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  1. Just finished your review. Didn't have the v1 version. So didn't know that the joints were so bad. Good job Jenius
  2. Didn't know it was u but I had been following your youtube channel, specifically as to how to transform the toys Thanks for that.
  3. Finally managed to find some time to transform the plane. Not too impress especially on the arms. The L bars are so freaking stiff that I can't push them back into their proper positions and when I exert force, I scratched some of the paint This is exactly the same problem as Ozma transformation but at least the arms were not so tight!
  4. This is exactly what happened to mine when I bought a 2nd hand VF-19
  5. jemC

    repair for my VF-19

    I am still sourcing for a brass pin. I can't find any online or in my area. Will those paper clips work?
  6. This guy from China is also having issue with the shoulder joint. See 17:00
  7. agree. You need the 171EX to complete the shelf
  8. Finally received mine from Amazon jp. love the matt finish. One thing with the head lasers, there's a groove for them but because the head lasers are straight up, they don't fit into those grooves. But everything is tight. Maybe too tight. Till now, I couldn't even open the canopy
  9. Thanks! Made an order. Now waiting for it to arrive within 7 days
  10. extremely impressive final model and thumbs up for the step by step work that was done.
  11. jemC

    repair for my VF-19

    wow! Thanks slide for the detailed explanation. Everything you said makes complete sense and well noted on the warning. I'll seriously consider your suggestions and once I've some free time, I will look to work on it.
  12. cool. thanks and will have a look.
  13. I wished I have the talent to do something like this but I sucks at electronics or diorama building works. this is really an impressive piece.
  14. This is impressive and I wondered how long the person took to complete this.
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