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  1. Dagnabit! I bought one for about the same from AmazonJP over a week ago and it showed up the next day. (Not sure if they expedited it to deliver with my MP Arcee or if DHL was just in turbo mode.) I guess that's an early tax. But unless Premium Bandai USA starts selling it, I won't feel ripped off as resellers/proxies are still going to have to charge some extra fees if I were to source it from P-Bandai JP.
  2. They have the bike as well, which with $4 shipping is probably pretty close to the final import prices: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/147247
  3. ShowZ posted some new pics and gave it a price: McShow 1/72 ZGMF-X42S ZGMF X42S Metal Build MB Destiny Gundam Seed https://showzstore.com/pre-order-mcshow-1-72-zgmf-x42s-zgmf-x42s-metal-build-mb-destiny-gundam-seed_p1281.html I had cancelled my preorder a few months ago with all the other 3rd party metal build cancellations because I thought it was listing that was never going to come in.
  4. Why does the price vary so much between the sites? They all have shipping as an additional amount. Any reason not to go with AE? $277 USD http://www.anime-export.com/product/49961 $302 USD https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-120738 $327 USD https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-gundam-f91-chronicle-white-ver-bans61067
  5. I didn't realize it was so big: I unfortunately cancelled my (discounted) preorder at ShowZ. There's too much (Mando Hot Toys) coming down the pipe in the next few months and I'm way past being out of room to display things. Maybe I'll pick it up in the 2nd or 3rd release, it looks amazing.
  6. Oh hell yes. I had written off the Snow White...thank you General, sir! Freedom Concept 2 is back in stock as well: https://www.bluefinbrands.com/freedom-gundam-concept-2-mobile-suit-gundam-seed-bandai-tamashii-nations-metal-build.html Wonder if they saved some for the Gundam Expo event going on the next few days?
  7. I got my notification to pay last week from showZ and I couldn't pull the trigger. He looks awesome but I don't know where he'd fit into my collection...and it's a couple hundred bucks that I think I may put towards Sinanju before he disappears. (Supposedly he's tied to Wei Jiang who was raided.) That, and I think a ridiculous amount of my other pre-orders are going to start popping in the next month or two.
  8. I got a notification in my preorders that it's ready to be paid but no email from them. I don't want to pay in full if it's not going to ship for another couple months and then take a month to arrive so I'm waiting to see what happens. On a related note, I noticed this notification 2 days ago and had 2 other notifications show up at the same time. One was for the ToyWorld BB Optimus Prime, I paid that in full and now it is showing up as 'In Stock' but no shipping notice yet. But I think this means Tetra is definitely incoming. (Especially for those of you who paid already.)
  9. There's a 4th party Great Mazinger Z that just came out. Mine's been paid for for a week now but hasn't shipped: https://showzstore.com/4th-party-soul-of-chogokin-cr02-great-mazinger_p2315.html The details are scarce at show Z but I'm sure someone has a review out there: 4th Party Soul of Chogokin CR02 Great Mazinger w/ LED Material: Plastic ABS, Die-cast Height: 38cm / 14.57" Oversized version of the Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger
  10. If sqidd can hold out, I can hold out. If sqidd can hold out, I can hold out. If sqidd can hold out, I can hold out. Fuuuuuggggg...
  11. They updated the full price this morning. That's a pricey meatball...and sold out. It looks mightly cool though. * Pricey for ShowZ comps, but obviously not 1st party releases.
  12. They cancelled my Amatsu and Zaku, which were $2 and $8 deposit. I have a couple more on preorder. I'm waiting to see if they cancel anything else and then I guess I have to contact them for the deposit...which they'll probably transfer to credit, which I'm fine with.
  13. I've always heard that the copyright laws in China are pretty lax. So as long as it's an "original" design or interpretation and you don't call it by it's legal name, you can produce just about whatever you want. Metal Club was/is making straight copies/KOs with very slight design changes. Plus all the pictures of the raids showed shelves full of gundam kit KOs, not even the metal builds. (Not sure what company they sell those kits under.) I've also heard that Bandai is one of the only companies that constantly go after 3rd parties such as Daban/MoShow since they have some local representation
  14. Did you get an incoming notice for Yellow Dragon or are you trying to stay ahead of the curve? I agree, it's worth it to pay for the shipping. Otherwise you're going to be paying ebay mark-ups (and there's always the rogue seller suspicions floating around my head until the item shows up on my doorstep) or US webshop mark-ups...if they stock them. I bought a few items that were located in the US with the ebay markup this week because I know they're going to be hard to get going forward. We've, or at least I, have been spoiled over the last couple years with cheap goods straight from
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