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  1. Oh yes, the foreshadowing was always there, but they did it even worse than In End of the Circle, at least in that they handed it over to Zor. IIRC The attack on Tyrol was the best part of Sentinels and looked like it received the most attention from the animators.
  2. Realistically, due to regulations, we are looking at 20 years before a true reusable "space plane" will be available for commercial usage. That include BFR. Assuming SpaceX get's BFR flying on schedule it's launches will be dedicated to Moon and Mars missions for the foreseeable future. In large part this is due to infrastructure, that doesn't exist, and ensuring the systems are all safe enough for commercial passenger transport. Even using Stratolaunch will take time as there are not a lot of airports that can support the air and space craft. You will see military usage of BFR, or Stratolaunch based designs hitting the world in less than 10 years, but those will likely not be reusable, more like special operations insertion craft that are destroyed after usage, or have a minimal return to base capability.
  3. This will be a competitor to that design. And I bet one of the selling points will the similarity to the existing Apache in terms of much of the interior systems, along with a higher payload amount compared to the Sikorsky Proposal. But it is kind of a moot point, as both companies are owned by Boeing, so no matter which one goes forward, Boeing wins. Boeing will want the Apache follow on to win, as they are the sole manufacturer, whereas the Sikorsky-Boeing they will have to split the work and the money. Though I do think the Sikorksy is the better design.
  4. Oh God, the End of the Circle? Are they F'n serious? That was the most stupid thing Robotech ever did, and I know that is saying something.
  5. Shut your mouth before the mouse hears you and ruins our beloved anime franchises.
  6. Fans are butthurt but without seeing how the whole thing ties together they are jumping too soon. This is an issue with the show's format. It is too short to tell the story properly. There are so many threads and side stories from the books that are left out that will tie into the book series ending and make things cleaner, though still GRRM messy. Why anyone is surprised that
  7. So basically it's an updated, modern Cheyenne. It even has the big wings, belly turret and intakes.
  8. It is awesome, if he could just do the post-processing to make it mesh visually with the original footage better (color correction, film grain, etc...) that would be epic.
  9. Signat It's stamped Signapore. Like I said, looks complete, all stickers applied, just mistransformed in the pictures.
  10. I have an opportunity to get a heavily yellow red Gakken Legioss. Looks complete other than the gun and figures, but has the pilot in cockpit. How much should my max offer be?
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