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  1. Having worked on real life drones, my guess would be the following: QF-3000s were intended as the primary fleet defense fighters for the SDF-1 on long range patrol. In Miss Macross, Hikaru launched to provide "Ghost Support." This indicates that the Ghosts were probably kept on station for as long as possible, and therefore had massive fuel reserves in order to maintain CAP (Combat Air Patrol). Likely, Ghosts would remain out on patrols for over a day at a time, if not longer. It's possible that the Ghosts might not even land except for repair, we know that the Macross had repair tugs, so refueling tugs might also have been available to go out and refuel the Ghosts as needed. Manned Valkyrie units would then cycle in and out to provide command and control over the ghosts, basically telling them where to attack via Line Of Site (LOS) links. Hikaru was supposed to launch with all of Vermilion group, but because he gave them the night off, launched by himself. Ghost Support might also have meant launching a flight of Valkyries to cover the refueling effort going on. So the Ghosts not assisting Hikaru might have been for that reason, they were busy with the refueling tugs. Due to their limited AI suites, the QF-3000s were likely lost in large numbers early on and it was decided to just build more VF-1s instead. The reason we don't see the QF-3000 more in the show is probably a storytelling and budgetary thing. Also, remember, they were a dark blue and would have been hard to see against the space background, so maybe they were "shown" in combat, just not seen for that reason.
  2. Oh man, I had blocked that horrid piece of SJW buzzword bingo clap trap out of my mind. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. IF you don't mind me asking, what is your setup? System, software, etc...
  4. I am so loving it. Wish I could model my stuff as well.
  5. Loving this project, as a pilot and aerospace engineer, I will give it a closer look over later.
  6. All my recent Macross buys, except for the 1:55 Hikaru Strike.
  7. I though the fact that they skipped last month and another has not come out yet meant that this horrid crap had died.
  8. Photon or Photon S? I have the Photon and it is a great little machine.
  9. I think I have his card, if not I'm friends with a big vendor there, he will know his name. The guy specialized in 80s toys. I took it out of its box to inspect it, shoulder are intact, but I have not looked to check the knurled pin status. I know they are likely to have them, but I did not have any 1:60 VF-1s and after checking the ebay prices figured it was worth the risk.
  10. Need to take pictures, but at the annual Tucson Toy Expo this weekend, I picked up the following: (I was there doing a book signing) Yamato V2 VF-1J Super Hikaru MISB: $80 Bandai VF-31F (movie version) MIB: $120 Bandai 3" Gasphon VF-1S Hikaru Strike Battroid: $10 Passed on the following: Vendor 1: (bought Gasphon Hikary from him) Yamato 1:48 VF-1A Low-Vis MIB: $350 (If I had sold more I likely would have bought it, so regret selling mine years ago). Bandai 1:55 VF-1A Hikaru: Didn't ask price Bandai 3" Gasphon Battroids (VF-1J Millia, VF-1S Focker Strike): $10 each Vendor 2: Yamato V1 VF-1J Max and Millia In Box: $100 each Yamato V1 VE-1 In Box: Didn't ask Price. Vendor 3: (bought VF-1J super Hikaru from him) Multiple Robotech MPCs: Didn't ask price. Vendor 4: MPC VF-1A "Ben Dixon": $200 Numerous Jetfires in and out of boxes and in various conditions. I considered offering Vendor 2 $150 for the V1 M&Ms together, but based on the level of dust on them, he will have them again next year.
  11. WOW, the detail on this cockpit is gorgeous. If you ever make STLs of these...
  12. It's not like it's any harder to model them as flush rivets instead. I mean WTF?
  13. How much are the following worth: 1:48 Yamatos: VF-1A Max Super/Strike Packs VF-1J Millia VF-1J Super Hikaru VF-1S Roy
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