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  1. dougram and Lgaim is all I can think of 383605[/snapback] As far as I can remember, the following series were in the HCM: Gundam,L-gaim,Xabungle,Vifam,Brave Raideen and Macross. Dougram was never in the HCM line. The Dougram series that you refered to should be the Dual Model produced by Takara.
  2. That's the reason why I decided to get this VF1A when there were all 3 that I can choose from. The VF1S and VF1J are all white where as the VF1A has less white parts. And even when it does turn yellow, it will at lease go well with the brown parts.
  3. I think the only problem for HCM is the vertical wings at the back. It looks fine in fighter mode,but in robot mode they stick out too much from the back pack. Other than this, I think the design and all the details are still considered to be very good .
  4. Here are the accessories that came with my set: There are 12 missles all together. 4 missle racks which hold 3 missles each. One antena for gerwalk mode,2 pilot figures,one 1/32 Misa figure ,and some round caps for covering up the screws,2 halfs of gun, 1 cockpit shield, instruction sheet.
  5. I guess they have to used the same plastic for as many parts as they can(feet and gun) to save cost. And the brown VF1A always have molded in brown feet ,rather than the usuall dark greyish navy on J and S. That's why I always thought a CF is "specially made" .......
  6. For those of you like this paint style, I belived you must liked Kow Yokoyama's SF3D. I found myself was heavily influenced by Kow's raw yet realistic approach shown on his SF3D modeling. It was and still is one of my all time favourite series from the 80's.
  7. You mean for over 200usd each???
  8. yes it is. Nice find 100 is excellent.does it have the figure? is there a figure? what about the missles? 382925[/snapback] It comes with all the missles and missles rack. One 1/32 Misa Figure , and 2x pilot figure for cockpit. But don't know why 2 pilots ??? spare???
  9. All the 3 HCM VF1(A/J/S) has the same heatshield sculpt with those panel lines. Just don't know why Bandai did this......???
  10. I got this from a toy shop which do buy and sell here in Hong Kong. 382866[/snapback] What is it called? What other Macross old school do they have? 382882[/snapback] Here is its site: http://www.toyzone.com.hk Last time I saw there is a 90% new Hi-Metal VF1S Strike set selling for 1600hkd. That place always has new(old) stuff come in and the place is huge .I usually go there every week just to see what surprises are in store.
  11. I got this from a toy shop which do buy and sell here in Hong Kong.
  12. lordmasterprince

    Hcm Vf1a

    Finally got one at a good price,I think. I would say it's about 90% new. It come with every thing except the data card and the sticker sheets. But for about 100usd, I am not complaining anything. By the way , does anyone know if replacement sticker sheets for this is avaliable? The bigger one is the 1/55 Bandai reissue I got cheap a few months ago,for size reference.
  13. I guess you are not LAZY enough ! A lazy ass like me always looking for easy way out. "Getting the result without doing the work" is my dream/goal.......
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