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  1. Thanks, that makes it easier for me to find the will to actually toss out a lot of the boxes I've been hoarding. When figures come blister packed its of course easy to dismiss the packaging if one just intends to rip em open. I just find it hard to toss out resealable boxes, even though I am certain saving the packaging really won't impact the value of the toy if I ever decided to resell it.
  2. Silly question for you all. I suspect most of you save the boxes for the higher end stuff like the masterpiece line and 3A figures, but does anyone here bother saving the packaging on the mainline transformer toys that you can just go down to walmart and buy? Since hasbro started making more collector friendly packaging for the studio series figures I have been saving it. I guess its just my collector instinct to do so, even though I am 90 percent certain if I ever wanted to sell any of my studio series figures it really wouldn't make any difference in the price I'd get for them considering that they are all opened. What are your thoughts?
  3. GobotFool

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, I agree that Firevalk mold was pretty awful. The arms always fell off on mine. I all I can do is hope they don't try to salvage that mold to make a YF-19 and they just go for a completely new mold eventually.
  4. GobotFool

    Hi-Metal R

    You know, while I am glad they did make a VF-4 lighting as I really love the fighter design, I am honestly baffled by the fact that Bandai has never released more iconic valks like the YF-19 or YF-21 in the Hi Metal R Line. Didn't they tease as YF-21 Hi Metal R way back in 2010? Whatever happened to that?
  5. Its to get rid of the windshield wipers and maybe get that angle between the windows that exists only in bot mode.
  6. Looks like the robot chest is a set of faux windows. Not really a fan of the use of faux parts, even if it gives us cartoon accuracy. Still as a display piece it looks pretty good in bot mode at least.
  7. I like what I see so far. Humor doesn't seem so bad to me. Like JBO said most of the stuff that made me cringe in the previous movies was the toilet and sex humor. Honestly this has the vibe of a more family friendly movie to me, like say the Iron Giant, which is what I think Travis Knight is on record saying that is what he is going for. Also hopefully they will realize that the stars of the transformer movies are supposed to be well the transformers, not hot women, not the army, not annoying boys like Shia Lebouf.
  8. I don't know, that they were beyond bad?
  9. I have strangely mixed feelings. I recognize the Bayverse movies to be truly dreadful movies, but over the years they have become kinda guilty pleasures for me. I'll be happy just as long as they get a competent director for the reboot.
  10. Oh wow. The Bayverse is dead!!! http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/02/16/transformers-cinematic-universe-current-movie-series-rebooted-358641 I don't know how to feel. I recognize they were all horrid movies, but over the years they have become kinda guilty pleasures for me. And unlike some I do like the movieverse designs.
  11. I really wanna grab a GX-71 but for the current asking price that some people want on ebay ouch!!! I saw one selling for around 663, as opposed to a thousand +. My question for all those knowledgeable does anyone know if the GX-71 has been knocked off. I just wanna make sure if I pounce I'm getting a legit Bandai product and not some POS that will crumble in my hands when I take it out of the box.
  12. Sadly I didn't think to call the support line. I was just so disgusted with the fact that less than ten minutes after opening mine up it broke. I'm perfectly willing to accept I got a dud. Only one of the two legs broke. As I said I am willing to give these guys a 2nd shot since no one else is reporting theirs breaking.
  13. I'll do my best. This was actually a few months ago. I am talking about the pins that connect the upper part of hips and lower parts of the hips. The joint at the hip that allows the legs to lower in place for Gerwalk mode. I went to lower the leg down into its Gerwalk configuration. This joint if I remember correctly is held together with a metal pin running through it, and it was the outer hinge part that snapped off on both sides of where the ends of the metal pin held them in place, supposedly allowing it to swing down. Does that make sense? Since no one else is ranting about the frailty of this part I suspect I might have just gotten a defective one. Still its an area to watch out for as the plastic struck me as pretty thin in this area of the figure. Maybe I'll give this figure another shot since no one else seems to have had this problem.
  14. I bought mine from BigBadToyStore so it better not have been a bootleg. I gotta admit I was so pissed at the toy, and this is a first for me, I actually threw it out.
  15. I got the Roy Fokker SD and the legs snapped apart at the pins the moment I tried to move them when transforming it into Gerwalk mode. No one else has had this problem?
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