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  1. @LRS gunpla kits, at least, go in and out of stock regularly. Bandai does new production runs all the time. You can buy ones going back nearly 20 years, and if they’re out of stock now, just wait a couple months. it’s one of the reasons why you’ll see a lot of kits on a site like HLJ in “back ordered” status. unless you’re chasing exclusives. Those occasionally get reissues but it’s not common/ or even guaranteed. The really popular ones seem to get several issues of production though.
  2. @apptt4 I don’t think the vt-1 has had a release with the improved shoulders yet, but basically, yes. In the gray market thread I recently wondered if they might have some VF-1 figures lined up to get a little money in the bank after having to sort out the SV-51 legs. Skip the PF, sell at a not-entirely-insane price, get some money back and be ready for whatever else they’ve got lined up.
  3. Printer cartridge squadron is go! pc load letter? What does that mean???
  4. @LRS kakizaki’s 1a got about 20 seconds of screen time in the atmosphere without SSP before he got blown up. I think Hikaru’s 1a is also only briefly in that scene. The focus was on max. But of course we got hikaru’s 1a without SSP at the beginning of the movie. Max got several minutes of an epic mecha battle in his. these things are already expensive. Adding accessories to each one is just harsh.
  5. @DYRL VF-1S I broke down and ordered Kakizaki's 1A. If I get a Hikaru 1A and a Max 1S (assuming they do those) then it would actually be screen accurate to NOT have them in super/strike packs. Granted it was only about 20 seconds of screentime before Max stole the show, but it's something. Might need to order a 1/60 Queadluun-rau too if it ever happened. I know the scales would be off but those things are so big it wouldn't matter.
  6. @LRS Mandarake is great if you’re polite, but it’s also not unheard of for shops to just cancel your account, refund you and refuse to sell to you ever again if you’re a jerk. so I’d highly recommend going into it politely, unless you want to potentially cut yourself off from one of the few reliable sources for second hand Macross stuff out there. I imagine lots of shops are going to have to figure out what they’re going to do and we’ll see statements and emails over the next few days / weeks.
  7. There’s also the yf-29 30th anniversary in Roy’s colors.
  8. @Bolt the yf-29b - the blue one. Everyone was certain it would get super parts since it was just another repaint, but, no super parts. people seem to ascribe some kind of “wants complete sets” mentality to Bandai when there has been no evidence, ever, of them being that way. Yamato was the only company to try and release everything. But that strategy didn’t work for them. VF-31E and F figures are still readily available so I think that’s a good indication to Bandai that releasing more Delta stuff right now isn’t going to do much for sales.
  9. Shrug. The yf-25 and yf-29b never got super parts. The HMR line still hasn’t released figures where prototypes were shown years ago. Bandai hasn’t completed a VF-1 squad in any toy lines ever. why would anyone think they want to release more Delta stuff to “complete” anything? I’d bet (short of reissues) what we have now for VF-31 stuff is all we’re going to get.
  10. other things for other properties Bandai makes are generally readily available outside of Japan. other properties also do not have the complicated legal status that Macross does. its fun to say Bandai doesn’t care and nerd rage about it, but Bandai JAPAN doesn’t actually have to care, and Bandai international or distributors aren’t going to touch it with a 30 foot legal pole.
  11. I mean, production-wise, they could have just said “hey we need to put some neat planes in the background of a few of these shots and we don’t want them to just be old vf-1s, what’s in your sketchbook?” if he had been toying with designs for the vf-4/vf-14, vf-17 and whatever else, they might have just whipped something up based on whatever quick sketches he had. I assumed since it was a test flight center they were all various prototype designs or modified production vehicles though. Like how NASA keeps weird things around like the F-15 ACTIVE or the F-16XL, and the yf-23.
  12. I'd be surprised if the three expected releases we know about all happen this year at this rate - the VF-4, Nora SV-51 and VT-1 somewhere in there. Maybe they'll crank out a VF-1 or two, to recover from the SV-51 leg problem and get a little capital for other projects.
  13. jeniusornome

    DX YF-19

    There are many in Mandarake - depends on how much you want to pay for one. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1124673250&ref=list&keyword=Yf-19&lang=en
  14. I'm just assuming the prices will end up similar to what a website like Show Z has ($129 for a Roy 1S without parts), or the ebay prices ($99 for same) - not everyone is going to want to navigate taobao or even know how. The KO of the launch arm stand is $75 on Show Z, for instance. (though it's $45 on HLJ). If there is demand I expect prices for these KOs to be just as high as current ones. It's not like they'd be doing a KO of something readily available, and Macross fans will happily spend more if it's the only option and they "really want it". If Arcadia doesn't do an actual release in these schemes then their only competition on price is the secondary market... and Yamato Angel Birds and Mass Prod 1As are not cheap on the secondary market.
  15. I know a few early samples got into the hands of some reviewers, but I imagine the coronavirus efforts have stopped production again. Possibly they just asked people to wait on posting anything.
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