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  1. I forced myself to watch the movie Macross Frontier goodbye wings of something in short clips only because of this release. It's cool but I am not jumping the gun to get it. Oh the peer pressure...Am I missing out?
  2. Out of all the good things I am absorbing from MWF, I learned by heart not to shop at NY. What a joke they seem to be.
  3. So...has anyone attempted to crack open a SSP missile pod yet
  4. Retractable wings to be designed and incorporated for upcoming DX's Bandai . Ab-crunching Valkyries would be awesome. They can build in a pullout metal joint where the nose cone meets the cockpit at the rotation point!
  5. As far as the final attack pose, I find this to be really good and dynamic considering the articulation limitations of the toy.
  6. Slave IV I didn’t mean to worry you, just that in my reading there has been instances where a bad batch of rubber chemically unstable was used for the bumpers that resulted in the unwanted reaction. Regardless, I can not afford to risk it, don’t want any surprises thus my inquiry. I did think of using some tape over it if I was to buy the Flightpose stand..
  7. The flightpose stand seems to offer a great displaying option, but I’m a bit hesitant to purchase because I read somewhere on the forum that those rubber heads will react & eat into paint and bare plastic surface over time. Granted DX Valks aren’t painted at least where the support points will be in fighter mode, but with all the bells and whistles equipped I assume it could be quite hefty exerting quite a bit of pressure against those rubber bumpers. I have seen what weight, heat, combined with time does to the mating surface between plastic and some rubber- it gets all sticky and gummy.
  8. I would like to Ctrl C your Skull squadron shelf and Ctrl V into my dinky detolf...Amazing collection sqidd
  9. Now they just need to make one for 1/48 Bandai DX Valks!
  10. Very nice so colourful! I wonder when Bandai will release DYRL Roy, the SSP packaging & contents ensures its future arrival.. I have a strong feeling the next DX will be TWE Max
  11. Haha I'll take one as well please, that J in the background looks awfully good to me. I tried to line it up push it up some more but it never seems to sit flush, which really ruined the beauty of the fighter mode for me
  12. I picked it up, and the shipping they quoted is 1,935 yen to Ontario, Canada via Air SP registered. This my 3rd set from Manda and the other two branches charged exactly the same. Not sure how Complex branch is known to charge more..
  13. Thought I’d prefer Hikaru 1S the hero Valk, but boy was I wrong! I also REALLY like the 1A head and the green scheme of Kakizaki now that I have one in hand..very sharp and simply amazing. I would have preferred Kakizaki green over Max blue anyway as it appeals to me more aesthetically..only if it wasn’t for the dying pilot. Can’t wait for DYRL Max 1A now. I strongly recommend you pick one up
  14. This may have been done a thousand times already by the members here, but for me it was like a slap in the face and thought it was brilliant enough to share. I was looking at tekering’s awesome photos of the Kakizaki vf-1a w/ SP above, and noticed that he was able to put the bird up with the Bandai’s DX display stand arm mounted vertically, which is only meant for battroid mode according to manual. I have a detolf and without access to some Yeti stand found it challenging to fit two VF-1’s with SSP equipped. I prefer them airborne. I believe this small mod may provide a displaying solution to
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