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  1. Gorgeous animation, Legioss model is definitely based on a toy, based on the proportions. Original Mospeada music would have been preferable.
  2. The original and the book are classics. Would have been better if the movie had stuck to the book and Rambo died at the end.
  3. To each his own, but I like how it turned the X-Wing into more of bomber, hence the Mud-Hen reference. Had they combined it with a new dedicated fighter, like an E-Wing I think it would have been awesome. The mid-chord wing split of the T-70 drove me nuts, still does. While it gives a thicker wing over all, the much shorter chord of the wings would result in all kind of torsional stress from the wingtip weapon emplacements.
  4. That is definitely a better looking toy then the last one, but I still HATE the T-70. The wing/engine split is just way too awkward and they really didn't address one of the X-Wing's biggest flaws, the poor visibility. I loved the two seat "Mud-Hen" X-wing concept. With a little more refinement it would have been far better. The biggest refinement I would make to that one would have been to blend the engines into the fuselage more and give it a subtle LERX.
  5. It is clearly labeled as Hikaru Ichijo (Macross), yet calls the mode Guardian (Robotech) instead of the correct term of GERWALK (Macross).
  6. While not perfect there is no reason to reboot BSG again. NuBSG is still an example of how to a reboot (mostly) right. I agree with @Graham, do something original or find a book series and adapt that. If they must do a reboot (because Hollywood is risk averse) then look to other franchises: Buck Rogers (the early 2000s version is best forgotten) Any Gerry Anderson but with live actors. Starcom (yes it was a cartoon, but a live action adaptation could be awesome) Or something else entirely. Though I would laugh if it turned out to end up being a live action (thumb their nose at HG) Macross. Think about it, aside from the transforming mecha, SDF Macross and BSG have a lot of parallels. They could even bring in SK to design the new "vipers" to make them transforming and mix the lores. No, on second thought that might be terrible. But funny to watch the HG guys heads explode.
  7. Maybe its 50 miniatures total. LOL In all seriousness though it isn't that unrealistic a schedule, depending on their manufacturing base. Figuring that 4 out of the 6 this time around at VF-1J in various modes and with armor. Than reworks of the molds/stls will yield 16 minis right there: VF-1A/1D/1J/1S (fighter, gerwalk, battroid, armored) Then the super packs are another 12 minis between all the modes. That gets them up to 28, plus the 2 power armors for 30. 2x Glaugs (regular and booster) 4x Regults (Reg, small missile, heavy missiles, recon) 1x Gnerl 4x Destroids 1x Monster (big maybe) 8x Zentraedi/Meltrandi (Z-Solider, M-Soldier, Breetai, Exedore, Khyron, Millia, Azonia, at least not counting alt poses) That gets you up to 50 right there. Figure that every month will include at least some Valkyrie variant and them additional exclusives (Boosted Valkyrie, Half Gerwalk Valks), and if they all come unpainted, so no exclusive paint jobs, that gives 50 minis total. If they come painted, then they can cut out a number of designs and just produce all the various color schemes (max and millia, red VF-1S, custom schemes, etc...). That also precludes the use of DYRL specific designs (strike valks, and upgraded power armors)
  8. Interesting, if it weren't for the RT tag I might be interested. SOme of those look like nice 3D printed prototypes (I see layer lines).
  9. Given that is associated with HG isn't that tainted enough? Or do you mean tinted? lol
  10. SO who screwed that up, the artist or the colorist?
  11. The thing is, unless you are a hard core Robotech fan, then there are a lot of easter eggs and characters that will just fly right by, or make you go, "huh?" The further left you go in the "X-Men attacking panel" the less characters anyone outside the Robotech fandom will recognize. Even then, most won't know who they are. It's almost like the writers of this saw what Macros the First started to do and said, "hey we can do better then that." Obviously they failed at that, while we may never see the end of Mac-First, the quality was far superior, in every way. The whole time loop nonsense seemed built in from the beginning, and that is what sent them down this road to stupidity. And it all did feel super rushed after the midpoint, like they realized they were losing readers so they decided to just clean slate it at the end, wiping away everything from their back catalog that came after so that they could create their own "original" story after. Really though, that story looks like it will be some weird mashup of Sentinels and Mac-7 based on those preview pages. Oh, and the Roy Marrying Claudia bit at the end, that was pure pandering. While I think many fans wanted to see that, Roy's arc in the original, and his death, was an important part of Hikaru's character growth and progression. To take that away really hurts his character arc.
  12. You would think, that for the final issue, they might have stepped up the art quality, or at least learned how scale and perspective works. And am I the only who finds the release date, 9/11, just the least bit ironic?
  13. The fact that we are actually getting some enjoyment out of a Robotech project, even just to make fun of it, while giving 00000 money to HG makes me happy.
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