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  1. Huh? Where I have not seen these kits being sold anywhere other than Ebay (Including Hobby Search). And besides I'm the proud owner of a Yamato Garland Myself, just that its not red, its the silver version (they were MUCH cheaper than any of the other versions). And brand new to boot. I wanted to get the model so that I could have a red version. My only other option is arcadia but that is about 300 bucks with shipping. So no thanks. @Darth Mingus Thank you for the reply. I have seen the review you mention, even though it is for the proto garland. But I did nto know about the dotted and thin lines. As I'm new to gumpla and modelling in general. I have the cement you mention altough it is for another brand as there is no tamiya stuff in Argentina. So thanks! PS: I've seen the youtube video review. Your first link is a for a non-trasnforming car from another anime series.
  2. Hi. Just to be clear this is the kit I'm referring to: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10063592 I can get my hands on one of this kits. And from what I've seen it has almost perfect transformation. But mosto of my experience has been building Gunpla, Super Mini Pla and some Moderoid/GoodSmileCompany kits. So a couple of questions 1) How much glue does it require? How do you know where to apply it? Do you need to wait a while after joining each piece? 2) Do I need to pain it? Or does it come with color plastic (this seems to be a no, base don the pictures in the link, but I've seem some pictures fo the plastic with NO color whatsoever). Any thoughts or reviews? Even a ebay prices it is a HELL of a lot cheaper than an ES Gokin or a Arcadia garland... so....
  3. aarelovich

    Macross 30

    I can understand translating a GameBoy and PSX Games as emulators for these are easy to come by and todays computers handle them quite well. But how would you go about making a PS3 Game? Even if you translate it, how would you play it?
  4. aarelovich

    Macross 30

    thanks for the info. I assume the faq is the same one as the one in gamefaqs, riright?
  5. aarelovich

    Macross 30

    Question? I've recently found out about this game. I was a HUGE fan of VFX-2 for the playstation one. I do own a PS3. So actually a couple of questions 1) Would you recommend this game? How bad is it if you don't undertand the japanese? 2) Anyone know where I could get a cheap copy?
  6. They are usually paid. Do you know any good free one?
  7. I have read this somwhere before. I'm actually an amazon prime member. But, its not available in my country.
  8. As the topic, says. Is there anyway to see the original series subtitled? I'm not sure what the policies on piracy are in this forum, as I'm new. But I'm from Argentina and the options for streaming and buying content are very limited (I'm suscribed to as many streaming sites as they'll let me). Netflix even has robotech, but I want the original Macross version. I'd appreciate any help.
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys!! You've been really helpfull!
  10. I didn't know about the 1/100 Transforming VF2SS. Can you provide a link so I can know what I'm looking for?
  11. Yes I do. Can you comment on the leg articulation? Is there any which way?
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