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  1. Omg!! A positive opinion about the tampo! I think I love my YF-19 a little more this morning thanks to you. "Test plane theme" mhmmm!!!!
  2. I'm curious if anyone has a nice condition Mave they are willing to part with for a fair price. I realize it's not Macross...but I don't think there's any other community online that has as much overlap with a small group of Yukikaze / plane fans.
  3. I had bought the other bluray releases that were plagued with a horrible video problem so I sold those and nabbed this new set and whew! The tv series is damn near close to bluray quality best I can tell. It was previously a standard def on blu release, but I swear I can clearly see film grain now. It's quite beautiful. Maiden Japan should have allowed people to swap their old discs, but this is definitely worth picking up even if you were burned by the previous release.
  4. Thanks for everyone that gave the feedback on the bluray of this. I finally pulled the trigger on it and I'm actually pretty happy with it. All the the CG scenes stand out in clarity on the bluray in a good way. It's just too bad some of the extras from the DVD version weren't included so I'll still have to hang on to those.
  5. I think I asked this once before, but now that there are more eyes on this thread, has anyone picked up the Yukikaze bluray set? I have the DVDs and I've read a bit about how the bluray doesn't really look much better at all. Can anyone speak to this? I downloaded what I assume to be a bluray rip and it looks almost identical to the DVD I own and I'm a pretty big nitpicker when it comes to video quality.
  6. I wasn't familiar with the Fand I and II, but now I'm right with you. While we're dreaming here I'll take a translation of the final novel as well. Sucks to be a late comer fan of the series have it be near impossible to get anything.
  7. I wonder if we'll ever see another release of the Alter 1/100 figures. The Mave is too much money these days.
  8. Setting impossible Eva beauty standards!! LOL I miss the more "T" shaped Evas of the original TV series with the broad shoulders.
  9. Thanks @glane21 for quickly shipping me a cool Isamu figure!
  10. Ah, thank you. I bought the one seen above from glane21.
  11. BEAUTY OF COMPLETION! I've got a lot of thoughts about 7 bouncing around in my head, but I'm having a hard time sorting them out over "WHOA WHOA WHOAAAA~~" D7 was great aside from whatever the frakk they did with Meylene. Worst, most cruel thing to leave a cliffhanger on ever. Where you supposed to imagine the things that happened to this underage character between the release of OVA 2 and 3? Jesus... Anyway, I think I just want to point out two things about M7 as a whole. I adore the character designs throughout and the show does an excellent job of keeping everyone o
  12. Anyone have one of the Isamu Dyson CM's figures that they would be willing to let go of for a decent price? I'm having trouble finding one on it's own. Thank you!
  13. 100mega

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Happy to report that some (frightening) sanding of the ball joint of my $300 toy fixed this issue. Now we're back in fighter form and it's time to rest...
  14. 100mega

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I don't get why my left leg is so tight. I've completely disassembled the joint and just holding the two metal pieces on the ball joint and moving it around seems to make WAY too much friction. If I reassemble it the problem is just as bad as before. I feel like the ball is too big for the two metal pieces to close cleanly over it. This has to be a defect. Now that I think about it, before I ever transformed it, there was a gap in plastic above the intake on this same side proving that the two plastic pieces that screw together over this joint where never able to get close enough. I tried
  15. 100mega

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I received a head laser replacement from @kkx and was finally able to attach it recently. Now my YF-19 looks perfect! The plastic is well matched and the decal makes it look just like the original. I would recommend getting it into battleroid mode before attempting to swap it so you can hold the head steady while you insert the new piece. It doesn't take a lot of force to remove or to put in the new piece. I'm so pleased! Here are some pics:
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