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  1. I actually had purchased both. Then decided to keep the Kai fire the same reasons and sell the original.
  2. Wish I understood Japanese! Don’t believe there are subtitles on this release.
  3. Nope, all good according to Hobby Search but I’ll open and check this week. And yup time to move stuff around!!
  4. What a fun haul today! VF-0S and 1/55 Max are in route too.
  5. I didn't think through this possibility but it makes so much sense. Man...what a bummer. First, I hope for everyone's health and safety, but after that I can be selfish and think about my collecting. That stinks.
  6. So true! And awesome idea. I wish I had mod skills
  7. Yeah I love it in the series but just hard to display.
  8. So, it looks like maybe this is a reissue or revised version? https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/01/12/eva-evangelion-metal-build-bandai/
  9. Oh man... don’t even jinx it!
  10. Can’t say I’m a fan either. Of course my OCD won’t allow me to pass up a DX release but won’t be getting multiples.
  11. Definitely a nice reminder and also stokes the debate on where the Hikkie 1A Strike Parts are coming from because bus 011 is not included in the Strike set. I’m guessing a TWE bundle.
  12. Thanks!! I need to get a decent camera and take some photog classes!
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