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  1. I appreciate the attempt at moralizing, but that is - at this point - less of an issue than their response to my request for a refund.
  2. I had three SSPs paid pre orders on NY since last summer. After reading about the issues with EMS, and NY's lack of proactivity in reaching out to people, I kindly requested a refund through a ticket, yesterday. They essentially told me to gtfo - store credit is the best they can do. WTF! Not sure what my options are at this point. I had paid with PayPal (using my Visa card as the funding source). It's too late to put in a claim with PayPal - is it worth even trying to do so with my Visa?
  3. In for two of these. If they do a PF edition afterward, I'd be open to irresponsibly purchasing one of those as well.
  4. Got around to opening my pair of VF-1S this weekend. Gorgeous. Bring on the Roy and brownie by next summer!
  5. NY # 7020XX, ordered/prepaid back in June. Now "preparation in progress" status.
  6. 1)VF-25 2)VF-0 (S or A...not a fan of the D) 3)VF-1 4)YF-19 In general I like the "S" versions best, and A/CF versions 2nd best. As for armors...The VF-1 generally pulled all of them off the best, IMO. The VF-25 comes in as a close second in that regard. All of the others look better naked.
  7. Nice, I just ordered a pair of the Kestrels, myself. Snagged another 1/100 F-35 or my office desk, as well.
  8. Fantastic pic! - though I did chuckle when I noticed Ozma needed the aid of the stand to keep him vertical.
  9. Grimgerde

    Hi-Metal R

    That Destroid Monster that has been tempting me on Manda for the past two weeks finally sold. My wallet thanks whichever of you SOBs that nabbed it! There is also a GBP-1J out there that I wish someone would grab before I have a 1/2 bottle of Jameson in me one evening and finally bring him home to his forever family. Side note: I finally broke down and snagged the Super Ozma armor with the "musty smell" that has been out there for longer - That concludes my foray into Frontier for 2019 (next year all bets are off, though!)
  10. I've decided that the VF-25 is my favorite model of valk. I definitely agree that a slightly updated version would be very welcome - maybe even see Arcadia's take on it. Yes, yes...fantasy land.
  11. My VF-31 itches have now all been scratched. The 25S Armor is truly impressive. Just need to grab Ozma's Super Armor at some point and I will have that box on my list checked, as well.
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