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  1. I just checked mine - haven't transformed it - and I see a very faint stress mark on the left side. I can't get a good picture of it but it looks like what some of you have shown, like it runs parallel with the pin inside that joint. This is as close I could get. That's a real bummer, it's something I was hoping to avoid (which is why I tried to cancel the order in the first place). Also my windscreen fell off while I was looking at it - just turned the bike upside down and it fell right out. The tiny plastic tab looks like it's broken but I think it's actually dried glue that just didn't stick properly. Wondering how Amazon JP is about returns... I like how the figure looks but not sure I like it enough to lose $180 on it when it inevitably breaks. And I don't have any reason to believe any of these companies will provide replacement parts for any particular issue. OTOH, this is likely the only Lancer / Yellow figure we'll see in a long while (maybe KC will get to one, who knows), and I'd like to have him and Houquet on my shelf...
  2. I wound up with one anyways, tried to cancel my order on amazon when it was first pointed out but it was too late. Now I’m going to have to check it out - I haven’t transformed mine yet though.
  3. For sure. I’m in for Max, Miriya and Dana. Even Maia if they ever got to that point. not sure about new generation figs - although I’d probably consider a few, I really just want Lancer and Rook, and Sentinel is halfway there already (plus they’ve already shown a prototype for Rook / Houquet). Though the ride armor is an added bonus imo, so if KC does them well enough I might sell the sentinel ones. (or if Sentinel has some breakage issues like some users are reporting, I might just return the Lancer I have and wait for KC anyways). I’ve got to be careful about buying too many of them. No room to put them all up and I definitely wouldn’t want to keep them in boxes.
  4. That looks like the same spot where @Mommar had a break in his. But I think his picture showed it broken at a different point than your stress mark. would try the hair dryer method but I’d also get in touch with your retailer about it and let them know, in case it does break later.
  5. All Macross DVD releases in Japan don’t have English subs or subs. It is only the blu-rays far as I know. Japan and USA are different regions for DVD so you need a player that can do region 2 DVDs to watch official releases. USA and Japan are in the same region for Blu-Ray so you don’t need a special player for those. (the only Macross official DVD release I can think of that wasn’t region coded was flashback 2012). DYRL has never had an official release with English subtitles or dub. The release you have is a bootleg “grey market” thing. Neither has flashback 2012 but that’s just 30 minutes of music video and scenes without dialogue, so it doesn’t really need it. (I suppose if you wanted to count the poorly dubbed, heavily edited “Clash of the Bionoids” release of DYRL that came out in the US in the 80s as “official” you could, but it’s a really big stretch of the term.) updated my post again.
  6. The KC dogs are almost same size as I recall - don’t have any myself but I’ve seen pictures somewhere. ex gear alto might be similar size but it’s.... underwhelming.
  7. Roy looks stunningly good. Really excited to see KC comes up with as they go.
  8. I do remember the Dana prototype - hope they get to releasing it. But the possibly updated 1J picture was new to me.
  9. Official english subtitle/dub releases in the US: SDF Macross: US DVD release by AnimEigo in early 2000s. English subtitles, no dub. Out of print. also a DVD release by ADV films with subs and an English dub track. Out of print. Macross II: US DVD release by US Renditions (later by Manga Entertainment). English dub and subs. Out of print. Macross Plus: US DVD release by Manga entertainment of both series and movie versions. English dub, english subtitles. Out of print. fwiw this is an excellent dub so if subtitles are not your thing, it’s still worth checking out. Fairly cheap on eBay. ----------------- Official releases qwith English content In Japan, and available for international shipping on Amazon Japan or through ebay or whatever other second-hand market: (all of this applies to blu-ray releases only; far as I know none of the official Macross dvd releases have English anything) (also to note: Japanese blu-rays will play in US players just fine as they are in the same region code, but DVDs require a region-free player since they are not the same region). Macross Frontier "shooting star" ("shudisuta") movie Blu-ray box set: English subtiles only for the movie; english dub but no subtitles for the series. Includes gorgeous art books. Usually available for about $80. Macross Plus special edition blu-ray: English subtitles, although they're... pretty bad. I mean they're passable enough to understand what's going on but they're pretty rough. This box set is out of print and usually commands a hefty premium on the secondary market. Macross Delta series and movie Blu-ray: english subtitles. -------------- Important to note: the standard Japanese releases of the Macross Plus movie edition and the Macross Frontier movies do not contain english subtitles. It's only the special editions that have them. -------------- Just for completion's sake, stuff that hasn't gotten an official english subtitle or dub release: Macross 7 (all of it) Macross Zero Macross Frontier (series) DYRL (unless you count the heavily edited, poorly dubbed US release in the 80s, “Clash of the Bionoids”) Flashback 2012 (though worth pointing out, it’s just music and video footage without dialogue, so you don’t really need subtitles).
  10. @nightmareB4macross where’s that prototype pic from? looks like as you said, different shoulder design and more flexibility by adding that new hip joint. really excited to see this. I liked their 1S design enough to consider a few more from them, so if they’re making improvements and keep the price around $110 USD that makes it an even better value IMO.
  11. From the look of it, yeah, I think a quick swipe with some rubbing alcohol will clean that right up.
  12. A misprinted tampo or a paint smudge is annoying to be sure, but it’s entirely different than snapping joints or crumbling plastic. the numbering was probably a mistake in a cad file or In programming the machines that do the paint, across the entire run, and someone probably looked at it and said, well, either we sell it or we redo the entire run and delay the release. That’s a business decision. Everything is a “qc issue” these days it seems, the term gets thrown around a lot. IMO it really should be reserved for issues that affect the function of the figure - like crumbling plastic or snapping joints on Toynami figures, or the very widespread issue with the Arcadia SV-51 legs, or the snapping gerwalk support bar on the original DX YF-29 release. paint smudges suck but they’re not going to make the figure fall apart. @Kanzaki can you post a picture? Sometimes you can smooth out a smudge but it’s hard to tell from your description if any of the tricks I know might work.
  13. Little concerned about the windshield and chest breakages some of you have posted about. cancelled my order from Amazon Japan, going to wait and see if it’s more widespread before I reorder. I don’t have a lot to spend on figures and I don’t want to deal with trying to get replacement parts internationally.
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