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  1. Playing a rousing game of find the saddle.

  2. has moved 58 bales of hay.

  3. The SWAT vs. GSG-9 is on right now. Anyway the show is a bit over the top. Its more weapon porn then anything else. The Knight episode is one, the pirate would carry several pistols since he had the highest chance for misfire due to the sea air. Also the proof of the gun going through armor, what knight walks around in just the armor he has a couple layers of pads that probably would've reduced the damage of the bullet. The ninja one was another one i had a problem with, if your going to give the spartan his armor, then let the ninja has his (the ninja had armor). The show is interesting
  4. Wow. . .Well i did love Robotech growing up and still do a little today. Rest in Eternal Peace, you have truly earned it. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  5. This is from the Dreamland Resort. A fellow by the name of Scot Tway posted a E-mail from his brother about the SR-71, figured everyone here would love it. We learn how slow the Blackbird can go. Since there is a constant break of every few words, i have word wrapped it and reset it so its not doing that. there was a minor spelling thing i also fixed. Enjoy From my Brother, USAF Ret. (F4, A10 etc.) Brian was my Instructor Pilot in my upgrade into the A-10 in 1978. > Subject: "what was the slowest you ever flew the Blackbird?" > To: > Date: Monday, December 21, 2009, 1:1
  6. Download link dead. This leads me to one of two conclusions. One: There is a secret cabal determined to keep us from seeing obscure 80's anime. 2. The MIB's think this is a documentary and are trying to keep it from conspiracy theorists from giving them another headache. I think one myself, but two is very valid choice as well. Time to go to work. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  7. Well i have some time before work, found the torrent i got on. The file is close to 700 megs. The link is near the top of the page, its the little green box with download in white. Once again took me a while to find it. . .again (must get caffine). Enjoy. http://www.bakabt.com/torrent/130115/Kyous...x480%29_MW.html
  8. I remember this from long ago, the Blockbuster in Merced by the mall still had the VHS of this well into 2003-2004. Found the copy put up for download, but was disappointed with the quality. If you look for it by the full Japanese name you can find a much better copy. Found my copy on a torrent site, much better picture and audio. Don't remember where i found mine, but the name to search by is Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  9. Happened a few days ago, but wish i was there when it did. http://www.edwards.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123163158 hope the link works, Firefox 3 disables my right click in certain places, like here and in my E-mail and when i first get online (have to exit and restart). Cruel Angel's Thesis
  10. Well I'm back, long story short router shut me out from coming here. After problem was solved been lazy about showing up. Hope to start showing up again on a regular basis. Well to kick it off, was looking up stuff and came across this. http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewl...maneuverab.html Cruel Angel's Thesis
  11. The info on the TTR is one the main site in the FAQ section. Its included in the answer about what is TTR. The hanger and its purpose are still a mystery. We do know it is the largest hanger now and just thats about all thats been comfirmed. Cruel Angel's Thesis edit. added info on hanger.
  12. Dreamland Resort reports there is a UAV project going on at the TTR. Mainly just testing the new ones and working strategies for use. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  13. I have the Flight Manual and the Media Mook 53 book and they both only have 2 pages of lineart for the Valhalla III. They are good pics however and they are varied enough (about less then half are the same). But its only 2 pages so probably not a good bang for your buck. Hopes it helpful. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  14. The MOAB is going to make a bigger boom. This baby is designed to hit the ground and keep going up to 200 feet before saying hello. We just didn't enough to hit underground bunkers in Iraq and N. Korea according to intel are even deeper, so we need something thats going to hit and keep going. Thought makes me wonder if you are in a underground bunker do you even have time to realize. like your playing a card game with your buddies, does this just go through the ground, land on your card table play a quick mp3 detailing how screwed you are, then explode. I'd pay some good money to see that
  15. Was looking up something and came across this, happened last month. Surprised it wasn't posted. Airbus vs. Wall http://www.airlineempires.net/blog/2007/11...l-airbus-loses/ However what happened might be different. http://www.aviation-safety-security.com/cu...-airbus-fa.html Still damn. . .someone is going to be in trouble once it gets sorted out. Cruel Angel's Thesis
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