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  1. KFDzero

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm waiting for a vf-2ja atmosphere fighter...
  2. Just my two cents on the whole pre-order/PayPal protection thing. PayPal have their policies to cover themselves as well as others. End of the day, all businesses are in it to make money/pay bills. They have their claim window to minimise their risks, which I assume has been underwritten by some form of insurance, which costs them money. Maybe going past the 180day protection significantly increases their insurance costs? Their policy is 180days... They can do a few things: 1. Turn a blind eye like they are now and let the majority of preorders go through with the minority of or
  3. Wow, is that the new PG RX-78 in the background? I'll take Xmas being two days late to be able to land both the Roy DX and that PG haha.
  4. My Big in Japan TV super parts arrived and delivered to Oz via DHL yesterday. Now waiting on the Roy that was ordered through a local shop, which is going to be a while....
  5. Yup. I can definitely confirm I got notification that my big in Japan tv super parts have shipped via DHL. I also got the notification from DHL that they have the item already.
  6. This also explains my collection of all sorts of apparently random things haha
  7. I'm all in for the 038L ride armour... Never cared for it before but the prototypes looks so good and different to the others. I'm now a bit upset with myself for not getting Ray as at that time I had no need for something looking almost the same as Stick but without the forearm launchers. But if I pick up Houquet, then I'm only missing him for a set.... Like me regretting not picking up Nene's motoslave from Bubblegum Crisis but ended up with the rest of the crew (wasn't going to pick up Sylvia but it looked so good). Also now considering picking up the Zeta to go with the 038L...
  8. Maybe it's to do with the size of the distributor/publisher. Bbts never bring in Bandai Macross stuff but have no issues with sentinel Mospeada, which all falls under the Harmony Gold Robotech outside of Japan
  9. Resellers in Japan are fine. I'm not familiar with grey market/parallel import laws but generally, once Bandai (the distributor) have shipped to the Japan market, it's no longer a big risk for the onsellers... It's also why certain Amazon jp resellers will not ship internationally to avoid the risk. Maybe someone more familiar with the regs around this can chime in
  10. Referring to open preorder window, the issue will still be geo locked to Japan due to licencing rights outside etc. Will still mean Jp address, credit card etc so not much different from a tamashi web exclusive.
  11. You shouldn't feel the need to make up for anything as you help out so much already. On top of it all, you still helped out whilst your mum is sick and it's greatly appreciated (hope she's doing better btw).
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