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  1. Yeah Im a little heated over that myself.
  2. ShowZ cancelled my pre-order for: And cancelled all for this one specifically. But haven't cancelled my Pre-Order for (see below) And they still have Metal Club 1/100 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Original Color Scheme, but now it doesn't come with the Wings of Light. So I think the fact they have some of thier supplies is a good thing.
  3. My apologies all. I am in the same boat, as soon as the 0D is released and is received, I'll let my wallet speak.
  4. You're right. I cant blame NY on Arcadias shortcomings. And I think that if Arcadia is able to survive this global "BS" that's proven the "experts" wrong at every turn to be nothing more then a common cold and means to instill fear into the world as a whole, I will be happy. But if they dont, and I am then given "store credit" , I'll come back to complain about them as a representative of the rest of "some people."
  5. F'ing NY. Just recieved another extension email for the PF VF-0D. Now its June 30th. This is getting really annoying. 500 is t a small amount and now it's well past my ability to take it up with my CC Company. Only order I have left with them.
  6. Mandrake has some Astrea Armor/ High mobility test equipment up for 185 US.
  7. Alphahorizon


    Always good to save a buck where you can. Glad you got it!
  8. Alphahorizon


    https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1031537493&ref=list&keyword=Macross&lang=en This was about 12 pages in. But remember seeing you looking for it.
  9. Yeah from last night and even till this afternoon in the states they were listing stuff on Mandrake the last twenty-four that were really good finds for anyone that got them. I swore I wouldn't start collecting the 1/60 scales but damn if there wasn't some really good gems in there
  10. OKINI LAND https://okini.land/en/11144-dx-chogokin-strikesuper-parts-set-for-vf-1-bandai-spirits.html Strike parts 108.00 in stock 24.00 DHL to US per set!!! Go GO EDIT: Dang I put this up and in 3 minutes they were gone.
  11. I just saw that. The ratings (at least on ShowZ seem to elude to) from the buyers, show it being worse then the first iteration? I don't have either so i wouldn't know.
  12. I agree. After being spoiled from 3rd parties I have kind of put off most Metal Builds from Bandai for the time. The secondary market for many of those are just to rich for my blood. Given I only have 3 Bandai Metal builds and is the reason I am sour about Metal Club getting busted. I was hoping that ShowZ would be able to honor those I had pre-ordered but I don't think they will be able to. I did send them a message asking for clarification on the Metal Bear/Club. I haven't gotten any message but many of their pre-orders show sold out, where they hadn't the day before I sent that message. More to follow if I get any insight.
  13. I know this is becoming a little redundant but I want to give a continued shout out to @sumyumgoy. Purchased a VF-25A from him and it arrived super fast. Straight BOSS Macross World member.
  14. How is Mandrake selling tons of SSPs and NY hasnt even shipped thier customers pre orders.
  15. Used to play that game religiously. Miss those days and still have the Malgus statue from the collectors edition release.
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