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  1. Since soul red Destiney does not have the big package I think soul blue wing of light will just be itself. I’m going to secure more soul red today hopefully
  2. This will release first round Nov4. only in japan PO tmr. The regular P-bandai round should open PO November
  3. Twitter Page I share is the official Twitter of bandai, also pay attention to tamashii.jp they announce their new stuff there.
  4. Metal Build Lighting Pack PO opens 9.4 16:00 Japan Time 12000/13200 Yen Before / After Tax 2021.02 Release
  5. I am Club Tamashii Member Ocean Level so I would be able to PO it at 9/10 and ship to my friend‘s address YAY
  6. Surething toys is accepting more PO of Metal Build Freedom concept2 for 254.99 USD https://surethingtoys.com/products/metalbuildfreedomconcept2
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