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  1. For all we know it could Sony of Japan ordering Sony Corp of America to clear things up, maybe even order them to outright acquire HG. I'm sure BW and Bandai would much rather work with the Sony's then HG.
  2. I predict, they will all end up merging at some point into "the only timeline that will survive" where everyone lives, the SDF-1 is fine and the Earth becomes an even bigger power then in the Macross sequels. But, Rick will marry Minmei, Lisa will marry Karl (if he lives), Roy and Claudia will get their happier ever after, Max will marry his wingman girl instead (assuming they don't find a way to turn Myria), etc... add nausea!!! (and yes I meant to write it that way)
  3. There are apparently multiple timelines and universes merging together, ugh.
  4. I like this idea, let's come up with some names that would still be recognizable as Macross, yet thumb their nose at HG. I'll get started. Nothing too insulting, just enough to poke the bear. SDF-MacroTech SDF-Robocross SDF-Goldcross SDF-Macrogold SDF-MacroHarmony Sorry not feeling the most creative today, but it got me laughing. Or heck just go back to the original working title: SDF-Megalord/Megaroad
  5. Exactly, until the signed contract is able to be examined, I have my doubts.
  6. Just how big is Tatsunoko? What is to prevent say, Bandai, from just buying them outright? I realize Big West and Studio Nue are not big enough. Also, what could HG really do if Bandai Visual, just said "to hell with it" and started releasing Macross sequels outside of Japan? It sounds like the language in the contract regarding the sequels is vague to say the least.
  7. Given the lack of actual 80s Supercars, from TV or otherwise, this looks like nothing more than an excuse of the Hoff to try and keep relevant.
  8. frakk YEAH!!! Maybe they will get it better than Bay's Pearl Harbor. Lots of awesome aviation action at least.
  9. I see only three good things in that trailer: #1 They are using guns again. Drew BaringMore's insistence that they not use guns in her movies was stupid, they were super cops, let them use guns. #2 Elizabeth Banks, need I say more. #3 Patrick Stewart, how much did they have to pay him to be in this steaming pile? Everything else, casting, acting, set pieces, music, utter crap.
  10. Just to watch the real TT kick TTGs butt I may watch this. I HATE TTG
  11. I am still on the fence regarding this service. Honestly one of the big draws for me is the animated library. Does include all the 90s to early 2000s: Batman TAS, Superman, Justice League, and JLU seasons? Also does it have all the current DCAU movies?
  12. WTF? This has gone so far off the rails I don't think they're even on land anymore.
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