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  1. Anyone else who ordered Unit 1 directly from Threezero's website gotten an update yet? I know things are delayed right now, but I was hoping to hear even a little bit of news.
  2. I saw it in the theater when it came out. I also definitely remember being extremely concerned that the writers were trying too hard to shoehorn a Padawan in for Anakin and how little sense it made. And I really didn't care much for Ahsoka at the time, either! How the times have changed...
  3. Well, I'm a whore for anything Batman Arkham-game related, so I'm in on these. It's the only franchise where I can claim absolute 100% all achievements on every game to this point. Only one of these figures I have so far is Superman, and I still can't get over the fact that he can't look up far enough to create a convincing flying pose.
  4. Man, I'd love to see some photos and hear your thoughts on this one. I don't have any of their other Vipers, but this one is really calling to me.
  5. Haohmaru is a must-have for me. But I wonder what has happened to the unmasked Mortal Kombat 3 Sub-Zero which was shown last year? I actually really wanted that one and am much less interested in the masked one shown above.
  6. Kuma, fantastic review of the MB-11 God Armor! You have sold me on getting a set for my Power Baser. I don't even have the first clue about the Japanese version of God Ginrai, but it surely does look nice. Thanks so much for making that video - it's exactly what I had wanted to see.
  7. Axelay

    Hi-Metal R

    Man, I really hope that the Max-color VF-4 is still on the way...
  8. Anybody ever done custom modification to their car/truck to better conceal and safely transport their firearms? Ever since I saw somebody right in front of me get carjacked (in little ol' Raleigh, NC, go figure) a few years ago, I've always had my concealed carry piece (HK P2000SK) within close reach. On my last Mustang, I disassembled the fairing for the steering column in order to mount a flush magnetic bracket. You'd have never known that a pistol was on the underside unless you knew to look exactly where it was mounted. My new Ford Edge ST has a super handy compartment right on the dash which is a perfect fit for the pistol and a magazine. My only worry is that I wish I had a way to lock the compartment. It'd be super slick to have a biometric latch or something like that, even though I know that biometrics are not always to be depended upon. I just worry now that I have children that I need to be increasingly responsible as they get older...
  9. Getting frustrated that both versions of Cable which I preordered back in July are repeatedly being delayed. It's looking now like the ETA for both is February.
  10. I can't even wait to see what in the hell is going on with Ozymandias. I'm increasingly wondering if the writers are going to interject Dr. Manhattan any time now. I feel like they've been extremely clever in not focusing on him for any of this so far.
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