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  1. Hi I am new here and also to macross/DYRL. I discovered it somehow while searching for older anime as I have always loved 80s and 90s anime since I was younger, I am surprised I had not learned of it after all these decades, but I am in USA so it is understandable. I had however always known about robotech but never watched it and never knew it was related to macross. Anways, I am excited to watch DYRL, but I want to find a good version to watch for my first time so it is special. Being new to it I have (unfortunately) acquired what appears to be 2 bootleg DVDs of the Perfect Edition, one from S. Korea and one from Spain w eng subtitles. I have heard afterward in my research that the DVD perfect editions are plagued with interlacing among other things. Is it really that bad? Fortunately, I have been able to track down and order what seems to be my first legitimate copy which is a VCD here: https://www.yesasia.com/global/macross-the-movie-do-you-remember-love-vcd-hong-kong-version/7179-0-0-0-en/info.html My Questions are: is this VCD edited (ie I have heard about the shower scene and some head decapitation being edited in some VCDs and also 2012 Bluray release). It says this VCD is from 2010, does anyone know if it is edited or uncut? I am aware of the new bluray 2016 but do not have a bluray player and would consider this option as a last resort. Hoping for some input from people who know alot and have been around awhile.
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