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  1. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000138917/?_ga=2.11817396.1854783828.1576203623-1470502934.1571210285 P-Bandai Item Metal Structure RX-93 Nu Gundam funnel parts starts at 12.20 4PM Japan Time for 27500Yen June 2020 Release and limit to 2 per person
  2. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/110734 Bigbadtoystore Red Frame Astray Kai open pre-order for 269.99 USD
  3. Personally I think black looks cooler than white. Also the Shot Lancer makes X2 fantastic !
  4. I think it is a bit over priced especially the funnels are sold separately for 27500 yen
  5. I guess so, also Amazon jp was selling some in-stock Eva-02 yesterday, and ships internationally.
  6. THX, they are good, too bad it seems they are not as popular as the gundams T.T
  7. For the snow white wing zero, P-bandai Japan has opened second PO. 2020 06 release https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000141046/
  8. I just opened M9, impressed by it. So many accessories to play around.
  9. Haha well the strike freedom is a very good price and it looks like soul blue is less popular than the first release edition also they got https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-arbalest-ver-iv-bann17738 ARBALEST for 19950 https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-laevatein-ver-iv-bann17778 LAEVATEIN re-issue version for 17100 https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-great-mazinger-bans55478 GREAT MAZINGER for 20900 Personally I think the arbalest and laecatein are in good price XD
  10. I heard rumors Bandai will sell FC crossbone next year, it is a pack full weapon and crossbone not the accessories since the chest mark of the existing x1 can not by replaced.
  11. HLJ also has first release edition of strike freedom for 23750 yen and seven sword G for 17100 yen early yesterday, but sold out really quick
  12. Well it is speculation I admit. But in either PB strike’s blade or PB new astray’s flight unit Bandai gives an adapter to allow strike to use astray’s flight unit. As Bandai is trying to put strike and astray share common equipments, it is a fair guess I think.
  13. They show them in the tamashii expo and also at the bottom part of this link it says sword and launcher start https://sp.tamashii.jp/special/metalbuild/alternative-strike/astray_red_kai/
  14. I am afraid you will need that adapter. All ashtrays share same connection but different from strike. But the sword and launcher pack which will be announced soon should have the adapter for both strike and astray to use it
  15. kinda different, soul blue is tamashii expo limited and it does open PO all around the world and bluefin gets them, this one is just normal p-bandai item just only sold in japan area
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