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  1. OK, here are more clearer photos.
  2. Here's a photo of my SV-51. Using the numbering system, my leg #4 (which is attached to the Valkyrie) is bad. I believe that I need a leg #3 to replace it. Insofar as I am aware, I don't think that I can replace leg #3 with leg #1. Maybe I'm not entirely clear on how the manufacturing defect occurred or what's involved to swap the parts, but I don't see how I can swap a right leg with a left leg.
  3. I'm not sure that I understand what you mean...? The one which I need appears to be the third (from the left) green check. The one which I currently have is the same one circled in the photo above. Are you saying that you have the first green check and the blue X? If so, I may not be clear on how it's possible to swap out a right leg with a left leg?
  4. May check there next, if that's the case. The listing did indicate that the seller "thought" that the legs were correct, but they definitely are not. I can see why someone might not know, and for only $150, it's absolutely not worth my making a claim and sending it back.
  5. Haven't attempted to yet, but may wind up giving that a try if nothing else comes through. I am thinking that I might be able to ask a MW friend in Hong Kong if they would be wiling to receive it for me and then relay it here to the USA. Was just hoping to go a more direct (not to mention quicker) route before resorting to such measures.
  6. Fighter mode, starboard side. (Battroid mode, right leg.) It's the same issue as shown in this fantastic Scorched Earth Toys video. Full credit to owner, not mine!
  7. Attempted to ask if HLJ would be willing to sell me a replacement leg even though I didn't purchase from them. The answer, sadly, was "no." So, back to trying to find another way...
  8. Recently acquired a barely-used Arcadia SV-51 which seems to be suffering from the leg assembly error. Does anyone have any extras which they would be willing to sell? Please let me know. Thank you!
  9. Holy thread necropathy, Batman! I recently had the extraordinarily good luck to acquire one of these on eBay for the unbelievable price of $154. Sadly, it appears that the unit which I received has the bad left leg in battroid mode. Aside from that, it looks almost brand new. Does anyone still have any extras and would be willing to sell me a replacement? Please let me know. Thank you!
  10. Yes, Max specifically uses a VF-22S with a fold booster to jump from the orbiting frigate Stargazer into the battle over the planet where the Protodevils are imprisoned. (He used all of the mixed Valkyrie flight groups as the spearhead and only jumped into the battle as a last ditch contingency if things were going south.) I'd need to go back and watch again very closely to see if his Sturmvogel has FAST packs visible. For all of the ordnance he expended (including reaction weapons) during the battle, I would lean heavily toward the answer being yes.
  11. Now that I have this, I just need for EZY to come out in December...
  12. If anybody has an extra Trooper which they would be willing to sell, I'd be interested. Between my teaching schedule and my children, I don't have the ability to drop everything and go run to Target often. Every time I've seen them in stock on Popfindr and then go to the store to try to grab one, the employees won't give me the time of day no matter how polite I may be. I'm just beyond frustrated. I never had any idea that these would be so difficult to acquire.
  13. Woohoo! I just got mine today! Haven't opened the box yet, and am shocked to see it since I didn't ever receive any shipping notification.
  14. Hmmm! I wonder how much longer it will be before Threezero starts fulfilling preorders placed through their site?
  15. Very sharp looking!
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