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  1. I figure I start uploading some pictures of my SV51. *( disclaimer Im not a professional photographer with a photo. Booth lol)
  2. Thats what I think too, I do think Bandai has room to extend the nose cone and correct cockpit shape even though it'll be slightly off-scale from the linearts/technical specifications. Its crazy this is a ver.4 so maybe by early next year they will have a ver 5 and 6 ready to display at the WonFest maybe or next Tamashii Nation/Shizuoka Hobby show event.
  3. I have transformed mines finally, but I was quite pleased I had no issues with the parts and movement. I was rather surprised it was put together really well including stiff joints for good posing. Really good attention to detail on the interior parts and interesting joint or moving part designs.
  4. https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1214619.html I cannot confirm on if the article author spoke to a Tamashii representative but the last sentence is interesting. It reads "YF-21は手足を排除し機動性を上げるハイ・マニューバ・モードもあり、ギミックの再現も期待されるところだ。" Meaning the reproduction of the Hihg Maneuver mode and the arm/limb purge mode is to be replicated on the toy.
  5. Man...I'm on the other side and hope we don't get skimped out on the extras.
  6. Well likely next year around Fall as my guess.
  7. Thank you so much both of you guys! I appreciate the info, it was something I really wondered for a while.
  8. Ahh that does makes sense. Thats right in the OVA it only shot missiles with its fast packs.
  9. Sorta off topic but related, but where exactly was the micro missiles launched out from on the YF-21?
  10. Thanks man Thanks man, ironically I have one sitting next to me (in the box still) at work in my office (with both correct feet). I just wanted to see an in-depth review before I start transforming mines and see areas to watch out for during transformation and comparison reviews with the Yamato SV51 like Anymoon does in his reviews. I guess I'll be patient until other people get theirs fixed with the replacements.
  11. Just curious, but has anyone done a thorough picture review of their Arcadia SV-51 yet?
  12. Also the rear of the cockpit yellow band needs to be pointed or tapered. Its currently rounded which is incorrect.
  13. I'm gonna say Premium Bandai (Tamashi Web Exclusive) right there lol.
  14. Delimiter mode is definitely a high drag design, however in aerodynamic world, anything can fly if the engine output is really strong (or crazy high) and control surfaces do work for all axis. In the case of the YF-21, the dual engine with paddle thrust (poor man's thrust vector) is actually really impressive. You can read more about this here on the F18 that had those or the X-31 : https://www.airspacemag.com/flight-today/how-things-work-thrust-vectoring-45338677/
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