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  1. Missile's and Pylons all done, took a while to fill in all the gaps on the 'pods' after clearing off and smoothing down the shapes and rounding down the shape. Missiles could have come out better but they look a lot nicer after the gap filling done with polish/primer.
  2. i know what most do is use a method with a airbursh or mixing food coloring with the future floor polish. But my own testing with other models is they never come out as nice as the yamato effect, i belive a lot of it will be very trial and error however... ive never used the film before on aircraft models buuuut ive seen its a pain in the ass but comes out well if done right.
  3. R0P3-F15H

    Hi-Metal R

    they look awesome, one of my fav valk's
  4. R0P3-F15H

    Hi-Metal R

    Ohhh do you have pictures of those seekers with supers non-edited?
  5. just posting from my own workshop thread, Xig's 3d models are pretty great and my prints came out very well. will post what all the finished products look like after. Thanks for your hard work my man!
  6. Hacking done! got around to them today, also got the first few coats of future polish on the others imnot hacking up .p. To add i do not know how i am going to do the drop tanks now, as im afriad the pledge polish will ruin the hardened putty? if not i will just do the same im doing with the others after sanding to apply coats of primer
  7. haha thanks! they did come out really well, almost makes me ashamed of the cuttiong and putty-ing im going to do to them x-x now that i have them in hand i might not even add bilk to the sides, but will probably round the nose's off the pods
  8. Just got my order in today, need to find time to work on them though as ive gotten ill recently.
  9. Yea those are the backpack clips, i never use them less with battroid.... they kinda sketch me a bit feel like they might break the winglets x-x
  10. found an old digital camera lying around, not the best but mangable. Decided to add a few details to the arm attachments going off of line art ( and the blue added to the radar was really pale )
  11. Looked through xigfrid's shop and saw the PaCSWS 2C wich starts with a much better shape im going for then the Storm shadow. Seeing as im already going to do heavy changes 3D printed parts wont be to bad
  12. Oh boy, cant wait to see how it comes out! ( wish i had a rainbow tint for mine though, making me jelly .p. )
  13. My first real VF-1 toy ( exluding a 2003 'Robotech' valk and that really shitty small one made by toynami ) and the whole reason i have an account here now! the Elintseeker really hits all my asthetic buttons, finished panel lining/wash the thing today wich took about four five hours of me checking every nook and crany ( ended up missing the hinges in batroid mode, but it still came out very nice and light as i used a more dark grey then black wash ) and need to work on getting a good camera and booth to take some screens of it. Otherwise my only concerns are when going from gerwalk to batroid the section between the lower and uper intake is rubbing against the ajoining peice during transformation wich i assume is normal for the VF-1 style toys? and my other is the backpack clamps scare the beejeebs out of me thinking they are going to break the wings! Edit: and also the filler peice for behind the head feels a bit small? might just be me. Edit 2: forgot to mention aswell, all the screwholes came with covers already ontop of including a small slip of screw hole cover stickers ( i had almost overlooked them, as its a very thin slip thats just loosly around.
  14. from the 1/60 VF-0A, butying them would be a fall back plan but to get the style i want will take some modifcation ( if i buy just generic drop tanks ) dunno how many would want to part with that very specific VF-0A part however.
  15. Hey all, Been wanting to make/get something close to the VF-0's Drop Tanks but starting to realise ill have to make something of my own probably so looking for any advice or help with what to use as a base or making from scratch so far my plan is to use a 1/72 scale Storm Shadow set ( from somehwere) and cut the tail, tip and fins then fill with puty then add some width and hopefully ending up with the genreal look of the VF-0's drop tanks as they are the only refrence i really have for drop tanks in the macross world. Storm Shadow VF-0 Drop Tanks/Missile Pods(?) Edit: changed title as this will now become a project of mine, time to make a mess with putty and styrene.
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