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  1. Do you do lottery numbers?
  2. Any Gundams?
  3. Is that radiant barrier?
  4. Thanks dude!
  5. Anyone hear any news when EMS and SAL will be available to the US?
  6. 1Js, New sealed box?
  7. Definitely one of his best performances.
  8. Thanks to @DYRL VF-1S for a smooth transaction on a new Bandai DX VF-1A Hayao.
  9. I can post screenshots of our chat, I did not demand a certain amount. He offered, I counter offered. As I said, I opened the case so that return shipping would be covered by Paypal.
  10. Here are some higher resolution pics.
  11. At the end of the day, the value of a toy is up to the beholder. I paid $500, $480 plus half shipping and PayPal fees $20. What I received is not worth that in my opinion. As stated, I’d be ok with $400 but not more than that. He offered a $70 partial refund. So we couldn’t agree on a partial refund. Let me return then item for a full refund as what I received is not what was described. I shouldn’t even have to pay return shipping hence my claim with PayPal. He decides to escalate the claim and screw me over. Never even had a conversation on PayPal. I can’t see anything he gave them.
  12. Can you post some pics for comparison?
  13. I will try contacting @Shawn. Thanks for the support everyone.
  14. He didn't list two, only one. He never offered to send the other one.
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