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  1. Jedi Knight

    1/60 YF-19 Arm Weapon

    This looks amazing! Well done! This has actually been my avatar picture since I signed up on MW years ago! I'd love to get a set or two!
  2. Yes, shame on me, but I FINALLY watched the entire Macross Frontier (regular episodes only so far). Anyway, exploring my BD Evangelion 1.11 (at least I think it was this disc), I caught a trailer for a series called Area88. I have now watched the first 4 episodes, and am rather enjoying it.
  3. Jedi Knight

    Design a Macross Patch Competition

    So, where these actually going to get made, as in 100% embroidered 4" patches?
  4. Jedi Knight

    Macross DYRL: Proper English Fandub

    I'm really looking forward to checking out this amazing project! Downloading part 1 now. I can't begin to imagine all the hard work and time that has gone into this already! Also, in your first post, you say that the d/l is a "condensed" version. Do you mean that parts are missing, so the film is not the full 2 hours?
  5. Jedi Knight

    New arms design/rethink for VF-0S new release - Overdrive rep talks to

    I did buy it 'used'. That is a negative - the feet do NOT lock or click when extended. So that means I have a v1 for sure? EDIT IN - I rechecked again, and the feet DO lock! I was not pulling hard enough!
  6. Jedi Knight

    New arms design/rethink for VF-0S new release - Overdrive rep talks to

    I recently got my very FIRST VF-0. It was supposedly the VF-0S with Ghost. It LOOKS in perfect condition, but I'm seeing what I think are design flaws/weeknesses. But I'm not sure, after reading every post in this thread. -One foot thruster slides in and out much looser than the other. -the legs don't lock with the backpack -and most annoying of all: the fuselage (behind the cockpit) arches loosely and opens gaps, at the same time as there are gaps between the engine intakes and the metal wing-root slider pieces. I have fully and carefully transformed it to battroid and back to fighter, but the intake areas are still gappy and loose. And as far as I can see, everything is locked in as far as it can go. I can't seem to get both problems squeezed tight at the same time. Squeeze the engine gap and the back arches; flatten out the back (close the gaps) and the engine gaps widen. Is this engine gap & fuselage arching/looseness a common issue? Is there a version A or S that these are fixed (or planned to be fixed in a future release)?
  7. Jedi Knight

    We are back!!

    Dang! More than 30 hours of uploading! I hope it all works out!
  8. Jedi Knight

    Yamato 1/60 YF-21 News & Pics

    TIA Macross Plus: Movie Edition, page 42.
  9. Jedi Knight


    It also obviously/probably got the originally planned nuclear engines (finally), in addition to closing the intake doors.
  10. Jedi Knight

    Macross Wallpapers

    Wow! I don't stop by in over a month, and there's is TONS of great stuff to catch up on!! Great work on the new wallpapers everyone. There are some great ideas showing up. I can't wait to see more.
  11. Jedi Knight

    Macross DYRL...In English!

    Hikuro - what a HUGE undertaking you have begun! And amazing results so far!! I wish you and all your VA's good luck. You have many fans already, eagerly awaiting your 'production(s)'. As an aside, years ago, when I first discovered Star Wars fan audio dramas, I debated applying for a role, but decided that I might not have the time, or more critically, the 'acting' quality I would want to listen to, let alone know that others are listening too. Maybe some day I'll find a tiny role to 'play' (as a test to see if I like doing that sort of thing).
  12. Jedi Knight

    Where can I find this Macross 7 song?

    WOW!! I just realized that I have had this song for years, and NEVER listened to it....till now! It's great!
  13. Jedi Knight

    Where can I find this Macross 7 song?

    Now THAT goes way back!!
  14. Jedi Knight

    The 2nd coming of the YF-19, Part 2

    I wonder if a combination of forward canards and thrust-vectoring could manage a longer duration of negative alpha? Even so, I can't see much point in that angle of flight anyway.
  15. Jedi Knight

    The 2nd coming of the YF-19, Part 2

    I think I'll probably wait AT LEAST a few weeks after it finally gets released, before deciding if I'll get the first release version, or hold out for a later version.