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  1. Awesome! I can use this for both the VF-14 and as a good base if the FZ-109 Elgerzorene! Thank you!
  2. Those are great! it's alright that they aren't "perfect" it gives a good base to work with! Thank you!!!
  3. possibly. as long as it has the orthographic views.
  4. I am looking for good orthographic views of the VF-14 / FZ-109 so I can create a 3d file of it/them. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I tried (on Ebay and that site.. first they cancelled my purchase because they said my address was wrong, but e-mailed me that The Post was shut down in Hong Kong (completely), finally they said they sold out and just wanted to keep interest in their store! GARBAGE!
  6. I use a Phrozen Transform. as for printing models... I might put them up on shapeways, but they'd be kinda expensive in Fine detail plastic.... and I don't know if they'd hold together in the regular plastic. I no longer print to sell myself, way too much of a hassle.
  7. I don’t see why not. I did them to be 1/4000 to match the Macross kit I have.
  8. Already printed the Uraga and Saratoga II
  9. That's why I made my own versions... can't find 'em... Make 'em yourself!
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