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  1. 1/55's revisited

    Verily cool man
  2. Your absolute favorite Macross toy you own...

    I'm a HUGE Robotech fan -sorry guys it's true. It's ironic then, that my favorite piece is fast becoming the one that was never depicted in the series at all:
  3. 1/55's revisited

    Well, I got it. And despite Takatoku's weird packaging, I'm really satisfied. http://mactama.com/mt/toy/macross/takatokutoys/55_vf_1_series/55_gbp_1s/55_gbp_1s_top_.htm The downside? It's my Christmas gift, so I can't post pics until after present opening happy-fun-time. lol
  4. Need help fast

    OMGs, take a look guys: The rear of the packaging really was just the back of the styrofoam. http://mactama.com/mt/toy/macross/takatokutoys/55_vf_1_series/55_gbp_1s/55_gbp_1s_top_.htm
  5. Need help fast

    It's a Takatoku 1/55
  6. Need help fast

    Hi guys: I just received this item, but the packaging consists of the front of a box, and a styrofoam piece, with no back for the box. Was this how the item was sold originally? Many, many thanks if anyone can help me.
  7. 1/55's revisited

  8. 1/55's revisited

    These toys are so solid, they remain in great condition for decades... possibly longer if really cared for. How awesome is that?
  9. 1/55's revisited

    My ultra cool Takatoku: My Bandai VF-1J: And my Super VF-1A:
  10. 1/55's revisited

    And my Taiwanese:
  11. 1/55's revisited

    Lol -I too find the bootlegs pretty fun in their own right! My Joons:
  12. 1/55's revisited

    I was thinking that was a Joons in a wrong box. Is it really SPACE GAN DAM?
  13. 1/55's revisited

    Oh man, this' what I'm lookin' for!