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  1. Yes. I'm really hoping that @Lolicon's response is:
  2. Totally. Hell you could paint pink lipstick on your VF-1 Valk and I wouldn’t care. Just confused by the posts.
  3. Ok, for anyone interested, I posted the waffle here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mechamaniacs/
  4. I read @Sanity is Optional comment the same way as @sqidd. Was the comment stating that DYRL isn’t canon? If so, it is canon. It’s just viewed as a movie that was placed in the actual universe sometime between SDFM and M7. Movie which IMO was better than “real life” lol.
  5. Honestly, the answer is: Are you willing to pay for that? If so, then not too much. Many of us got it for like 25k with shipping at initial PO. So as long as that includes shipping, it’s not horrible for aftermarket. None right now except a couple questionable places that are known to not always deliver and for like 35k. It sold out in seconds on PO night. Best to wait until around release.
  6. Every single DX VF-1 release for me except for the 1J which I got I think just above the retail with Japanese tax. I believe @Sanity is Optional has as well. His comment included shipping, etc.
  7. Kaki is a poor example because it's a TWE. You paid markup prices. (Which btw, will always happen with TWE to some extent.) Here are the retail prices without Japanese tax: Non-TWE valks (as well as TWE): 18k yen SSP: 8000 yen Missiles: 3700 yen The markup on TWE are usually fairly nominal but not always. So, in your example, you over paid on the missiles but the SSP are in line. Your Kaki was close but probably just a tad bit more than you could've got it for. Source: https://tamashii.jp/item_character/macross_series/
  8. Hahaha! You know it! Gotta love them Chunkies. And glad to report that ToyHax adjusted the decals for the 100 on the stabilizer as well as the "stars" on the calf. That's awesome man. I'm keeping mine OG so it stays with the vintage feel (or maybe it's just because I don't trust myself with customizing LOL).
  9. Ok question here - is there any advantage to preordering this directly from Calibre versus BigBadToy? Same price. The only thing I can think of is that I would receive it quicker from Calibre but shipping would be more expensive.
  10. There is literally a thread on the topic of N-Y. I'm so over them and the issues are well defined. I love talking about them.... in their thread. But in this thread, I really love talking about 1/48 DX Valks. I'm not trying to be that guy; especially, when there is a mod joining in on the talk right above this post. But I'm going to be that guy, because now I'm reading the same crap in both threads. I get that we go off topic a lot here and love that, but the NY convo is soooo oooooolllllld now. And if it's new to someone looking for some help or to vent, there is a thread to do that in
  11. If you have a 3D printer, you can purchase the files, print, build and paint how you like: https://www.facebook.com/groups/massassiorder/ This is the person who created the design that Calibre is using.
  12. Looking like I’ll do it on the Mecha Maniacs FB group
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