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  1. That is good. Does that mean the Old Astray Mina can use it too or no? because this seem to only work for the new Astray
  2. Has anyone Try Astray Hana utilizing the Strike Gundam Backpacks ? like the alt flight pack or the ail strike pack ?
  3. Even if is basic articulation like the Nu, Sazabi will be a hot cake for sell dew to the fan and dew to pairing it up with the Nu will give it a awesome display. I will still go for it. This will be a bloodbath
  4. why do I not get the sense of any '' Soul Red '' from this I was hoping for a more redish/pink hue over the whole gundam repaint reflect when hit among the light to show the Soul Red...
  5. WTB Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Tifa New sealed box, please pm me willing to pay double retail price if i have too.... will need photo to check . thank you
  6. All price are USD. All original kits are brand new , 100% authentic, this is from my personal collection. They were all kept safe and stored away. The Links are for photo reference, PM me to see the one I have or information. I also take offers. All Resin Kit require assemble and painting. Original Kits - 1/5 scale - Narusegawa Naru kneeling from Love hina by Musasiya = 90 - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10019726 1/5 scale - Narusegawa Naru In Nurse uniform from Love hina by Musasiya = 90 - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10044947 1/5 scale - Narusegawa Naru from Love hina
  7. That is very kind of you. so how do we reserve one from you? wait till you receive them first then do paypal ? or ???
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