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  1. Thanks for posting F360. They must have a got a big shipment in from Bandai. They have both Metal Build Evas in stock, RX-78-2 GFFMC, etc. I gave up on the RX-93 a while ago. I think it is incredible but if I pull the trigger on this guy I'll have to chase down at least one set of his fin funnels and I'm not sure I'm up for the grind atm.
  2. I want to say something humorous or snarky about it being a picture of a thing and that makes it a thing to be involved with the conversation...but I think it's more important that I speak honestly and address the real issue here. I just can't believe this frigging board. What is the matter with you people? Most other fandom boards would rip bbilly's entire existence apart for posting his opinion as fact. Especially after his second post...and you, yes YOU...you are trying to educate and assist him? Nice work.
  3. Thanks for posting @eXis10z and @anime52k8. This looks interesting, it's a teaser for a follow-up release, right?
  4. They refunded me in store credit last week for a Black Mamba battle damaged Megatron. (It's a limited paint job so they most likely won't get any more stock in.) And I was just asking if they had any more detail on shipping than I could see and they wrote back and offered around $25 more than my order in store credit. It was shipped Dec 5th and the last known tracking on it was an 'Airline Departure' out of Beijing on Dec 7th. postal.ninja stopped actively tracking it after about 50 days, it's now been in transit 70 days. I'm sure they are getting hammered right now with package issues. (Some their fault and some just slow/lost in the ether due to multiple holidays.) I'd suggest working with them vs PayPal because I've never heard a negative comment about their customer service other than they could have packaged better. (They normally wrap them up pretty good...but I also think that's the rule of numbers, they going to have packages get busted traveling from continent to continent.) But after all that, I searched for the tracking number on google yesterday, which then provided a link to USPS and it's: I'd check yours as well: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=CP999999999CN
  5. I noticed that too but I wonder how serious they were when putting it on the first panel of the instructions. I'm sure they think this helps in some way, but I seriously doubt there's any chance of it holding up in court. Plus it has a double ended gun! (Is that a translation error or is there a reason a schwwword is a gun?): Thanks for the note about Mashin Hero Wataru, I had no idea of the source material. I don't really like either of the shoulder designs and prefer the older head. (You'd think they'd include both heads if they were changing at the last minute.) But I'm content with the new one as well.
  6. Haven't had time to put Motor Nuclear Q02 through the full barrage of tests but initial impressions are that it's an absolutely fantastic figure. I'm a masterpiece Transformers fan at the core, but a fan of robots/mechs/droids overall. And I'm a huge fan of well crafted robots/mechs/droids. This Barbatos theme isn't something that normally pulls me in and with the last minute changes to the figure's design, I may have had decreased expectations but this is a hefty and beautiful bot. He has some crazy tight joints and I wish they painted the black bits, but I think I'm more impressed with him than Kampfer (awesome figure, but a little plain in the end) and Sazabi (which would have been close to perfect with a few layers of red paint.) They clearly put effort into packaging him securely. Everything you see on the base figure is paint besides the metal and black plastic. (With the bare black plastic being my biggest complaint.) The entire black shoulder piece looks out of place to me compared with the rest of the figure. Assembling the metal joints (arms and backpack attachments) will take fortitude and dexterity with all the little sharp bits getting in the way of the super tight tolerances. Seriously, you will need to stretch your finger muscles and mentally prepare yourself the peg vs port throwdown. There's high quality, low profile panel lining throughout. A comparison with Metal Club Strike Freedom So yea. I like it so far. Haven't transformed it yet, attached the weapons or wings but this has turned out very well and I'm looking forward to spending more time figuring him out and hopefully getting updates on his buddy soon.
  7. And boom. It has appeared. I don't have time to assemble it right now but packaging and paint look fantastic. So very good first impressions.
  8. Anyone get their Motor Nuclear Q02 in yet? I received my DX9 Capone a couple days ago and those two packages came out of customs around the same time. So mine has to be close.
  9. Did you take the batteries out? I don't know if they used the wrong battery size, but the stack of batteries in mine was too big for the section they were designed for. The light wasn't impressive enough so I took them out.
  10. I think your straight shooting is legendary in these parts already, but thanks @spacemanoeuvres for hooking me up with a much needed figure at a great price. I truly appreciate it.
  11. In case you haven't seen it, ShowZ has a relatively new `After Sales` link in their main menu for requesting missing parts. And when you're ready, how shiny is he? I'm a fan of metallic paints but I abstained from ordering this guy because I was worried he'd bring too much bling to the display case...what do you think about the overall presentation in regards to his styling?
  12. And I got the bottom half! It's my bottom half though...hopefully.
  13. Entertainment Earth still has the Red Frame available on PO for May if anyone's looking for it. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/alternative-strike-gundam-astray-red-frame-kai-metal-build-action-figure/blfbas58167 I bought the MB Strike release last year...the one without the strike/flight pack so I'm going to be all over those incredible striker packs when they come down the line.
  14. Upside is they get to produce, sell and deliver their products to their customers. But yes, there are ridiculous amount of real-life reasons why we can't have (all the) nice things.
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