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  1. Could someone put it next to something known white, like... I dunno printer papert or something, and then adjust white balance and take photos so we can put this pink white thing to bed?
  2. Fantastic write up @jvmacross, thank you for sharing your impressions with all of us !
  3. Fit and finish, mostly. It isn’t a bad figure but to me the balance was a little off and it felt a bit wobbly. it still held together just fine, and I haven’t yet had any of the joint looseness that some others have, but if anyone went in expecting Yamato quality they would have been disappointed. early reports are that this “v1.5” or whatever you want to call it is better in that regard, and I think KC said somewhere they’d go back and redo the 1S eventually as well.
  4. Nice! I have one on order with BBTS so I’ll probably see it in another month or so. Would love to hear more impressions once you’ve had more time with it.
  5. @sqidd Buyee has an option where you can request a picture of the item as received, too, so you don’t necessarily have to pay extra for repacking in everything. it boggles my mind how someone could ship something like that, though. I sometimes wonder if sellers do it when they realize it’s going out of country via tenso.
  6. For all the times Planet Dance was played and drilled into my head, it was all worth it to have Gamlin sing it at the end.
  7. In another universe, Kakizaki beat Milia in a fight and we make jokes about Max’s cameo in DYRL.
  8. 2016 BluRay release on amazon japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/超時空要塞マクロス-愛・おぼえていますか-Blu-ray-長谷有洋/dp/B015I9N0EU/
  9. I agree with everything you guys are saying. But if you don’t watch or read the supplemental material, or if you haven’t seen any of the other Macross media (which is certainly possible, considering it came out long enough after Frontier that it could easily be someone’s introduction to the series) it just looks a lot like “magical girl pop group plus mecha combat”. if you go back and watch all of the earlier shows, then yes, all of the elements that made their way into Delta were pre-established in-universe. That doesn’t change the appearance of “magical girl pop group” though. It just means if you’re a longtime fan or you read a lot of the supplemental material you know it’s not “magic”, it is in fact song energy, spiritia, etc etc. which is basically magic. i don’t see how it’s a bad thing though. My biggest issue with Delta was its incoherence, especially in the second half. I think it suffered from having too many main characters too. They want to make a fun mecha anime with a magic singing pop group? I’d watch that. Someone doesn’t want music in their Macross? That’s probably going to be difficult. anyways, looking at the plots of the shows: Macross / DYRL: humanity finds a spaceship and meets a race of giant spacefaring warriors. It goes poorly, but they manage to turn some to their cause and people survive. Plus: estranged friends and rival test pilots compete for the affections of a woman and also to see who is the better pilot. Seven: demons from another dimension possess ancient biological war machines created by a dead race and are defeated by the power of Rock and Roll. Zero: at the end of a worldwide war, a pilot crashes on a small island in the South Pacific that has an ancient bio weapon. Frontier: humans meet giant alien bugs and sing to them to calm them down; it works. Cyborgs want the aliens to do mind control. Delta: pop group sings to people infected with a rage virus to calm them down; it works. Generic bad guys want ancient technology to do mind control. next series: ??? they could go literally anywhere, but personally I’d like to see something unrelated to “the big picture.” A shorter series with a smaller setting than a colony fleet. a while back I joked that the next show would be about pilots in a flying circus flying old mecha. I still think that could be a fun setting.
  10. Yeah, the PF VF-0S was released in mid 2018 and was still sporadically available at shops towards the end of 2019. I seem to recall seeing a handful pop up at HLJ earlier this year as well. I don’t think they move very fast because of the high price, but 1+ year to sell out doesn’t say “high demand” to me.
  11. Thought of this reading another thread talking about Delta. There was one aspect of the Walkure tech I wasn’t really clear on. Did the girls have cybernetic implants to control the drones that made their shields and holograms? Did that tech become normalized after the Galaxy fleet was blown up by SMS?
  12. Nom, I’ll ask in the other thread. I think it’s the “girl pop band flying without mecha” part that is leading to lots of “magical girls are the future of Macross” talk though.
  13. 0.o definitely pay the bills before spending money on Macross!
  14. Mandarake deals in second hand items, so they won’t have a listing you can watch/alert on until someone sells one to them.
  15. I don’t get it. The Legioss is pronounced “Alfa”. Not that hard.
  16. @mantisfists A DX VF-1 from a Mandarake storefront to the US via DHL ought to be around 4500 yen, just basing that on orders I’ve made recently with comparable box sizes. I think you can inquire with the store for a quote ahead of time. of note the “Sahra” shop is actually their warehouse and they use pre-calculated shipping fees there, so whatever they list is it. But all the other shops will charge actual shipping. (for instance, a small item in their warehouse might say DHL shipping is 3100 yen, but one of the shops might only charge 2000 yen.)
  17. It was an exclusive, aren't they usually really limited in supply?
  18. jeniusornome

    Hi-Metal R

    I don’t think HMR is “dead”, but they’re doing figures from other shows now, so Macross is just part of a broader toyline. Now any potential releases are also up against Xabungle, Dougram, L-Gaim and who knows whatever else. i don’t know if Bandai will ever release every prototype they’ve shown but I’m sure HMR will continue on. (personally I’d love to see more mecha that happened to be used in early/mid 90s Battletech).
  19. Release date is supposed to be Aug 25 or so, so filing a claim for goods not received before it's even out would be a bit premature, regardless of where you ordered it.
  20. Also, as I'm thinking about it now - did the Zentradi know about the Vajra? I imagine they ran across quite a lot before SDFM, did they make records of anything beyond the protoculture and supervision army / protodeviln?
  21. I finally got around to transforming my Arcadia VF-4G recently and I was... surprised by the transformation. It wasn't as complex as I'd feared, but the arms were a little weird the way the forearms just kind of half-rotate to make room for the fists, and the little missiles, the reddish panels below the vertical tailfins and the "gap filler" pieces that sit flat on the bottom in fighter mode fell off quite a bit. I don't think Arcadia has said anything about changes to this mold for this release, but anyone know if it's realistic to expect any tweaks in fitment? I'm on the fence about selling my 4G and possibly preordering the 4A. I can't afford / don't have room for both. Or maybe just never transforming my 4G again.
  22. Ah. I don't think I'd realized the end of the show that was affecting the whole galaxy. Maybe I'd just forgotten or I was confused by some of what was going on. Delta was fun to watch but it all fell apart as soon as I tried to pay close attention to the details. /shrug.
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