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  1. Man that’s a bummer, but honestly, good on them for keeping the updates coming and being up front about it. really interested to see if this 1J is a revised design like some recent pictures seem to indicate.
  2. I think chuck’s might not be as popular because there have already been five regular releases of the 31... I’m really tempted at that price. I don’t like to buy multiple variants of the same figure - not a lot of display space and my budget isn’t very big - but it would be different enough from my Mirage 31 that I might be able to justify it at that price.
  3. @DYRL VF-1S yeah I’ve got the black and red 1S and I like it well enough, but some pictures recently of their 1J make it look like they’ve already done some revisions to the design. Hoping to see some improvement there in a few spots I found troublesome (mainly the hip joint connector feeling flimsy, and the head antennae being stiff to the point of breaking). considering what Robotech fans had as official merchandise before they’re leaps ahead, but they need a little work to close in on Arcadia. I think they can get there with a few tweaks.
  4. I could actually see a string of those late night H channel specials... ”The Tunguska shockwave- freak cosmic incident or crashed super dimensional fortress?”
  5. I only have the C. The color on it was a must/have for me, and it is stunning in person. I barely ever transform it from jet mode though. I need to find some time to try the hasegawa models. If I can nail the color on that I’ve got some custom Gunpla paint jobs I want to do.
  6. What about toothpicks with pickle slices on them? Could we use something like that on a loose ball joint? seriously though, I have a renewal 25 and like it plenty, but I think the “mash it all together and push these hinges into place just right” is a weird design at best. I like the 25’s profile better than the 31 in battroid. The 31’s weird flipping rotating accordion torso and huge backpack looks awkward to me. I do like the locks on it better than the 25 though. I doubt this will involve any changes though I’d be real interested in an updated 29.
  7. You guys ever have a situation where you order something, it takes so long you kind of lose interest in it, forget about it, and then it shows up at your door one day like a surprise? think of these SSP delays like that - you’re buying your future self a surprise April Fool’s present.
  8. You’ll probably be waiting until mid January. Slow boat plus holidays.
  9. Wouldn’t mind a VF-31D to go with the movie whenever it happens.
  10. /shrug, everyone complained Yamato/Arcadia didn’t have enough detail so they started doing “Premium Finish” - seems like most collectors want that level of detail. I’d pay less for a “normal finish” release, personally. I only have a few Arcadia VFs but skipped the premium releases.
  11. Those are usually large pins. Only way to easily remove them is to heat them directly with something like a soldering iron and then remove with pliers. It might break though. Prying it loose at room temp will guarantee to break the plastic. But basically, it will break if you try. I’ve never been able to do it successfully, and tried with a lot of junker transformer parts. unrelated, I still can’t get my return to Amazon Japan done properly. All the shippers are asking me for amazons account number to bill them and I’m like, why would I know that?
  12. I don’t mind that I haven’t been able to find one. I really like the head sculpt on it though. I think if they did Max’ DYRL 1S I’d be really tempted.
  13. I don’t think you’ll ever find an answer about which fandom is larger, but I think it’s pretty sensible to say that a franchise that consists of a single 35 year old show, hacked together from three unrelated shows, where there have been no actual follow ups, is not going to have a very large fan base at this point. anyone who was a Robotech fan in the 80s likely lost interest when sentinels was made, poorly received and canned because HG didn’t want to put any real effort into it. Any who stuck around after that probably forgot about it when the same thing happened with Robotech 3000. And anyone left after that probably stopped caring when the same thing happened with Shadow Chronicles. They’ve done nothing to maintain their fan base over the years, so I doubt there’s many left at all. this is getting way off topic for this thread though. You may want to continue the discussion in one of the Robotech threads.
  14. I didn’t see that option anywhere. I just went through the normal amazon return process and they said: here’s the invoice you need for customs, to return ship take it to DHL and send it to this address in Chiba. Is there a different form I need to fill out on AJ, or something in particular I’m supposed to do when I take it to DHL? edit - I see it now. It’s actually on the customs form that was printed out. Not sure how that was missed. Thank you @Mommar!
  15. So this was the first time I broke my rule and preordered a figure from an overseas shop. I just tried to set up a return with Amazon Japan for my Blowsperior - it might be fine, or maybe eventually the stress mark will lead to a break, and maybe Sentinel won't bother doing anything about it (or maybe they will!), I don't know and don't want to wait to find out. Then DHL quoted me $155 (!!!) as their cheapest rate for return shipping. I should have paid the extra $20 to preorder from BBTS, that way at least if I had to return it it wouldn't cost me 85% of the purchase price in shipping. Real annoyed with myself. Tried to save $20 vs buying it domestically, don't really have a lot to spend on this hobby, and now every time I look at it I'm going to wonder... So I guess I'm sitting on it and hoping for the best.
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