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  1. Been a few months. Just thought I'd give this a bump to see if anyone might be able to help.
  2. Had a great transaction with @HG Blows. Fast shipping and great communication!
  3. If you're willing to part with it for a reasonable amount of money, I'm looking to buy.
  4. I'm pretty new here, but I think you're supposed to post prices. Good luck on your sales! :-)
  5. Made another stellar purchase from @Corrinald! Packed and shipped with care.
  6. Kakizaki. He's the Baloo of Macross. Big, fun-loving, and laid back. Liked to give his buddies crap. That's me all the way.
  7. If you decide to go that route, let me know. I'll happily layout this work to fit your cab.
  8. Never seen that Fabtek instruction art. At least they spelled "Shoot" correctly on that one!
  9. Originally that was my goal! But I couldn't find this art in a high enough quality scan to allow for Photoshop work. My attempts at scaling up the imagery didn't pan out. Maybe after I master this process, I'll give that a go.
  10. Hi fellow Miclones. I am currently working on a slow but steady project where I convert an iCade into a Super Spacefortress Macross cabinet. I figured that I would share my progress with the you all. As I understand it, Super Dimension Fortress Macross by Banpresto (imported as Super Spacefortress Macross by Fabtek for the states) never had a full stand alone cabinet and was a kit game. So I'll be doing a fair amount of custom design work here. Scope of the project : Convert an iCade into a working Super Spacefortress Macross arcade cabinet with artwork as cheaply as I can.
  11. Had a quick and successful transaction with @Corrinald. Great communication.
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