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  1. 1. where sheryl became infected with the virus and how 2. Do you know anything about Ranka's father? I have a more extensive question. He writes on various pages that Vajra has gone to another universe or galaxy, so where finally? And what does "universum" mean in Macross? An alternate reality, something invisible to beings like humans? I also think about the singing skills of the Windermere royal family. They say the phrase "Rudanjal Rom Mayan" several times. Heirs have singing skills such as the Mayan tribe on the island, who have probably been specially modified. Case? The more so because the names are similar
  2. I have few questions 1. What about fleet Galaxy. Have they main island like Frontier's Island 1? 2. whether the cyborgs once had a human body or were built from scratch, modeled on the originals ( Brera, Grace) 3. Has the appearance of the Protoculture breed ever been shown? And does Mikumo originally come from Windermere or from protoculture? 4. Did 117 The research ship belonged to any Macross fleet? 5.Do You know something more about the appearance of the Macross Olympia fleet and where is it?
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