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  1. When this is completed I would be more than happy to buy the STLs and build my own to match the 1:18 fighters from my books that I am planning to print.
  2. Apparently the book offers even less clues about what happened to the Earth. Most of the reviews are glowing except for those looking for an actual Science Fiction novel as those reviews indicated that the science was virtually non-existent and was was there had the same, or worse, holes then the movie.
  3. Hmm, not sure why it won't post. Here is the image from MMM. http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1d-valkyrie/colorcode-vf1d.gif Compared to the VF-1A http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1a-valkyrie/colorcode-vf1a.gif
  4. How the heck did I miss that? That is awesome, love it.
  5. Nice but there are significant design changes to the VF-1D that you haven't integrated. The whole forward fuselage is different as is the chest piece and head hatch. They are subtle changes but pretty significant. What you have here is the VF-1C which is a VF-1A with a VF-1D head.
  6. That's because Stealth is really only useful for forward intercept. Once you close with a target and get within range where you are into a "turning fight" the rear stealth characteristics are actually a hinderance. The Russian's have been all about that close in fight design since the Su-27 and MiG-29 family of jets. Yes, in a long range engagement, the F-22/F-35 have the advantage in stealth, but once you get in close, the Su-57 can outturn and outgun them.
  7. I agree so much, I forgot about some of your points, also was distracted during some of that by my son.
  8. It is an interesting movie for sure, and works as two separate storylines that eventually combine nicely. The science in it isn't terrible but it hinges on a pretty weak premise, the discovery of a habitable moon of Jupiter. That is a pretty unlikely scenario given how much we study our solar systems largest gas giant. Then there is the "Event" which is never properly explained in even the most minimal detail. When we get to see the devastated Earth, we are seeing something that is of doomsday asteroid level of destruction, but dialogue makes it sound like some "Accidental" nuclear exc
  9. I remember speaking to the guy directly after the whole affair began. He was unaware, and checked his sales, sure enough the artist for the comic had bought the models to use and it was a commercial license (his mistake for not having made it non-commercial). I will double check, but I think he eventually got credit and that was enough for him as he had already been paid for the model itself, no additional money came in. He changed all further sales to non-commercial then pulled sales of the model entirely due to all the backlash he recieved.
  10. Looks like the Yamato/Bandai style toy transformation (hip bar) not the animation transformation, with the hydraulics and sliding plates.
  11. I am thinking I want to get this, and the first one, but am waiting, for now. Want to see what the impressions everyone has on it is.
  12. I am curious what they are building up to with the name drop. I cross my fingers for a certain storyline (the timeline is right) but in the new canon doesn't fit as well with what the characters motivations are. We shall see.
  13. One of the great hard sci-fi writers has passed, may his Grand Tour be never ending.
  14. Well that looks like, crap. Yeah let's go with that. Can't wait for Corridor Crew to tear it apart. On the plus side lavagirl grew up hot. lol
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