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  1. I like that is has the gunpod, but that's about it. The lack of pilots is a detractos. Also, why paint on the nose verniers? Are they just trying to milk the mold?
  2. Dang, I just ordered one, for $330USD Shipped.
  3. I really wish he would put them in a proper flight simulator and not just the RC simulator.
  4. Damn, that is amazing.
  5. The Grand Tour Series by Ben Bova is a good, mostly non-war, series. Be aware though, he wrote it out of order and abundant retcons as a result. Still, a great series. The Known Space Series by Larry Niven. There are references to earlier wars, and books written about the Man-Kzin Wars, but most it takes place before and after that conflict. Numerous Timothy Zahn books have nothing to do with war and are old school sci-fi adventures or mysteries. So many more.
  6. Jeez, DCS is getting insanely detailed. I love it, but they kind of need a more entry level or casual version/mode as well. I'd love to fly around in it, but don't have the time to have a full manual next to me. Plus, does it even have single player campaigns anymore?
  7. Those look super nice, but man I hate to give money to HG.
  8. Given how much it copied the original Takatoku, I would bet it's pretty close, just enlarged and simplified. We do know that it can be converted to full variable (just super ugly).
  9. My thought on the video is this: Ignore the "end of century stuff." This could be while the SDF-1 is on its way back to Earth. The CVS-101 class are huge, 180 meters longer than an Nimitz. It is possible (though highly unlikely) that a OTC enhance F-22 might be made operable from its decks since the longer takeoff distance would lower the nose gear load. Also, given the timeline, it is possible that some F-22s might still be in limited service and that in the SDFM timeline a carrier variant was put to use. The Regults could have been leftovers from the original attack on the SDF-1, hiding out and waging guerilla war on Earth. The CVS-102 (rushed into service and barely operational) was sent to intercept with whatever they had on hand, the F-22s, Tomahawks, VF-1A-4. The pilot's flight suit even works because if he was an atmo only pilot, why would he need the space suit? It is also possible that this video takes place post Space War 1, the CVS-101 has been pulled from the rebuilt Macross and recommissioned. The UN Spacy is putting so much into the Megaroad fleet that local defense is using older hardware, read whatever they can find and field. Based on the look of the damaged area this takes place in, with multiple huge blast craters, that is actually more my bet, especially since the Tomahawks look like rebel units as well, since they are attacking the F-22s. Another possibility. Given that so many of the shots are familiar ones, maybe this was put together as a bid or attempt to convince SK/BW/Bandai to make a Macross the First Animation. Even the Half Gerwalk pose as the end is reminiscent of pose of Skull-1 at the end of SW-1.
  10. While he may not be Xizor, it does leave the door open for Shadows to still become canonish again, because Xizor could depose Ziton Moj.
  11. @claude grant There are grey market 1:20 heads and cockpits? Where?
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