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  1. If BW goes that direction I may finally get a VPN, assuming I can get the Smart TVs onto it and finally watch all my Macross in HD on the big screen.
  2. Being unfamiliar with the earlier models, what are the improvements?
  3. Are those rivets raised? No modern aircraft has raised rivets. At most you will have flush rivets. Wow, that takes something that looked pretty cool to looking like it has herpes.
  4. Looks interesting, and like the end might take place during RotS. Which would be cool, as it would better show the timeline. IIRC the book made it sound like the movie took place over several months, but as filmed it felt like a week or two at most. Yes too Ashoka centered, and because this is being released out of order there won't be much, if any real dramatic stakes in any Ashoka/Maul battles.
  5. This diagram always points to my biggest issues with the YF-21. Basically those intakes are an aerodynamics nightmare. The only way that the VF-21/VF-22 can work is because of the morph metal shown off in the wings. Basically the thighs (at a minimum) of the legs would have no choice but to compress flat to allow for an intake that doesn't shatter the compressor face with wicked compressor stalls. Event then, there would be issues. In a toy, the solution is parts forming, but to take Bandai approach. Skeletonize the legs like in a RG Gundam model. Then have "morph metal" pieces that snap on depend on whether is it is in fighter or battroid mode. Yes, most fans will just leave the pieces off when in fighter mode, or maybe just put on the "bottom" pieces. But that is a way it could work and not make the fighter mode seriously Thick.
  6. TRoS was about the best we were going to get after the mess that was TLJ. The issue with the ST is that they didn't plot the whole thing out from the beginning. Like Lucas did with the OT, they shot from the hip, and TLJ shot them in the foot. Having read the story treatment from the original writer, it looked interesting, but I cannot say that it read as better. Disney/LF had a chance to truly change the face of the franchise and bring about a "good" end to the Jedi-Sith war. Instead they made it clear that the prime SW movies are truly a Palpentine vs Skywalker story. Whether the ending was "Good," who knows. I know how I would have done it, but that is a discussion for another day. My personal hope for the future of the franchise is that they get away from the Skywalker/Palps timeframe. Go forwards or backwards and put a single voice in charge in the writer's room, a writer/producer who can reign in the directors. Basically, have KK retired and put the team of Filoni and Favreu in charge.
  7. I recently acquired a 1:55 VF-1S Hikaru. I'm looking for the FAST Packs for it as well as a replacement gunpod, canopy, and head lasers.
  8. I recently acquired a pretty beat up 1:55 Hikaru VF-1S. It is missing all of its fast packs, gunpod, canopy and the head laser need replacement. The front landing gear also needs repair and it is pretty yellowed. Does anyone have STLs for the parts above?
  9. Just when you thought they couldn't set the bar any lower, they started digging.
  10. HG and Robotech have no hope of a serious return to "glory." The foundation of Robotech's fall were laid when Macek, Agrama, and crew decided to combine the three series instead of the original plan, of using Robotech to be the header for bringing over various mecha based anime series. Even throwing themselves on their swords to the mercy of BW won't save them now. The heart is still beating, but the limbs are getting chewed away at little by little and the whole franchise should be dead in just a few years.
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