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  1. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    Nice, what is printing setup? Printer, filament, slicer?
  2. Robotech by Titan Comics

    I just looked back over the conversation he and I had. In short, he sold the 3D model legitimately to the artist to use. He did not know it would be used in the comic. Once he started making inquiries (after I brought it to his attention), Titan and HG basically told him not to make waves or they would declare it a derivative work. He did not mention anything about payments to me, but this was months ago. https://www.schells.ca/the-un-fleet Where you too can order his models, lol.
  3. Robotech by Titan Comics

    It wasn't stolen. I had a long talk with the original creator of the VF-14 fan design featuring in this "comic." He sold the model to the artist, and the contract did not say it couldn't be used for commercial usage. He looked into it, and it was not "Stolen" but is being used in a way that was not originally intended, but was not prohibited by the purchase contract, especially given that hte model is only being used as a reference and not as the actual artwork in the comic.
  4. Robotech by Titan Comics

    The artist's website http://angryjim.com/?cat=6 I know, when I'm wanting to hire an artist for a mecha heavy comic I hire a guy who used to do Adventure Time level of artwork. Some of his less cartoony line work looks ok, but then whoever they hired as inker and colorist killed it.
  5. Robotech by Titan Comics

    WTF? They killed Gloval? And Rick has eye issue?

    Loving this, can't wait until you start printing it out. What kind of printer will you be using? And, will you be putting the STLs up for the rest of us?
  7. Micronauts Live Action

    Let's hope this is good and takes after the comics
  8. Destroids

    Very nice, I love it. Did you design it to use polycaps in the joints?
  9. Spiral War Is Back Home

    Announcing the release of Spiral War Book 4, Armageddon's Pall, just in time for all your winter holidays. Buy a copy now for the sci-fi fan in your life. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0782833RR
  10. This could work out great for the MCU, and Infinity War could spark M Day. Think about it, Vision dies, and Scarlett Witch loses it, but instead of wiping out Mutants she finds a universe where Mutants like her exists and merges them, here come the X-Men. Creating and Ultimate X-Men type storyline might be too messy at this point, i.e. mutants were created in an effort to recreate the super soldier serum. Though if you use the young X-Men you could explain it as they hadn't matured enough to have powers yet, but a small handful of mutants did exist. Though I wonder what impact this will have on Dark Phoenix.
  11. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    Through thingiverse you can ask someone else to print it, and negotiate a deal. Right now CR-10 printers (HICTOP) are on sale on amazon prime, for a great deal. I picked one up to replace my ANet A8 that I am going to rebuild. I will print this starting in the spring for my boys to build.
  12. Kidslogic robotech SDF-1 statue

    I'd rather get the 3-D printed Cruiser mode on Thingiverse, $140 worth of filament, wiring my own speakers and lights, then put that much money in HG's pockets.
  13. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    The original maker got back to me on how much filament to expect to use. SO, yeah my earlier estimate was about correct, 5kg or so at this scale. Assuming $20 average per roll, you are looking at $100 worth of materials. But figure on actually needing 7 rolls of filament, so $140. Still better than that HG Speaker version.
  14. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    The original maker got back to me on how much filament to expect to use. SO, yeah my earlier estimate was about correct, 5kg or so at this scale.
  15. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    I asked the guy who posted it how much filament it took, he has not responded yet. I'm going to guess at least 5kg of filament depending on how thick you print the shell.