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  1. beating a dead horse, no?
  2. Got my open box VF-1S from Mandarake today. Been liking this model a lot more especially since there's no DYRL vf-1a hikaru anyways. This one worked out fine.
  3. Now I just need a good price on a VF-1J to complete the trio.
  4. I was too til I saw how beautiful this sucker looks in fighter mode.
  5. I think I paid 24,000 yen for each vf-1a that I bought
  6. I would imagine weaknesses go to Yamato and strenghts go to Bandai. at least, in build quality. I'm glad I didn't get any 1/48 Yamato now.
  7. nin-nin game
  8. Found it... ordered two sets just in case scalpers raise the price by double or triple. Macross - VF-1 compatible missile set Limited Reissue [DX Chogokin] $43.42 USD 2
  9. Thanks I'll have to search my emails and see what I did lol. I could have sworn I ordered 'em
  10. Were preorders available? lol I forgot if I preorder purchased it somewhere, was searching my email earlier to see.
  11. Are they re-issuing the missile set? I forgot already, been a while. thanks
  12. I bought it. I got the notification too.
  13. Thanks that appears to (it is suppose to anyway) work but it keeps declining my payment methods paypal and credit card with an error message about insufficient funds. I even got a fraud notification from my bank after trying to use my bank card. lol. I cleared that up and it still won't let me pay for the item.
  14. By the time I got up and saw that it was gone, no way that I'm going to pay over 30,000 yen for one of these. I'm waiting for Fokker version. Also I checked yahoo auctions and ALL of them say they won't ship outside of Japan. Either I'm missing something here or posting about those on here is kinda futile I dunno.
  15. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool thanks for this post. I didn't look at it that way but yeah. I'll keep checking back
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