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  1. nobody want to sell or trade his vf-0s??
  2. Graham, I have both of those PG and I advice you to choose the Strike, which for me is the best PG even if he is older than Exia. Strike is better in term of articulation, build fun, design... Exia is cool about the LED integration but is frustrating in posing possibilities because it has to be connected to the base to light up and there is (on mine) a problem in the hips which pops up everytime your best website to compare each other (MG/PG and other) is: http://www.dalong.net/
  3. Hi there, still on the hunt for an arcadia VF-0s (premium preference) I have nice things to trade: yamato 1/60 model kits, I have vf-1D , VF-1J, VF-1A, box not open
  4. Hi, Im looking for an Arcadia 1/60VF-0S in premium finish. I dont want to pay the crazy prices of ebay i live in France, I can pay with Paypal If you're inteterested I have some to trade: bandai vf-27; yamato vf-1J no paint kit; hasegawa 1/48 VF kit (with or without FP) and 1/48 YF-19; I have other things but I have to remember thanks in advance
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