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  1. Great view/shot! Is the stand you're using included with the Valkyrie?
  2. Amazon US did that with my SOC GX-88 as well. I returned it and went with BBTS. It cost an extra $70, but it was worth it for MIMB condition.
  3. Oh man... Sorry to hear that. These kinds of disputes are a pain in the a**. I have found that PayPal usually resolves in the buyer's favor, though. This is worrisome to me since I have a PO with Nin-Nin on a Roy. I should have went with NY instead.
  4. Looks like a great Christmas! I miss the simpler days of childhood and all the awesomeness of new toys on Christmas morning. Never got a Valkyrie as a kid though--best gift was a Castle Grayskull. Got a Transformers G1 Motormaster one year which I mistakenly thought was an Optimus Prime upon opening, and I was really let down. LOL. Thanks for sharing a good memory. And same here with Robotech... never had a chance to see the real thing until sometime in the 90s.
  5. My guess is they’ve now sold out. I had been wavering on buying one from them, but I waited too long with all my doubts with NY. I should’ve secured one as an alternate. I really don’t want to miss out on a TV version of Roy. Only one I have is the Bandai 1/55 version from over 15 years ago. (Did Yamato even release a 1/48 TV version? I only have their 1/48 DYRL Roy.) I’m thinking this one is going to be the most in demand out of all the Macross DXs.
  6. I wish you good luck. If you don’t mind, please let us know how this resolves for you.
  7. If Nin-Nin cancels an already paid PO that you have with them, is their refund to you only in store credit? I read their FAQ, but it wasn’t clear to me regarding prepaid POs.
  8. Same here, with the jacked-up price too. Pure FOMO. I'm hoping they don't cancel my PO later [and re-offer it online for an even higher sale price]. And if my order does go through, I’m hoping I get it in a timely manner AND in excellent condition. Never ordered from them before. AmiAmi's always been my first choice, but it was impossible for me to secure an order on release night. Tempted to go for an order on NY, in case Nin-Nin screws me over.... worst case, I have two and later sell one of them. I just don’t think I’ll be able to get any on actual release day, and I think eBay prices
  9. How was their packaging of your orders?
  10. Tempting to pre-order in case Nin-Nin cancels on me. Anyone have prior experience with My Kombini (packaging/reliability/etc)?
  11. Are these accurate to the TV series’ portrayal? Or just DYRL?
  12. I've had two experiences with NY--one bad (horrible packaging and damaged item) and one good. Anyone have experience with Nin Nin? The reviews are mixed from what I've Googled... I've seen some bad reviews out there, but more with PO cancellations rather than packaging/service.
  13. Thank you!!
  14. How well do HLJ and HS Pack their items?
  15. 5PM JST is the anticipated/expected time for start of PO? I thought it was usually 4PM JST for past POs. I'm thinking it's Ami-Ami, NY, and HLJ will be posting the PO. Anyone had experience with Nin-Nin?
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