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  1. Preorder for "METAL BUILD GUNDAM Astray Gold Frame HANA version" starts May 29 Price : 27 500 Yens / October release
  2. more METAL BUILD GUNDAM ASTRAY Blue Frame 2nd Revise on okini.land : https://okini.land/fr/20427-metal-build-mbf-p03r-gundam-astray-blue-frame-second-revise-bandai-spirits.html
  3. Above all, there is already a fixing point on the striker wing which can be used for batteries (the one to set it on on a base)
  4. I'm thinking about the Perfect strike, would you think we will see a brand new wing striker packs to connect the launcher and the sword striker or just an adapter (image on the left) as seen on the astray alternative strike with new connections to do that ? and an other question according to you, are these connections (image on the right) planned for example to add at the same time the three striker packs (Wing, Launcher and future Sword) on the astray ?
  5. Hello there =) new to this forum, 1. Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Sept Release 2. Launcher Striker pack Sept Release 3. Aile Striker Oct Release All three are up on anime export : http://www.anime-export.com/search?search=metal+build
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