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  1. I would be really surprised to see any of the other yf-29 color schemes they did get a new release. I can’t imagine any of them are popular enough to warrant it. I could see them doing a new one though. Maybe something for the 40th anniversary of the show and 10th of the mold.
  2. I assume because they recognize it has been heavily modified from the specifications they would otherwise be familiar with. The Zentradi did not have the skills to modify or repair their equipment themselves but they would have clearly noticed it was different from the ship they had been following originally.
  3. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    @Podtastic How do you even get that out of anything that I said? Here, let me just reiterate my UNPOPULAR opinion in as clear and concise a manner as possible: it would be nice to have an option for figures that didn’t involve skimpy clothes and/or underwear flashing. no agenda, and no politics. If you see anything more than that in this statement, that’s all on you and whatever you’re bringing into the conversation.
  4. The VF-1 is about the same size as an F-16. I think the legioss is supposed to be around 30’ long in fighter mode, hence the small size of the toy even in a “big” scale like 1:48.
  5. You mean, you think they made a lot of noise this time and had something in mind other than the comic? Small group of a real estate company with minimal staff, shrinking revenue and dwindling relevance of IP with a smaller and smaller fanbase, grasping at straws to make a big deal out of anything they can to try and generate some revenue? Given HG's failed attempts over the years to do anything with the property, I think it's unlikely it was anything other than talk to try and drum up interest/funding. Like HG is doing the equivalent of saying "hey remember Robotech? Wasn't that great? How about some money for old time's sake?" We still don't know what actually happened with Robotech Remix, but HG obviously didn't care enough about it to try and keep it going. Speaking of Mospeada, how's the licensing for that handled? It's a Tatsunoko property so I assume HG has some license with them for it, but when Sentinel, Evolution Toy, whhoever, makes a Mospeada product, does HG get a cut when it's sold in the US? Maybe they'll hang their hat on a new Mospeada and call it a day.
  6. I thought "in universe", since DYRL was filmed in like 2030, all the VFs in it were supposedly later-built VF-1s. So if you want an in-universe explanation for the differences in the design between the TV and movie, assume that over the ~8 years they were being built they made a few tweaks to them for the same reasons that tweaks get made to real life production aircraft - suppliers change, someone upgrades some avionics, they ran out of material towards the end of the war so they had to make the head a little thinner, etc. Alternately, maybe the production crew of DYRL had to restore a bunch of old busted VF-1s for the movie and they didn't get it quite right. Far as real life is concerned, I read that as it being the same reason there are TV-style hands and DYRL style hands. One looks a little softer and rounded and more cartoony, the other is more edgy and detailed because it had a better animation budget. And Bandai did it to sell more.
  7. That’s every year though. They make a lot of noise, nothing happens, repeat next year. Even when they get something done they mess it up - shadow chronicles apparently could have gotten a follow-up, but HG has “creative differences” with funimation and scrapped it, thus alienating one of the few companies left still willing to work with them. (not that shadow chronicles was especially good, but it was at least something, and the first production something they’d done since the attempt to do “The Sentinels”). since then I think the only other media they had was a release of the at-the-time 30-year old Mospeada recap episode / Yellow Dancer concert. i am curious if any of this licensing would affect future Mospeada media, assuming anything is actually coming. It doesn’t seem to affect distribution of the toys at least.
  8. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    Oh please. Don’t go around spouting nonsense about respecting people who have a different opinion about things when you are literally dismissing my different opinion as “moralizing and phony outrage”. Hypocrite. i had no idea saying “it sure would be nice if there were figures that weren’t all underwear flashing existed” was going to push buttons like this.
  9. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard @Lolicon you might even be able to hear it. I'm just saying it would be nice if girls in anime weren’t overwhelmingly objectified, and if characters presented as strong, independent women actually had merchandise available that reflected that. You want to take it to some political place, go right ahead.
  10. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    I would call it pretty tame by Macross standards. for a series with a lot of strong female characters pushing an idol band whose latest single is “the future exists for women” there’s an awful lot of cheesecake. Sometimes canonically underage cheesecake. A lot of the Ranka statues are pretty f’d up IMO. I know it’s just part of anime culture, it’s a part I don’t especially like, but the characters aren’t flashing their underwear every episode of the show, or having their boobs nearly falling out of their clothes, Sheryl’s concerts aside, so I don’t see why every statue of them has to do it. years from now if my daughter says she wants a Sheryl figure or statue because she likes the character, I will remember there’s at least one where she isn’t just an object for weebs to ogle.
  11. @Jesper77 don't bother. Assume if you want this one it will cost you $300 after the fact. Although reading the thread the day after a PO is usually entertaining.
  12. jeniusornome

    Macross figures

    Gasp! There’s a statuette of Sheryl in her date outfit? Something that isn’t creepy underwear flashing?
  13. I think it's a combination of Macross being more niche than Transformers, so there isn't as big a market for it, and the DX VFs having a ton of tiny little unnecessarily complicated parts. There's a listing at a store for a KO of the DX VF-31J that's been in preorder for a couple years now. The price they list at is a little less than you find the legit figures on the secondary market. But that figure has thin pieces, little pieces that fold and rotate, tiny clips, a bunch of stuff where the tolerance needs to be right or the whole thing will flop and wobble or it won't compress right and hold together. And all the painted details. If a KO company is going to make one and put in enough QC to make sure it all comes together and works (because if it was a floppy mess no one would pay $150+ for one), they might as well just be Bandai. As far as getting MP TFs that aren't knockoffs - yeah, if you miss the normal availability window and you're trying to find something on ebay, it's a crapshoot.
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