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  1. I can't wait to get the next Bandai 1/48. The J is such a great bird.
  2. Does the seller have decent rating. I purchased an Arad from Ebay a few months back for a reasonable price. But, inevitably I had to file a claim. (which was returned) after the item never showed and the seller stopped responding to messages. I have been very limited in Ebay since then. I know they do have decent sellers, but I want to ensure others on MW arent being taken advantage of and offer a word of warning. Dont let your love of Macross ( as mine did) cloud your reason. I'm not saying this @sqiddto discourage you. Just make sure as best you can that the seller is on the up and up.
  3. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    @sqidd once I started with the HMR line, I ended up getting most of them. I like the line. Fun to fly around the house with. And pretty durable to.
  4. Glad I took a few minutes to check in here. Been really busy in life. Ty to those that posted NY pre-order information. 1 is good enough for me, but this bird is indeed a very cool design. I missed the first versions, so I'm glad to get this. And got the shipping notice for Arads armor feom NY. Today is a great day.
  5. Same! Super excited to add this to the Arad. I wonder if there's anybody out there that has three of them that's going to display them in each mode?
  6. I have made a few purchases from @mcfly50. Very reliable and will do business in the future with him.
  7. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    Is that a kitbashed diorama @tekering? Looks really cool.
  8. Could you imagine the diorama possibilities with that size of line!?!??! Although "articulated fingers" might be challenging.
  9. I did the same for 3 sets the first hour a link came to MW. I dont want to have to many orders to NY as I understand they "wait" until all orders are gathered up to ship. Which would mean wait for Arad armor. VF-1A, then the missiles. Besides I havent ordered from AE so I thought now is a good time to give them a go
  10. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    Has anyone worked a 3D printed version of the 1/48 type side panels used for Battroid mode, but in a HMR scale?
  11. Right?!?!?! Wonder if anyone e is working a 3D printed version?
  12. 2 VF-1Js available at Mandrake https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1111571707&ref=list&keyword=Macross DX&lang=en 1 for 35K, another for 28K missing an I take cover.
  13. Which you would think if you wanted more revenue to do the exact opposite and make more Valks.
  14. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    I have always been a fan of those lines of toys that put out "cell shaded" versions. Though most seem like 4th party KOs. This filter is actually cool in as much that it gives a good guide on how to customize or color the Valks if one wants the cell shaded look. I wasn't planning on getting a second set of valks. But I may on the cheap ones to give this a go
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