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  1. Those shots look great - I've got basic speed Broadband 152k - but the service provider's just increased it to 2Mb. Pricewise; looking at that link - it's going to be a case of shopping around. I think that I'll start off with the 1/55 scale figures first as they're cheaper. I usually have around £30-£40 disaposable cash a month. Again, thanks for your help - this site's a gold mine!
  2. Ah. I get you. I checked out that toy-wave.com website at it appears there too. It's the Bandai 1/55 Transformable VF-1A Valkyrie. I guess that it's a cannon fodder fighter as there's no pilots name on the box. Have you got any shots of your collection?
  3. PM sent to him. Now the wait. Just missed him after he made his last post. No worries mate. That is actually the only way that you should purchase these type of exotic goods, through the experience of other members and experienced and hard working dealers. We keep the good ones in business and starve the shifty ones out, and get good deals and service in return. You should check on the "Sell, Buy and Trade Macross" section in the middle of the forum main page too. You can sometimes get some good deals from them. They advertise specials regularly. 337277[/snapback] Cheers, you're a gent! I'll check out the Sell, Buy and Trade Macross forum - it'll give me a good idea how much I should be expecting to pay. I've seen a VF-1A (tan without FAST pack) for £60 in an Anime shop in London, but it'll be interesting to see how much they can cost. Thanks for making me feel welcome on this site.
  4. Hi Kensei, That's very kind - I'll send you a PM shortly. This'll probably surprise a lot of you, but I'm still getting used to picking stuff up on the Internet. I've never used Ebay, but instead used UK shops and fansites to pick up Transformers in the past. I tend to do things this way as fellow fans seem to know a lot more on the figures and can point out the right shops. Regards JetfireUK
  5. Thanks Black Valkyrie, I'm starting to price up figures. Macross are a little more expensive than the TF re-issues and Binaltechs that I've got, but not by much. Hopefully I should have my first purchase by the end of the year! Thanks for your help! I'm guessing that for now, this is the best place to ask my questions? I know what it's like having a newbie clogging up sites with threads.
  6. Thanks for your help Shin - I'm going to be looking over the site and look forward to learning more about Macross.
  7. As a Transformer fan, I think that these Transforming monstrosities should be consigned to the bin. I don't know of any Trans Fans who'd pick these up. Or Star Wars fans for that matter. Binaltech seems to be the only decent Transformers line - well, that and the original Diaclone re-issues.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm completely green on Macross and Robotech, but I'm getting really interested in learning more about the series and history. I've been a collector of Gen 1 Transformers for the past six years, but wanted to find out more about Macross and Robotech as I really admire the construction and grace of the figures. I've read through this thread and at the moment things are a little confusing, but I'm sure I'll settle in soon. I haven't any real experience of Macross/Robotech; the nearest I've got is owning a MISB Jetfire - but I'm interesting in learning! My questions are: Are there any UK or European fans on this site? I'm not a user of Ebay, but want to learn if there are any decent UK/European stockists of Bandai figures? Where's a good place to learn the history of the series? And where do I start? What series does the Jetfire mold fit in? I'd like to get hold of the Macross style - as I don't want to open a £250 figure yet. Hope that you'll help - bear with me - I am new!
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