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  1. I found Gerwalk mode only this afternoon.
  2. I wonder what pilot Bandai will include with this GBP release. I suppose the GBP is mainly for battles in the space, does that mean we will be getting Hikaru in his space suit as supposed to atmospheric suit? - That would be great for people converting their Roy 1S into Hikaru's myself included.
  3. Hello, Looking for either Bandai DX VF-1A TV Max or Arcadia VE-1 Elintseeker PF, preferably new & sealed but minty fresh in box works too! Please PM with your price if you have a spare to sell. Items to be shipped to Ontario, Canuckland. Thanks very much!
  4. Haha seriously, how much is "much" at HLJ, 50k, 100k? 'cause I almost took an offense to that stupid email one of their reps sent. I was like, yo eyeballin' my piece fifty cent?
  5. FYI, HLJ may not allow you to cancel an order at your convenience if it's what they call a high ticket item, and that they will ask you for your full commitment. It happened to me when I preordered an item over 50k yen recently. A rep emailed me that my attempt to order this item flagged the system and he explained to me that an order cancellation leads to overstocking which in turn affects their ability to offer us great pricing, blah blah, as well as being grounds for having my account terminated. It was def weird because I rarely cancel orders with them eh.
  6. Thanks @F360, got my order in at last. Let’s see what all the fuss is about GX-71 being one of the best SOC’s!
  7. Ok @Lolicon, enough of your overwhelming photographic encouragement! Seriously is that CG or an actual toy..so cool! I will have to be content with my 6 & 7. I can barely keep up with current year's scheduled releases and preorders.
  8. Angesdad

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks @Lolicon, got the hguc-mg analogy. @Stranger, yes I agree a HMR scale valk will stick out, singled out and displayed completely covered by a 1/48 in front of it. Wow @sh9000, awesome lookin’ VE-1 squadron you got there!! Think I am going to try one out and see where it takes me. Talkin’ about being late to the party eh. thanks everyone!
  9. Angesdad

    Hi-Metal R

    A question for y'all. I am considering to get a HMR Elintseeker from Mandarake, unopened for 9k yen. It is currently sitting in my cart however, I do not own a single HMR and since this will be my first HMR toy, wanted to ask how satisfied you are with yours. I am used to DX Valks, thanks!!
  10. I believe they’re model kits you have to build and paint to look like they do in the sample photos.Btw, the helldivers are nice I would like to pick one up as I have some Bandai 1/35 kits built over the years.
  11. I am quite content with Bandai's take on YF-19 but man, the fighter and the battroid mode on Arcadia is something else. Sharper yet beefier...much closer to the original illustration as well. Very tempting for sure but the PF price is also something else.
  12. Great! Can I EMS stuff to you and then you can simply mail it up to Canuckland free of charge as a fellow MWFer? hey we're on the same of the Pacific. Ain't no such thing as a free lunch eh.
  13. Allow me to chime in. Bandai QC is less than ideal and no, Focker isn't built better and absolutely no design improvements this time around. As a matter of fact my two Roys showed consistently of more paint mishaps and noticeably looser neck joint than previous releases. Perhaps something more than my bad luck.
  14. Thanks @spacemanoeuvres!!!
  15. I completely missed the PO. I will buy your 11th copy, anyone please?
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