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  1. Now that I have this, I just need for EZY to come out in December...
  2. If anybody has an extra Trooper which they would be willing to sell, I'd be interested. Between my teaching schedule and my children, I don't have the ability to drop everything and go run to Target often. Every time I've seen them in stock on Popfindr and then go to the store to try to grab one, the employees won't give me the time of day no matter how polite I may be. I'm just beyond frustrated. I never had any idea that these would be so difficult to acquire.
  3. Woohoo! I just got mine today! Haven't opened the box yet, and am shocked to see it since I didn't ever receive any shipping notification.
  4. Hmmm! I wonder how much longer it will be before Threezero starts fulfilling preorders placed through their site?
  5. Very sharp looking!
  6. Could someone please tell me if Japan Post is still suspending shipping to the USA? My Legioss order through Anime Export still hasn't moved, and they have not yet responded to my inquiry about it. Their site has a blurb about Japan Post suspending overseas shipping, but it's dated April 24th. I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of response, and am not sure what recourse to take.
  7. Quick question to those of you who have one of these in hand - the placement of the wings in fighter mode is curious to me. I guess I just don't remember them having a downward cant, even though the lineart may have shown this. What's the feasibility on the toy of having them be parallel to the ground? Heavy modification, or just a small tinker?
  8. Still no word from Anime Export on the status of this order. It shows in the control panel as "being packed for shipping," and that I'm supposed to be contacted via email to have it shipped, but I have not yet received anything. I'm going to have to reach out directly and find out what's going on.
  9. Anybody else preorder from Anime Export? My order was "ready to be shipped" almost two weeks ago, but I got no notification. Once I logged in, I had to manually set the order to "ship," but it hasn't moved since. I'm not super worried yet, but I do wish that there could be some movement on this...
  10. Anyone else who ordered Unit 1 directly from Threezero's website gotten an update yet? I know things are delayed right now, but I was hoping to hear even a little bit of news.
  11. I saw it in the theater when it came out. I also definitely remember being extremely concerned that the writers were trying too hard to shoehorn a Padawan in for Anakin and how little sense it made. And I really didn't care much for Ahsoka at the time, either! How the times have changed...
  12. Well, I'm a whore for anything Batman Arkham-game related, so I'm in on these. It's the only franchise where I can claim absolute 100% all achievements on every game to this point. Only one of these figures I have so far is Superman, and I still can't get over the fact that he can't look up far enough to create a convincing flying pose.
  13. Man, I'd love to see some photos and hear your thoughts on this one. I don't have any of their other Vipers, but this one is really calling to me.
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