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  1. Thx, I’m looking forward to your shots and also excited waiting for the funnels
  2. Well this one is too expensive and really hard to avoid import taxes so I’m satisfied with what I already got lol
  3. Far for now no perfect strike information, the source is kind reliable, this dude guessed serval new Bandai items last year and Bandai announced them all, like he guessed 20 new item, Bandai announced these 20, no one missed, so I guess he knows someone in Bandai who saw the next year’s planning on releasing new items.
  4. So I put all I can put, not cool at all T.T Also I heard that launcher pack comes first and there’s a high possibility that it will combine strike to sell, like a package
  5. Nah, I know this dude, but I would not put them this way, I’m just waiting for the rest 12 coming. Now my strike is a demon hunter LOL
  6. I didn't, but pbandai kindly gives me 4000 yen off coupon for my next order ==
  7. Gonna take a while, Chinese New Year some swords I ordered from japan would not arrive until end of Jan T.T
  8. Well I am the bone of swords… Well tbh astray needs some as well
  9. The leaking information says next metal build items will be release in 2020 are freedom2.0,exia R4,and probably eva unit 0
  10. Well except the head part mb evas are all basically repaint to be honest……
  11. I personally think 01&02‘s night war form are the next since they are just easy repaint and bandai has shown them in the tamashii expo last year lol
  12. I don't know what happened but hlj only charges me 1400yen for ems and 3020 for Dhl shipping to China and I have already got my item on Christmas with no additional fee so my total is 93000+1400 which is around 860 dollars
  13. I assume higher than 40 cm, if ur going for the funnel I suggest 60cm probably. I think you can wait since the America version has not released yet, right now the price is crazy tooooo much crazy
  14. So it arrives before Christmas luckily HLJ only charges me 1400 yen for EMS international shipping,they packed it sooooo huge. Total 94400 yen and custom of China didn’t charge me import fee. For this extremely expensive Gundam, the movement are limited but the details are fantastic. I only play around for 1-2hours, haven’t try a lot, personally feel this one is a masterpiece but still but over price
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