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  1. make sense which is why i was asking for ones that were going instead of ones that need to get out of the way just to attend. just to save certain fees. I will also be checking YJA, pretty sure a bunch will go buy and resell back up on YJA--- flood the market and drop the price a bit lol
  2. yeah, and the site did say is only available in the event. that is why i was asking if anyone here in Japan/tokyo or attending it. Or if know any service/proxy that buys/ship for the service.
  3. https://tamashii.jp/event/415/ if you translate the site it will tell you, metal robot Justice is also being available there so far that is all the update about it.
  4. anyone here in tokyo that is attending the Tamashii 2019 convention? or know any proxy to get the MB 00 raiser designer blue ver. exclusive? or going to the c3 Afa event in tokyo, not sure is it the same but looking for someone to pick up the gundam FFMC wing ew that is selling there again!
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