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  1. THis reminds me of the write up I did about how every Macross series is, as SK stated, a dramatization of the events and not the actual story.
  2. Why dear god, why? Please let this horrid franchise die.
  3. In the interim, are they any good other stands that are still available?
  4. Oops, it was ToyCom, not Sunwest. Maybe we can see a revival. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/toycomad.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/ToycomadbackcoverToyfare.jpg http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/ads/toycomad01.jpg
  5. The RLAM has me curious. And I wonder if something regarding that brought BW to the table. Maybe an actual, script, director and cast have been selected that BW can get behind. Plus, if the RLAM focuses just on the Macross portion of RT, then it wouldn't be that hard to redub the names and rewrite keys scenes for Japanese export. If done right, they could basically get two movies in one.
  6. This point actually has me wondering the most. SOme of us old timers remember when the Macross Plus toys were first about to hit, the OG 1:72s. HG had a sort of deal with Bandai and Yamato to allow the creation of a subsidiary company, Sunwest IIRC, to distribute the Valks stateside. HG would have their sticker on the boxes and get a cut. Things were going well then relatively last minute HG pulled the plug on the deal because they figured they could get more money by making and selling their own toys, which, of course, kicked off the bigger legal battle. I wonder if they might revisit th
  7. If this is a joke.... Let's have our resident legal experts wade in on this, but if I can get proper Stateside Blu-Ray and toy releases, woohoo!!!
  8. Not so much replace but supplement with a lower cost (procurement, operation, maintenance, etc...) aircraft. The new SeAF realizes that Stealth is pretty much a one trick pony. It is most usable for initial strikes and operations, but once war gets into the thick, the extensive maintenance and compromised aerodynamics and carriage capacity make stealth of lower utility. If the F-36 concept lives up to the plan, then you'll be able to buy 4-5 for the cost of a single F-35, and have each of them conduct two operations for every one the F-35 can conduct due to Mx downtime, all using the same c
  9. It's basically speculation based on SecAFs comments on what they want to replace the F-35. An F-16XL based aircraft is not a bad guess really.
  10. Knight26

    V-BR-2 ...

    Great start, as for the gap between the engines, that could be anything, on the lineart one side looks like thrusters, and the other vents. I would go with reactor vents myself, or rear firing missile launchers since it is an intereceptor: Run in, fire, flip and burn away and fire more missiles.
  11. No it wouldn't. You'd be seeing 5Gen+ Tech in an actually useable airframe that harkens back to the 4Gen+. While the plane has stealthy features, they are not at the expense of actual performance. ANd while it might look like an F-16XL (which is a good thing) it would be a 5Gen+ airframe through and through from the materials, to the avionics, sensors, weapon, all of it. Even the new F-15EX is a far different aircraft then anything other F-15 out there, and will outperform the F-22 in every area other than stealth.
  12. Here's what I REALLY DON'T GET. Tatsunoko is a much bigger and more powerful company then HG, no matter how you look at it. Since Tatsunoko is the legal owner of the international merch and film rights, why do they put up with HGs BS? More than that, Bandai has a vested interest in seeing Macross getting more worldwide distribution, so with the license coming due any day now, why don't they work a deal with each other? I'm sure Bandai would cut Tatsunoko a much better deal then HG.
  13. We used to have quite a few fansubbers, but that has died down in recent years because of streaming services that offer near simulcast subs. Yes, for older more obscure anime it can be harder to find, so I am not sure where to look there, but I am sure the resources are out there.
  14. 1:28, that is a wierd freaking scale. 1:18 would make more sense, but eh...
  15. I'd bet that Hasbro told Funko, "let HG come, we'll stomp them."
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