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  1. they accept refund if you agree to the 20% penalty from the product price purchased. Which I agree, there was a email exchange asking do I agree. I Agree to that and that is when they went MIA for 2 months, now they have a new website update too.
  2. thanks for sharing, maybe is just me that they are avoiding since I send them 8 emails since no one reply me. almost 1 a week. Since you paid for shipping, they probably still have normal process for customers that finish the payment for shipping. I just wanted 1 item to be refunded within the whole shipping order, thinking I can use that money to pay for the shipping. waiting for 2 months for this.....
  3. with that timeline info and mines their customer support seems no longer available which it is very BAD. Now i have to wait for them to reply maybe i get a respond months later. so i can have my figures ship....
  4. This may not be related to Metal Builds but has anyone experience no Customer Support or reply from Anime-Export for the past 2 months? I know they updated there website but how is it effecting their mail box? I shoot them 8 emails the first 2 reply i got was 2 months ago before they went MIA. what is going on with Anime-Export ?
  5. That is good. Does that mean the Old Astray Mina can use it too or no? because this seem to only work for the new Astray
  6. Has anyone Try Astray Hana utilizing the Strike Gundam Backpacks ? like the alt flight pack or the ail strike pack ?
  7. Even if is basic articulation like the Nu, Sazabi will be a hot cake for sell dew to the fan and dew to pairing it up with the Nu will give it a awesome display. I will still go for it. This will be a bloodbath
  8. why do I not get the sense of any '' Soul Red '' from this I was hoping for a more redish/pink hue over the whole gundam repaint reflect when hit among the light to show the Soul Red...
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