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  1. Ditto. One of those keyboard air dusters works great.
  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing
  3. Here's the English version. Thanks!
  4. Here's a pic from another board. Appears that the 1J has a decal for the Macross kite and stripe. Not sure how his valk came to be like this but worth noting.
  5. They showed Nora on display so here's hoping it comes this year!!
  6. I thought of that as well, but technically it left customs before that happened. Anyone have any idea how to check?
  7. I had my last shipment from NY done by ferry on 10/29 as well. Nothing for me yet either so I'm hanging on to hope as well. Because then I'll be done with them. Great feedback.
  8. What are ya waiting for? I've been enjoying the fun between you and @jvmacross
  9. You're over here nerd raging. I'm not poo-pooing because it's not Bandai. Read what I wrote and chill out. I'm making a relevant post about KitzConcept 2.0 VF-1s. Since you can't seem to follow along, I'll recap: The price has gone up by at least 40% on a VF-1S since introducing ver 1 Roy. It's now $140 for VF-1S Rick ver 2. There were significant problems with ver 1 (I own it and have experienced these issues like hardpoints breaking) jvmacross has noted a serious issue with 1J ver 2 I personally have acquired every DX at $190 or less Therefore, until quali
  10. It makes sense, but I still think it's not black and white. It's gray and based on personal opinion and experience. KC falls in-between Arcadia and DX in many aspects. So, your point is very valid. I believe my point is as well. Neither are wrong - just different perspectives. I think this is pretty spot-on
  11. I understand this sentiment and don't disagree (which is why I also made a comparison to Arcadia in my initial post,) but to be fair, DXs are available at MSRP. They're just really hard to obtain at that price. So, it comes down to personal experience. It's perfectly logical for me to compare KC to DX because I own all of the DX VF-1 regular releases at $190 or less. From my experience, it makes more sense to compare KC to DX. But I get that many people (if not the majority) are not in that boat. And when my luck runs out, I will be in that boat too and may shift my opinion. I'm not
  12. Totally. And if it came across as though I thought it was easy to get a DX, then I can clarify I don't think it's easy at all. Just like you said, the fact that I get a rush and thrill of the kill means it's hard to do. I don't believe I insinuated it was easy or realistic. It's just my personal experience and based on that the price of KC is not worth the quality. If they would've kept the price around the same price point as Ver 1, I'd be all in frankly. This bothers me a bit as well. Not enough to stop me from purchasing at the right price point because Robotech still has
  13. I’m definitely not joking. As crackpot mentions, there’s only a $30 - $50 difference at MSRP for DXs compared to KC. I would call that close. I have gotten every single DX VF-1 at $190 or less. Only exception was the 1J because I was late to that one. Even that, I got close to MSRP. KC has gotten better with each release, but their prices have increased with each as well. I hope someday they are as good as Arcadia or Bandai, but until then it’s not worth the price. Just my opinion and from my own experience in owning two of the ver 1. Not sure what the contentious reply is for?
  14. Exactly. Not even worth it in my opinion for that price. Not when many of us are getting DXs at MSRP. It’s a shame because I would prefer to purchase this scale and leave the 1/48 for special displays. I actually like the 1/72 better than the 1/60 scale. I do like the price better than Arcadia’s PF but the quality sucks compared to them so again not worth it.
  15. Honestly, I hope for us all that PO madness subsides a bit. (But yes, I LOVE the thrill )
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