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  1. If you find the person who said "I love the missile packs being released separately and only once, after only one VF-1 release and with no indicators of the upcoming release schedule, that idea was great!" let us know.
  2. Yeah, at retail the DX is honestly a really good price for what you get. I'd rather have the missiles separate and have the price of the Valk lower; I don't need full missile sets for every Valk I have. One missile set has covered three Chogokins for me, between different modes and missile styles. The idea that we'd get the missiles included with the Valk for little or no added cost is wishful thinking. My main complaint with the missile set is just availability - it's fine (for me, anyways) to have it as a separate add-on, but I hate having to guess how many I'll need when I don't have a
  3. I've been on the fence about buying a Beagle for a while and that's probably the best price I'm gonna see (certainly better than the $1k I saw at Frank & Sons before the pandemic started). Thanks for the heads' up vladykins!
  4. My VF-1S arrived like this from Nippon-Yasan. Not wanting to deal with the hassle of a return (NY had already shipped it late, got my address wrong, and then delayed for a month sending it back), I just glued it back together myself and haven't had an issue since. Transformed it multiple times since doing the repair, too.
  5. Honestly, I like the DYRL 1A head sculpt a lot and the green more than Hikaru's red. Kakizaki's not the most famous, but the Valk is cool. If I were to pick one up and budget was an issue, Kakizaki would be my vote. My arms didn't tab in super well in fighter mode out of the box, I don't know if that's mold degradation or if transforming it back to fighter from GERWALK will help them tab in a little better, but other than that it's the same as my 1J and my 1S. They're going to keep releasing these, so the other option would be to wait for the next pre-order, but it'll be a while. TV Roy
  6. It's definitely worse on my Kakizaki than it was on my Hikaru VF-1J or 1S. The 1J had the arms held in pretty tightly despite the lack of a notch on those pegs. I'm hoping transforming the Kakizaki back to fighter mode will tighten it up, but I haven't tried it yet - he might just stay in GERWALK since I have one for each mode now. My suspicion, personally, is that they're probably saving adding a notch for a mid-run "refreshening" of the line if sales start to slip. Maybe on an otherwise less popular model?
  7. The first trade is free on Kindle, IIRC. The other trades aren't expensive. They're also part of the collected IDW volumes, but I haven't been super huge on a lot of the IDW plotlines outside of Wreckers/MTMTE, so mileage may vary. Speaking of MTMTE, how about this piece of work that got teased today:
  8. Mine showed up from Big in Japan this morning via DHL. You know that feeling when you're sick with a bad cold and you swear you'll never take feeling normal for granted again? That's me after dealing with N-Y for my last two DX releases. It actually showed up a couple days early even.
  9. According to the reading I was doing after watching it recently, it was originally supposed to be a 12-episode TV series until sponsors pulled their funding mid-production. The director of part 1 said that it was basically a compilation film of the episodes that had already been produced, which would explain the disjointed nature. I like a lot of the elements, but it's too bad others couldn't have been jettisoned to make for a more focused, stronger movie (particularly the "we're filming a movie using the secret transforming military robot I stole" plotline was pretty bad, I thought). Par
  10. I got a Proto-Garland a couple weeks ago as well! The price on the regular Garlands had climbed too high for my tastes, but because of the re-issue, the Proto-Garlands were still pretty close to retail. I'd been re-watching M23 not too long ago and my job has been pretty rough lately, so I figured I deserved some retail therapy. It's an incredibly solid piece, I'm really pleased with it. Shogo's eyeless face is a bit of a knock, but I'm probably going to have it in maneuver-slave mode most of the time anyways.
  11. I rationalize it by saying the fighter is in space when I'm too lazy to put the fan covers in my parts bin.
  12. For the survey's sake, I'd be game to buy a Tread for the Zeta and Eta. I'm enough of a completionist I'd probably buy both and display one set combined and one set separate. I'm not enough of a completionist to buy the Iota or the corresponding Tread, though.
  13. Unfortunately, this did nothing for me with my SSPs - they only responded to me once they actually had my SSPs ready to send out. Once they had them, they responded within 24 hours (sometimes within 2-3 hours) to any messages, but before that it didn't matter what was in the subject line of the ticket. They ignored everything. A "we're still working on acquiring your item, please bear with us" would have been nice, but that doesn't seem to be N-Y's MO. I only ended up getting my SSPs from N-Y about two weeks ago, Toonz. They're sending them out as they get inventory and they're prioritizi
  14. Hah, thanks for the correction. The proportions are definitely a bit shorter and thicker than Mikimoto's.
  15. Oh hey, I've just been going through Megazone 23 as well. Part 1's got my favorite character designs (as has been said, Mikimoto did all of the characters for part 1, not just Eve), but plotwise it's pretty disjointed. There are about 5 or 6 major plotlines going on and they're not at all cohesive (the "we're filming a movie using the secret military robot we stole" plotline is probably the most out of place). Part 2 picks up not long after part 1 and boils those plots down to just 2 or 3 and it works a lot better. The mecha fights in part 2 are also a lot better in part 2 than in part 1 - the
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