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  1. Honestly I didn’t watch it at all T.T just bought it cuz it is pretty awesome and the eye effect item makes it way cooler.
  2. I just try a bit taste on it last night. Will post more. It is great that you got your orders. I won’t say it is worthy cuz it is sooooo expensive but it will impress you.
  3. I'd say about 60 CM tall. It is very big and heavy. The box is bigger than usual Metal Build. The weight is 2.2 kg. Most in the box is it’s stand and funnel holder, funnels are only 1/3 of the box. It is very awesome and beautiful. I’d say i am impressed and nu Gundam is finally complete with the funnels. I am waiting for the second pack of funnels to make it double wing. However it is a bit fat looking from the direct front view so I took photos of its side view LOL. There’s one thing: the instruction says put the funnel holder to the body first then put funnels to the holder, don’t do that, put funnels on holder first then attach to the body, it is way easier.
  4. Thanks for commenting. I think US dealer has not release it yet and due to the shipping delay it will cost a longer time for people to get their piece.
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