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  1. May we ask what mail provider you utilize? We'd like to look into that. On a more general note, we did unfortunately also have to cancel some orders, all customers should either have a shipping or cancellation notice in their inbox right now. We tried our best not to leave anybody in the dark about their order status. The cancellation did unfortunately come as an very unwelcome surprise since our allocation was slashed at the last moment. We do expect a small re-stock, but we have already allocated this to the customers that had their orders cancelled. If you are a part of this allocation you'll also have an e-mail in your inbox.
  2. We are currently confident that we are going to be able to deliver on the pre-orders made with us. In the past few months we have been in close contact with our supplier for the EVA-02 to ensure that we do not get a surprise cancellation served to us. The worst that we could see happening is the shipping being slightly delayed into early february, if this happens we will of course inform our customers. If you have any questions regarding your specific order, feel free to e-mail us at service@otakusquare.com. Our customer service is a bit busy around these days, so if you want a more direct response you can also shoot us an WhatsApp at +31850013955. We'd gladly be at your service!
  3. We are sorry you feel that way, and hate that we had to cancel your order. There is always the possibility of another store (or us) opening up orders again due to cancellations coming from customers and if we in some way still find a way to take on reservations, customers that had their orders cancelled can count on priority and hefty discounts. But for now our most sincere apology is all I can do.
  4. If your order status is still open then you're fine. We have already sent out the e-mails and updated all order statusses. It can take a while for all mail services to properly receive the e-mails, hence the 1 hour period we indicated.
  5. We currently only offer orders under upfront payment, we are looking into offering other payment schemes in the future however this is unfortunately not something we can offer at the moment.
  6. Wouldn't worry about that, we place reservations on-demand, and if it turns out we can no longer place them we stop offering an item for pre-orders Even though our focus is primarily European customers, we are also dedicated to delivering quality service to any country we are able to serve. And in the rare event that we can't deliver you'll simply be fully refunded by us. We noticed some confusion as to when our pre-orders will ship, and as some of you have already answered: EVA 01 is set to ship in November 2019, EVA 02 is set to ship in January 2020. (However it would not be the first time an item shows up early in our fulfillment center.) These indications only apply for pre-orders placed with us, we can't speak for other retailers. Our apologies if this post sounds advertise-ish, but we are a quite new and unknown company for most customers and thought it'd be nice to jump in and clarify some matters. ^ Riekelt, Customer Service
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