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  1. Must...resist...temptation!!!! Suppose it was just a matter of time the black tri-stars are released on metal composite line.. btw, that's a big a$$ axe and won't work with my shelf.
  2. Hey @borgified, I know. I’ve never made such an extravagant single purchase before. My daughter will disown me if she found out. I’ve been consolidating small stuff & saving up though, for the upcoming big hit .
  3. I remember so vividly as a young boy watching AKIRA for the first time in the late 80’s. “KANEDAAAAAAAAA!!! TETSUOOOOOOOO!!!” - a true masterpiece, my youth hasn’t been the same ever since. Anyhow there goes a big chunk of my budget for the year “helping” me to forget about vf-1d to z. Let the spring closet cleaning commence.
  4. hey @sh9000, that cel shading animation effect is really cool!
  5. No dust resides in the hangar above no sir. That is a nice a shot! While you're at it @Saburo, you should invest in some maintenance crew & misc equipment and have them blurred out in your shots to give depth with main focus on your Valk btw, I looked into the hangar set and man it ain't cheap!
  6. The best thing I bought for my collections; Or you can swing by a dollarama get a makeup brush or something that works too. As for grease/dirt, wash hands well prior to or wear gloves.
  7. I dig the museum pose! something very nostalgic about it. May I suggest a glass door to make your assets dustproof. If it's a IKEA, you can get an optional glass door thing. I can be somewhat OCD about dust setting on my collectibles. I dust all ma stuff all da time! Someone stop me please.
  8. Wow that is a great price. You even get sales tax deducted from that as well (23,364 JPY). If only...
  9. No crazy builds here but I got the waterslide decals from @Anasazi37 for dressing up DX DYRL VF-1’s. Man, talking about tiny, intricate decals! With my magnifier and shaky hands in I went for the job. What a difference the skull squadron insignia makes eh. Bandai could’ve omitted some of the mumbo jumbo decals and included this one instead. Been a while since I built anything to a completion but it was fun messing around on my bench. This is the aftermath of my attempts. I used Tamiya mark fit which is like a combination of micro set and sol. Do be careful following the in
  10. Thanks @Saburo! I could say the same thing about your hangar shots!!! Great lighting and "drama" as I mentioned before...where does one score a hangar set like that.
  11. I think y’all Roy and Super parts broken. I will take’em off your hands for free. TV super parts delivery came through at last yesterday from Kurama toys. As a member pointed out, they in Hong Kong, not Japan.
  12. Happy New Year 2021 MWF!!! I couldn’t find a better place to post my inquiry but it is relevant to collecting so here it goes. This evening I was going through some stuff in my closet where my collection is stored. Some are bubble wrapped, some are in cardboard boxes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a full-on infestation, however I did bump into a tiny silverfish. Hello & splat, no biggie right? but then I don’t like the idea of these crawlies residing in the closet taking advantage of my no direct sunlight rule. I’m sure you’ve had’em too somewhere along the way as a collector i
  13. Such a well-lit hangar! Love the posing of the two valks in the background with the engaged head hatch!
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