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  1. Yep, same here. I just checked my Junk folder and found it. Thanks for posting this! I had checked my Junk folder yesterday but didn't think to do it this morning. AE sent me a notice at 2:06 AM EST today.
  2. I received mine from Okini this past Saturday. I should have received it almost 2 weeks ago, but DHL "lost it" for over a week. (Worst experience with DHL ever. Had to call their customer service almost twice daily to get someone to help me. They had delivered to a different address.) Mine arrived in the same manner as yours, but it nearly mint condition. I got one from Nin-Nin almost 3 weeks ago, and they packed it the same exact way as Okini, but there was some minor creasing on the VF-1S box. So the Nin-Nin one is to open, while the Okini one is to keep MISB.
  3. Same for me as well. I ordered the Super Parts (December release) on July 6. I figure AE's still going through their stock and working on sending out notices. I still haven't gotten around to opening my VF-1S yet, so I'm personally not in a rush to receive it. I fully trust AE as I've bought a number of items from them before in the past.
  4. Jade20X

    GBP Roy

    Awesome! I never knew this. Thank you for the info!
  5. Jade20X

    GBP Roy

    So forgive me, but it’s been so very long ago that I’ve watched Macross or DYRL. Roy never appeared in GBP, right? Otherwise, this GBP armor is beautiful.
  6. Nice! Which store did you get them from?
  7. Yeah, I truly believe this is their business model. I paid about $350 for mine from NNG (which I was okay with), and felt that my chances of getting this immediately after release date was pretty high with them. (I got mine from NNG on 12/3.) I'm certain that if I had managed to snatch one up during their initial, lower-priced PO window for this, either I wouldn't get it till months later or I would never get it at all from them. I read reviews where lower-priced POs were later cancelled on NNG customers, and the item went back in stock and relisted at a much higher price on NNG's website.
  8. Hmm... My order with Okini was on Dec. 1 as well. Waiting for DHL to get it out of their delivery facility and delivered to me this evening. Hoping mine arrives with minimal corner denting as well. My first one was with Nin-Nin, and they used the one layer of small bubble-wrap, too. The condition was decent enough--They could have at least used two layers of bubble wrap with all the space that was left inside the shipping box. Doubt it would have cost that much more in shipping. I paid about $350 for mine with Nin-Nin.
  9. @Drad @drumondo Seems there was movement as of 1:59AM EST this morning. "Customs status updated" and "Processed at Osaka - Japan" are the latest two notices on my tracking. We might all be in the same shipping container/transport.
  10. Where can Roy’s TV fast pack be found for PO now?
  11. Same here. My order is also from Okini. My DHL app said there is an “exception” and that my “shipment is on hold.” Thought there was an issue with my mailing address, and I was unable to call DHL yesterday as their customer service line is closed on the weekends.
  12. Agreed. My total cost for Roy cost about $350 from Nin-Nin, and even though that’s a high cost for this item, I would have paid more for more protective shipping had that option been available to me. I had assumed early on that I wasn’t even getting this item until 2021 since EMS to the US is no longer an option until the Coronavirus is under better control. But NN surprised me with a change in shipping services to DHL.
  13. Finally got mine from Nin-Nin yesterday. The packaging inside merely consisted of one layer of small bubble wrap around the entire Valkyrie, and the shipping box was less than 1 inch free around the item's packaging (sides and top). Not impressed as the box could/should have been better protected (couldn't they have at least done two layers of bubble wrap?!), and there are very minor creases and dents on the item's packaging (most likely from the shipping as the outside shipping box looked haggered). I'm at least grateful that Nin-Nin fulfilled my order (considering the bad reviews I read a
  14. Yeah, I remember doing my research on Nin-Nin this past July right around the pre-order window on this, and people were saying how Nin-Nin was cancelling early, low-priced pre-orders of other items (e.g. Hikaru’s) and then turn around and relist that item at a higher price for sale. I was also afraid that they wouldn’t ship anything out to the US until Coronavirus was over considering EMS hasn’t been shipping anything from Japan to the US since spring. I’m hoping nothing goes wrong to the package on its way to me and that Nin-Nin packages things really well.
  15. I want a second one so bad, but I can't pull the trigger on another $300 for this. I'm considering Okini as well should these go back in stock there again. EDIT: It went back in stock at Okini, and I just ordered it. My bank account is suffering now, but I feel pretty good inside. Now where can I get another Super/Strike Pack?
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