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    Wow, that thing is gorgeous
  2. Actually that part didn't bug me, it harkens back to the Samurai movies, of the old master trying to scare away the prospective student, sometime by doing disgusting things. I think with all the other over the top "humor" and stuff though it was just the cherry on top that pushed people over the edge.
  3. The First Order has been heavily mishandled. You are right, they are imperial fanboys with no real military acumen. And once again, they are space nazis. I would have much preferred if they were modernized into more of a terrorist group that somehow has unlimited funding. The resistance would then be more akin to the Republic's Special Forces division, somewhat rogue and off books, but they get the job done. I have no idea what audience these movies are written for anymore. It clearly isn't the old fans, and they are turning away any new, potential, fans. Even my kids, once the initial euphoria of seeing space battles wears off, are pointing out serious issues with the new trilogy. They do not do that with the OT, R1, or even the PT (ok a little with the PT), but they are doing it on their own. As I've said before, I don't know a good way to save the franchise at this point. I hope that Solo will be good, and the latest trailer helped with that, but I have little faith in JJA to save Ep9 if he uses his typical writing team. For all it's failings Ep7 at least left open a sea of possibilities for where to take the franchise. Ep8 left us with a First Order that has supreme power in the hands of petulant children, a shatter Republic unwilling to come to anyone's aid, and a rebel force of a dozen or so people. To wrap that all up in one movie will be, difficult at best. Also, let's talk Canto Bite. The movie establishes that it takes place the same day as Ep7 ends, maybe the next day. Are you seriously going to tell me that inside of a week of the Republic capital getting obliterated that the rich and powerful would still be partying it up? Hell no, they'd be bunkering down, consolidating their wealth and watching to see who becomes the new galactic superpower. There is no longer a central government or bank, the whole galaxy would be in utter chaos. Again, the timing issue.
  4. I'm one of those weirdos who preferred IM2 to IM3. The whole pacing of IM3 felt off, and the Mandarin reveal just didn't work. I would have loved if the closing scene was the Ben Kingsley in jail, putting on his Mandarin voice and saying something to the effect of, "thank you, now I can build my real army."
  5. I have yet to buy the movie on BluRay, for some reason I just can't bring myself to do so, but I did dig up this write up I did on small fixes that could have helped the movie, because, you know, I like to fix broken things. The Last Jedi Fixes There is nothing quite like a good Shrimp burrito, when all the ingredients are there in just the right proportions and combinations it is a flavor explosion that cannot be beat. But, when the cook doesn’t prepare it right, using days old fillings, or the tortilla that’s been sitting just a little too long you get just a taste of the greatness, but not the whole experience. That was the taste left in my mouth by The Last Jedi. I’m not saying it is a bad movie, at it’s core it was good with great potential, but it was mixed with stale ingredients, the wrong spices and wrapped up with tired cliches. The scenes involving the Jedi were great, though sometimes a bit odd, but those were the core of the story that kept it from being terrible, though even they could have been better. It could have been saved though, one more story revision and it could have been near perfect. Here’s how I would saved it. The biggest issue with the movie is one of timing. The movie takes place too soon after the last and over too short a period of time. It is a common misconception that in Empire, Luke was only on Dagobah for a few days, however it is established in canon that he was there for months as the Millenium Falcon trudged its way up to light speed and back down again on its much slower accelerating reserve hyperdrive. The movie just does not make that clear, something a single line of dialogue could have fixed: “We’re almost out of supplies too Lando, that reserve hyperdrive takes weeks to get you into hyperspace.” The problems with the timing are massive. The last movie ended with the Galaxy in utter chaos, the Republic capital has been destroyed, billions dead and its fleet scattered, this is bad for our heroes. The First Order isn’t much better off, their capital has been blown away as well, but as a smaller overall force, they would be able to rally faster. So give them a few months, 3-6. The Republic will still be in disarray, and skip the evacuation of Resistance base, instead start with the pursuit. The pursuit is 3 months on, the Resistance is haggard, down to just a few ships. They have been unable to call for aid, unable to resupply, refuel, rearm, rest, think the episode 33 from the NuBSG. Pilots and crews are all exhausted and the First Order is able to bring in its ships from throughout the galaxy to pursue them, each one coming with fresh crews as they track the Resistance through some unknown means. In a desperate gambit, Poe leads a bomber force against a First Ordere dreadnaught, but not the stupid B-17s in space we got in the movie. Instead we get the new gen B-Wing (or its replacement) making torpedo runs with one final bomber, piloted by a good friend (or lover) of Poe making a suicide run into the soft spot of the ship. But the bomber force is still devastated, giving Leia her excuse to demote Poe. Meanwhile Rey has her meeting with Luke, he still tosses the lightsaber and refuses to train her. Cut to a montage of her waiting outside his hut for days on end before he finally opens the door to start “Training” her. This plays homage to the old Kurosawa Samurai movies that also inspired Lucas. Much of what happens from here on can remain relatively untouched, but maybe show a bit more training actually happening. This takes us back to the Fleet battle. Leia has been injured and the Admiral (in a proper military uniform) has taken over. She reveals their plan (you know, respecting the intelligence of her troops instead of keeping them in the dark) that they are heading towards an old, disused base on the rim with a transmitter that can reach the remains of their allies and the scattered republic forces. But, they only have so long they can wait to get there due to their dwindling supplies. They need to lose their First Order pursuers and have only a few days to do so before they either run out of fuel or take their chances. So, she order Poe and the newly revived Finn to find a way through the shields of the First Order flagship to destroy the tracker, sending them off on their sidequest. Boom, we just deleted the second biggest issue with the movie, the Rose and Mutiny storylines. Instead we get Poe and Finn off doing their buddy cop thing from Episode 7 more, developing and maybe rocking that friendship some more, no forced love story, no criminally bad fan service. Now let me explain that Fan Service. Rose is the worst kind of fan service, she is a fan replacement, a fan of the film in the film. Her hero worship of Finn makes no sense in the timeframe of the movie as it stands, Finn would be little known at this point, especially amongst the lower level crew. At most, they would have heard about the First Order defector who helped destroy Starkiller base, but not much else in a day or two. You could also cut most of the slave/animal abuse angle. Star Wars has always been for kids, yes. But, the first two movies did so with minimal pandering, The Last Jedi pandered to the kid audience hard in those scenes, and it didn’t need to do so. The character of DJ, a wasted performance, did not need to happen or turn traitor. He could have been a legit ally, but what would have been better is this: Have it be Captain Fasma instead. We’ve never seen her face before this, so, while the audience might be in on her being coming betrayal, the characters would not. Or have it be that he was working for her the whole time, and it was all a trap or setup to wear the Resistance fleet down, capturing Finn is just the icing on the cake. The rest of the movie can play out largely the way it did, the hyperspace ram (most awesome scene in the movie) can still happen as a last ditch effort to get the Resistance planetside when the other plan fails, but keep the Admiral alive, an astromech could have piloted the ship at that point. Rey can still show up when she does, the scenes with Snoke could be expanded, but would remain largely intact, as well as the fight between projected Luke and Kylo Ren. Even have there be minimal response to their call, but add one last thing, a rescue by the shattered republic. Instead of only a few dozen people making it aboard the falcon, have it be a hundred or so crammed into a handful or dropships getting cover by a squadron of advanced X-Wings. This gives us a bit more hope for the future, and maybe even a cameo by the real greatest pilot in Star Wars, Wedge Antilles, and even Lando. The movie could even close on the slave kid using the force, a clear sign that Jedi still exist and are being born. Overall I think that covers the biggest story issues with the movie. Does it address all the fan complaints, no, but it doesn’t need to. The identity of Rey’s parents was fine, they didn’t need to be connected to the rest of the movies because it shows that anyone can be a Jedi and opens up the possibility for a huge number of Jedi in the future. Snoke being a bit of a glass cannon was fine, it showed that Kylo Ren was a real force to be reckoned with that he could fool his master in such a way. As it stands, Episode 9 will have a very weak base to stand on after these last two films. It has a lot of issues to address, the biggest of which is real life death of Carrie Fisher, something this movie should have fixed in reshoots. I do not feel that the franchise stands on solid ground at the moment and with Abrams coming back to helm Episode 9, I do not have much hope. Rogue One left me on a Star Wars high, Ep8, has dropped me back down, but I didn’t have my hopes high to begin with.
  6. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Back to the Macross License. Does HG have right of first refusal with Tatsunoko, or does it become an open bid in 2021? If it is the former, well we could be in the same boat we are now, if the latter, all BW or Bandai, or any other distributor need to do is give a better offer, which seems likely.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    Interesting, but who will play young Spock? And the young Majel Rodenberry first officer?
  8. That trailer does fill me with hope. And Donald Glover must have studied a ton of Billy Dee performances, because he has the mannerisms down pat. So, thoughts, is the piece in the mandibles a shuttle, cargo module or "escape pod." I hope it is some kind of cargo or expansion module.
  9. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Don't forget, Bandai has a vested interest in Macross now too. I'm sure they will be all over working with Big West to buy the rights from Tatsunoko so that they can finally market Macross products outside of Japan; BluRays, Models, Toys, etc...
  10. Finally watched these, pretty truncated and a bit sanitized, but it does hit the key points of the early days of Robotech before it's initial demise. If they ever do a third video, I am curious as to how they will present the legal battle and the looming loss of rights.
  11. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I think Itano would approve. That would be an awesome display to see them light all 12 of those bad boys off.
  12. Kickstarter Gunsmith Cats edition

    Ah GSK, what a fun series. Was Woodhead in charge when Animeigo did the Macross remaster?
  13. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Saw the movie this weekend, with my boys, we enjoyed the heck out of it. It was not deep, but I do find it better then the first, in most ways, and a heck of a lot of fun. The writing was pretty tight, have to rewatch to be sure, the mecha designs were good (for the most part), the red herrings were well done, as were how they handled those reveals. And for once, the trailer didn't ruin the whole movie. Even the actors did well, and my kids loved seeing Ravi from some Disney channel show they like on the big screen. The young actors were not grating, some cringy bits, and Boyega did a great job with some good jokes in there as well. Overall, a super fun movie, and a good example of how to make giant mecha anime work on the big screen.
  14. Robotech by Titan Comics

    So, I read through these online, not saying where. Holy Crap these are bad, artwork, character design, dialogue, writing, I can find nothing redeeming about any on this.