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  1. That's amazing!! LMAO
  2. Even though they were mass produced, they were still hand-custom on the weathering and detail. So each one, in theory, should look a little different.
  3. Yuuup! One time through Jenuis's genius transformation guide was enough for me. Keith will forever be Battroid.
  4. You have to actually process it through to payment. It won't automatically process. It's just stuck in your cart, so everyone else did a leap frog by processing through.
  5. This is the part where he says "shut the F up, Donnie" And of course, I posted it in reference to your prophetic musings that will bring us disaster like zombies!
  6. I have to wait another year almost exactly though!! I. can. not. wait. LEK here we come! TV SDF-1 Anime style. That dude is so backlogged. Amazing work. And have I mentioned that I'm amped up for the next PO night already? C'mon DX, let's do this. Give me TV Kakizaki so I can complete the Vermillion or anything from DYRL please so I can use the damn SSP. (Stoked about DYRL Kakizaki in a about a month)
  7. Congrats everyone! Good looking out @Shizuka the Cat
  8. Right?! Curious...
  9. Ah yeah that makes tons of sense. Thanks!
  10. Damn I want a Kai Fire DX NOW. Would that be 1/48 or 1/60?
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