I definitely have a lot of fondess for the 360 and have quite a few 360 games I am still whittling away at, including achievements in the first Rock Band (yep 7+ years later).
  12. Time to resurrect my old thread. Maybe it's time for an Xbone thread... Anyway I was curious if anyone here still has/plays the 360 version of Battlefield 3. I've wrapped up all the achievements except the most difficult one "Bullseye". "Bullseye" is the one on the Drop 'em Like Liquid stage in co-op where your team goes through without alerting any of the bad guys. The huge problem is trying to find anyone that is willing or component enough to do this. If anyone wants to help, let me know. I plan on getting rid of the game in about a week unless I can get help.
  13. I'm trying to remember at what point last year it became painfully obvious that Roman Reigns comes up short on cutting promos or just developing his character on the mic period. When he was the quiet powerhouse/muscle behind The Shield, people seemed to appreciate what his character was back then and that seemed to get him over. But now everytime they have him on to interview or cut a promo or whatever it is incredibly uncomfortable seeing him trying to be somebody he isn't and I really feel like turning the channel over. I wish the best for the guy, but I think he either needs to be truer
  14. Meant to have repsonded to this a few weeks ago, but better late than never! I originally saw Macross Plus (both the OVA and Movie Editions) in 1997. I think I bought both tapes from Best Buy or Suncoast. Of course a few years later I bought the OVA and Movie Edition on DVD. Got such a big kick from the series that I built a large rocket to commemorate my love for the show Sadly after 8 years of flying it, it took just the right kind of damage to permanently ground it. Last fall I took a jigsaw to it and Macross Plus the rocket was no more. I still have it's nosecone and some other par
  15. I'm 40 now so I guess that means I should be getting the senior citizen discount! In a way things have kind of come full circle for me having taken a similar break about 5 or 6 years back. I originally signed up to be part of the forums when they launched in early December 2000. During the early 2000's I lived in a small rural town without much to do so it was a means to socialize with those with similar interests and to keep up on everything Macross, especially all the cool toys that were coming out back then. Now in 2014 I am moving to a smaller rural town once again, DYRL turned 30, an
  16. They've updated the announcement. Looks like he got into a fight with someone employeed by the WWE though they are not indicating if it was a wrestler or what.
  17. This among a number of other factors led me out from Macross/Robotech being any kind of serious hobby or interest for me about five or six years ago. I don't think I have spent a penny on anything carrying the Macross or Robotech name on it since about 2008. Just so much unhappiness, frustration, and disappointment. Much of that started back in July 2000 when I got an e-mail from Kevin Lam (Valkyrie Exchange) saying that HG was blocking the Toycom/Yamato Macross Plus toy release. Anyway we'll see if this episode leads to any kind of positive change or not, for Macross or Robotech fans alik
  18. Now how is it that fan projects like this involving Star Trek or Star Wars don't get a C&D unlike Robotech fan projects? What is it that Lucasfilm/Disney/Fox or Paramount/Gene Rodenberry estate do differently that allows them to be more hands off with stuff like this opposed to Harmony Gold???
  19. From the robotech.com forums last night: No money raised, just an unfulfilled pledge...
  20. Before this is locked I would like to see what Tom Bateman's final thoughts are about this debacle.
  21. Speaking of Mark Hamill he will probably reprise his role as the Joker, a character he tentatively has retired from portraying anymore, in several more video games and Batman animated series before he voices another Robotech character... or find out Rick Hunter's fate. Hard to believe it was just several weeks ago I predicted the failure of this Kickstarter though I felt they would have at least gotten past the $300,000 mark.
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