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  1. Hi! I too had never seen the artwork for the box cover of those two games. Boardgamegeek has them listed as being published/released in 1983. I checked out the rulebooks and on the next to last page of each one, after using Google Translate, it gave the artist's name or "Package Illustration"; Masao Satake. I'm not really familiar with that name or what other work they may have done Thanks and take care!
  2. Hello Everyone! For years I've loved this forum as a great resource of information about Macross. Never had a need to post anything before, or felt like I had anything to contribute that others hadn't already done. But now I need some help and this seems like the best place to find it! I recently completed my collection of the Tsukuda SF Macross wargames from the 80's. Being both a tabletop wargamer & a Macross fan, I have been searching for these for years to complete my collection and am very happy to have finally done so. My next step is to begin the tedious process of translating the rules, most likely using a translation app like Google Translate or such that can take a pic of the rules and translate the written characters into English. But before I do this, I was wondering if anyone had ever translated these rules previously, or can point me in the direction where they might have been translated? Boardgamegeek has nothing that I can find. I've search & found a few threads on here where these games are mentioned, but that's it. And a regular Google search has come up empty too. Most likely I'll have to translate myself, but thought it was worth reaching out to see if someone else has already done so. Thank you for any help you can provide and take care!
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