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  1. The problem isn't that she knew of him, but she recognized him. It was the same day as the attack on Starkiller Base and she was a low level functionary on a ship that likely had thousands of people. Given that Finn went straight from the mission brief, to the attack, and then was brought back in medical stasis, when would she have had time to get an image of him? Or was it simply that he she heard he was a black guy, and she immediately assumed that first black guy she saw the defector, Finn? And I never once made any comments about her appearance. The actress is not unattractive, and even if she was "hot" it would make no difference for how inexcusably bad the character was. I'm assuming that was directed at @Seto Kaiba
  2. Rose was a Fan Surrogate character, and in that way made below zero sense. Given the timeline of Ep7-8 there is simply no way she could have known who Finn was beyond scuttlebutt regarding a First Order defector who helped destroy Starkiller Base. Plus she robbed the audience of the great dynamic that started between Finn and Poe in Ep7, while shoe-horning in a completely unnecessary lover plot, that made less sense then Stalkakin and Padme in AOTC. As for Phasma, I think that waste of a character is dead, haven't seen her anywhere in the promo material so far, unless she's the red trooper now.
  3. It seems that the intent of the Clone attack in AOTC was to, in fact, rescue the Jedi. However, it would have been better if the attack was shown to be truly multi-pronged: Prong 1: Rescue the Jedi "Generals." Prong 2: End the war quickly with decisive first strike, targeting enemy ships and production facilities. Prong 3: "Cut the head off the snake." Take out/capture Dooku and the CIS leadership. The issue became that Yoda led Prong 1 successfully, but the other Jedi didn't get the memo about Prongs 2 and 3. Anakin and Obi-Wan went after Dooku, true, but the others basically fell into a holding action instead of going after high value targets. One could chalk this up to the Jedi not being ready to wage a war, but some dialogue about ordering orbital bombardment, or attacking key facilities would have shown at least some strategic thought at work.
  4. One more, guy I bought my YF-19 from has a Yammie VF-0D, asking $300. Good price?
  5. Thanks @jenius, sounds like he is asking too much. It is the non-FASTPack version, it does have the adapters for the yamato stand and to mount the fold booster and both gunpods though. I will try and talk him down.
  6. I just got my boys hooked on Gargoyles, love that it is the original broadcast version.
  7. A guy near me is selling a Yamato YF-21 for $350, no stand that I can see in the pictures, some stress marks on the legs, stickers not applied. That seems a bit high to me, what should I offer instead?
  8. While I love the Captain's Legioss to death, the solution to the cockpit/back issue on this release is amazing and really gives the best solution IMHO to the anime magic that was the shrinking forward fuselage. The mech looks great in all modes.
  9. Put in the hands of competent filmmakers, and especially writers and actors, Star Wars can be great. The biggest mistakes Star Wars made prior to TFA were when people gave George more creative control. He's a great idea man, and a decent director, but someone else needs to help him bring the train into the station. TFA's failing is that JJA is a hack, with a hack writing team. He is a good director, with a great visual eye, but has rarely produced anything truly "new" with most of his projects being rehashes of earlier properties, just with a shinier new coat. His writing team, Lindelöf especially, are just bad. For an example look at the script to Prometheus before he got his hands on it. TFA was a wonderful movie to watch, but once you thought about it the fact that it was just a redo of ANH shines through. It could have been so much better with just a few tweaks. There is no excuse for why TLJ was as bad as it was. But it is a shining example of why Writer/Director oftentimes doesn't work. I wonder how much outside input RJ even had/allowed on that script and storyline. Once again though, it could have been fantastic with just some tweaks. IF anything, the Mandalorian shows that live action Star Wars can still be done well, even with a limited budget. I hope that the show does phenomenally and it becomes the kick to the head that Disney/Lucasfilm need to make them not just change direction, but hand the helm over to people who actually love the franchise and will help bring it back to its full potential.
  10. There is only minimal evidence regarding what species Yoda, Yaddle, and Yoby (Yoda Baby) belong to. It was once stated that they belong to Whills (as in Journal of Whills), but that was more fanon then anything else IIRC. It is believed that they are not a prolific species, with 900+ year lifespans, that is understandable. And, as we are now seeing, at 50, they are still basically toddlers, assuming that Yoby was never put into stasis or had its aging artificially/relativistically slowed. It is quite possible that this is just a child of that species unrelated to Yoda or Yaddle, or even possibly one of their children that was secreted away for their protection. If Yoby is Yoda's child, he might have never even known about it, (jedi-code). The question becomes, who had been guarding/hiding the child for the last 50 years? Given who the guards were, and the lack of any nanny or caregiver visible, my guess would the Hutts. They maintained a precarious relationship with the Jedi, and after how Anakin and company saved the life of Jabba's child, it is possible that Jabba might have kept the child hidden/protected, quid-pro-quo. With the death of Jabba, Yoby's caregiver took what resources they could (guards) and went into hiding, but in the process the existence of Yoby was discovered. Since Yoby is largely self-sufficient now, can feed and possibly clean itself, the guards likely disposed of the caregiver and just awaited orders on what to do with Yoby.
  11. Did anyone even buy the Gerwalk statue? THe proportions on that thing are just, WTF?
  12. Six Grand? Seriously? I could buy a nice used car for that.
  13. With all the parallel universe BS they are doing now, it's no wonder they pulled Orguss in, but does HG have that license?
  14. I just looked at Issue #2, was that an Orgoid in the horribly drawn back section talking about the multiverse? Does HG have any rights to Orguss?
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