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  1. got this beauty in the mail today, complete will all posters
  2. Just got this friday. Going to try and modify some to look like they have UN Spacy flight suits to go with my 1:72 Vf-1Js Max and Miriya
  3. Did a little work on some Tactis minis this weekend. Work has been crazy, but finally had a weekend off.
  4. I have that Kit, no pilots, and the VT-1D wedding 2 seater, no pilots.
  5. Late to the game. Is there a 1:72 Max and Milia for the Hasagawa kits? would be so cool to get the wedding dressed pilots
  6. Arrived today. haven't even cracked the plastic bags inside and can already tell i want more.
  7. this makes all 4. i couldn't not get it.
  8. New kit on its way for my next Macross Project. And my current Automotive project
  9. Does anyone know if the ARMD prints on Shapeways are 1/4000 Hasegawa compatible? https://www.shapeways.com/product/TTSJNE8SD/armd-carrier?optionId=69793839&li=marketplace https://www.shapeways.com/product/CP87MACWN/robotech-macross-armd-carrier?optionId=66932084&li=marketplace I want to customize a kit with Cartoon series versions eventually.
  10. Has anyone tried to make one of these kits Transform?
  11. yall are too kind. most of my gear is in storage for the shots i wanted to get. couldn't get the right lighting so i'll try again this weekend. i'm back to work full time now ( school portraits) so build time is limited till xmas
  12. Finished. Huzzah. going to get it in the studio for detail shots.
  13. the other section homes the civilian and barracks.
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