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  1. It's okay, maybe it is my english== not your problem I am being clearly asnwered. Thx ------------------------------ For the red astray it is the third time bandai sell it so I am a little bit tired of their repainting works. Personally I feel the only thing new is the transfer item that allows astray to equip strike gundam's package. However, it is a bit odd for astray to use strike's equipment or strike to use astray's in my point of view
  2. I mean it is not the original package they should inform the customer and they do say something about broken and missing unless it is a A grade item
  3. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B081F7CC6X/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_zh_CN=亚马逊网站&keywords=4573102581679&qid=1573804374&s=hobby&sr=1-1 amazon japan ships internationally
  4. Well I guess what I am trying to say is that you should know that. Since you already knew I think it's ok.
  5. Be careful on the face, it has common issue that the face is misplaced
  6. 99.999999999999·% impossible T.T I have one ordered from amiami coming end of nov,just rearranged my display closet to make some room for EVA-02
  7. So the tape of the shipper box was cut and opened? That's strange.
  8. Amazon.com is still accepting PO for EVA-01 for 240 USD before tax and free shipping. Surething toys have Zaku for 220USD and RX-78 for 200 USD both freeing shipping.
  9. There are three layers: brown shipper box, Soul blue cover, Strike Freedom box. Bluefin version does not have the second layer but still a great price and outstanding collection! I am looking forward to EVA-02 and crossbone X2 which will be release end of this month, can't wait !
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