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  1. I go along with something like this. Foundling Mandalorians follow the ancient ways where the helmets are never removed except around those of their own clan. Those born on Mandalore do remove their helmets, as they are born into the warrior culture. It could also be that after the purge the majority of Mandos reverted back to the old ways in a gambit to maintain and reinforce their cultural identity. More progressive Mandos, like Sabine's clan, are the "Reformed Mandos" who are ok with removing their helmets when in polite company, or to conceal their identity as necessary.
  2. Could they have meant earlier, pre-Space War 1 models? Or, are there strictly atmospheric models to which that engine system could have been applied?
  3. Dang, that hand is amazing. Great work.
  4. That article was hilarious, as if Robotech still had a fandom, let along one that is disappointed with the disappearance of a crap comic. Let's face it, I think we're the only ones reading it for the comedy value, and few, if any, of us are paying for it.
  5. Not painted yet, looks like that is the raw print assembled.
  6. I am the writer/creator of the Spiral War series of novels and all of their ancillary media. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075VBR8PB?ref_=dbs_dp_rwt_sb&binding=kindle_edition
  7. I wonder if Tim suggested this, as he is a Macross fan.
  8. Interesting that the Cobra Trooper and Beachhead both are armed with Nerf Guns. I wonder if they plan a future tie in.
  9. Gall Force has some awesome mecha design, all of which flows great into Mospeada, for obvious reasons.
  10. Actually, I had a long convo with SuperOstrich about this and it is most likely a legal issue. The rights to use the aircraft are expensive, for some reason, so it's cheaper to use similar but clearly not designs, or even concept designs. Given that this takes place in an alternate universe they can explain away the design changes. The issue really comes if they change the design after using it in an older title. I'm not sure of the CoD games have ever used the F-14 or UH-1 before, but if they haven't then using "inspired by" designs would help them get around licensing fees.
  11. There is someone else on Starship Modeler's FB Group doing a 1:20 scale as well. Yours is much nicer so far though. He used a 1:55 style transformation with additional articulation points.
  12. Nice, you are doing some good engineering on this.
  13. I am loving the work you're putting into this and once completed will gladly pay you for your efforts for the files. How robust is that hinge on the intake? It looks great, but also not quite robust enough. Will you back it up with a larger hinge concealed within the accordion intake?
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