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  1. Er, Macross 7 is huge in Japan. There were less toys made during the show's run that collectors may be interested in today (people go nuts for 1/55 VF-1s, but no one is really out there clamoring for reissues of the 1/65 DX Fire Valkyrie), but the show was and still is massively popular. I wouldn't count # of toys released as a metric for popularity of a show. For Macross, maybe soundtrack sales would be a better indicator. ZZ Gundam is less popular than other UC Gundam media in Japan, although I've read that a good portion of that is because the show, originally planned as a direct sequ
  2. Could someone put it next to something known white, like... I dunno printer papert or something, and then adjust white balance and take photos so we can put this pink white thing to bed?
  3. Fantastic write up @jvmacross, thank you for sharing your impressions with all of us !
  4. Fit and finish, mostly. It isn’t a bad figure but to me the balance was a little off and it felt a bit wobbly. it still held together just fine, and I haven’t yet had any of the joint looseness that some others have, but if anyone went in expecting Yamato quality they would have been disappointed. early reports are that this “v1.5” or whatever you want to call it is better in that regard, and I think KC said somewhere they’d go back and redo the 1S eventually as well.
  5. Nice! I have one on order with BBTS so I’ll probably see it in another month or so. Would love to hear more impressions once you’ve had more time with it.
  6. @sqidd Buyee has an option where you can request a picture of the item as received, too, so you don’t necessarily have to pay extra for repacking in everything. it boggles my mind how someone could ship something like that, though. I sometimes wonder if sellers do it when they realize it’s going out of country via tenso.
  7. For all the times Planet Dance was played and drilled into my head, it was all worth it to have Gamlin sing it at the end.
  8. In another universe, Kakizaki beat Milia in a fight and we make jokes about Max’s cameo in DYRL.
  9. 2016 BluRay release on amazon japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/超時空要塞マクロス-愛・おぼえていますか-Blu-ray-長谷有洋/dp/B015I9N0EU/
  10. I agree with everything you guys are saying. But if you don’t watch or read the supplemental material, or if you haven’t seen any of the other Macross media (which is certainly possible, considering it came out long enough after Frontier that it could easily be someone’s introduction to the series) it just looks a lot like “magical girl pop group plus mecha combat”. if you go back and watch all of the earlier shows, then yes, all of the elements that made their way into Delta were pre-established in-universe. That doesn’t change the appearance of “magical girl pop group” though. It ju
  11. Yeah, the PF VF-0S was released in mid 2018 and was still sporadically available at shops towards the end of 2019. I seem to recall seeing a handful pop up at HLJ earlier this year as well. I don’t think they move very fast because of the high price, but 1+ year to sell out doesn’t say “high demand” to me.
  12. Thought of this reading another thread talking about Delta. There was one aspect of the Walkure tech I wasn’t really clear on. Did the girls have cybernetic implants to control the drones that made their shields and holograms? Did that tech become normalized after the Galaxy fleet was blown up by SMS?
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