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  1. Anybody ever done custom modification to their car/truck to better conceal and safely transport their firearms? Ever since I saw somebody right in front of me get carjacked (in little ol' Raleigh, NC, go figure) a few years ago, I've always had my concealed carry piece (HK P2000SK) within close reach. On my last Mustang, I disassembled the fairing for the steering column in order to mount a flush magnetic bracket. You'd have never known that a pistol was on the underside unless you knew to look exactly where it was mounted. My new Ford Edge ST has a super handy compartment right on the dash which is a perfect fit for the pistol and a magazine. My only worry is that I wish I had a way to lock the compartment. It'd be super slick to have a biometric latch or something like that, even though I know that biometrics are not always to be depended upon. I just worry now that I have children that I need to be increasingly responsible as they get older...
  2. Getting frustrated that both versions of Cable which I preordered back in July are repeatedly being delayed. It's looking now like the ETA for both is February.
  3. I can't even wait to see what in the hell is going on with Ozymandias. I'm increasingly wondering if the writers are going to interject Dr. Manhattan any time now. I feel like they've been extremely clever in not focusing on him for any of this so far.
  4. Thanks for all of the helpful links! I decided to go with Anime Export ($215 USD) on this one. No telling what the shipping will be, but I'll post here once it updates. Hope I don't get screwed on the fee.
  5. Axelay

    Hi-Metal R

    Do we know for certain that the VF-4 in the Max colors is still coming? (Sorry if this is a dumb question. I don't follow Hi-Metal too closely...)
  6. WOW. Watched the first episode this morning and am completely on board with this. I cannot wait to see where this goes - especially with the big spoiler at the end of the episode. Talk about some implications for the future of the franchise! I feel like we're in good hands with Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau. I hope I don't get proven wrong about this by the end of this season. I do find it intriguing now that the last episode is set to premiere after Rise of Skywalker. Wonder if there's going to be any sort of tie-in?
  7. Yeah, man. Sure feels that way looking at some of the Facebook collecting groups of which I am a member. Quite a bit of the the feedback I have read on there indicates that people aren't thrilled with this wave. Hopefully that'll just make it easier to hunt down. (It'd be fantastic if Best Buy carries this wave.)
  8. So, um... any news on EZY?
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