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  1. Nice of you to remember That was Play-Asia with the VF-1S. Got mine from Buyee and they reimbursed me the difference in store credit.
  2. Got my SSP from Mykombini via FedEx. FYI for those who ordered from them.
  3. I chose SAL small 1351yen, paid and was told to top up to 2450yen too. Spam them over the weekend but to no avail. Created another mail to them using the contact form rather than the one inside the order this morning. Updates: They replied me that SAL mail is no longer available during this covid period, 2450yen is for Air Mail priority. However, they also offered the same price for FedEx and DHL. Hope this info helps.
  4. ^ Gone Gone Prices are creeping up, cheapest buyout at Buyee is at 27000yen.
  5. https://shishioh.info/DX_Chogokin_STRIKE_SUPER_PARTS_SET_1.php
  6. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/x660977178 This is a pretty decent buyout price of 23800Yen if you are keen. You can get the shipping cost at the checkout page.
  7. One just got sold for 18810yen at Ami. I guess they were preparing the placeholder for this damaged box listing last week.
  8. The link was available since 12 hours ago. It won't let you check out thou. I contacted AmiAmi about it, they stated that they have no stock and it's an error on their page.
  9. Take note that the preorder for the Strike Parts (April batch) will be closing soon. Closing Date: 22nd Dec 2019 11pm Japan Time.
  10. My compensation from Play-Asia! They offered me free shipping of any amount for my next 2 orders, however, I proposed buying from Buyee and that they reimburse me the difference in store credits. Cool of them to accept my suggestion. For their kind gesture, I bought the Metal build Eva 02 in return as a form of support.
  11. That sucks That is one obvious crack and I wonder how did that get passed QC? Seriously there are way too much QC issues on this VF-1S. The Max was fine thou.
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