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  1. Both of those are in my "to get next " list. Gonna break away fro Macross for a little bit and get a few other giant robots. Looks sharp Sqidd.
  2. I want to give a big thank you to @sqiddfor a smooth transaction. Items arrived fast and both were double wrapped and extra protected.
  3. HUMONGOUS Shout of thanks to @sumyumgoy. He scored 2 pre-order VF-1S Hikarus the night of the pre-orders. I scored none at every website I attempted to get one at. He offered it to me out of....I don't know, I got the lucky card that night I guess. Needless to say it arrived today in super mint condition directly shipped from HLJ. Thank man, I owe you big time and hope I can find a way to pay your kindness back.
  4. Now that the VF-1S Hikaru has arrived, I want to give a super HUGE Shout of thanks to @sumyumgoy. He messaged me the night of the Pre-order and let me know he managed to score a second he didn't think he would even get. I was offered it and, of course immediately stated I was interested, as I had struck out on every attempt at every website I attempted to get one that night. So, again, Thank you Sumyumgoy! I appreciate the kindness.
  5. This is a very dangerous day for my wallet. I am going offline for a bit and shutting down my internet.
  6. So maybe January 2020 instead?
  7. I am thankful for you all here at Macross World and this site which has existed for 2 decades now. And despite the protests of many, I am thankful for Robotech, which lead me here to the original and much better Macross those many decades ago. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. And to the rest, stay classy! Yes I know this "Isn't the place for this post" but I wasn't gonna start a new one.
  8. Checking out Buyee/Yahoo Japan Auctions and seeing a ton of VF-1S there. May be the best option before even those are gone.
  9. Man, I swore off NY because of their scalper inflation tactics. The 2 orders I had from them previously went okay and with no issues. But I don't like the 2 times I tried to pre-order the VF-1A Max then the 1S, only to see the next few days more at inflated rates. And by the looks of it, the VF-1S may not be as abundant in the after market as Max 1A is. I know that there are a few that state "Its better to get it at a mark up then not at all." And I wont disagree, but if retailers are now not even able to fill that inflated rate product to their customers., that bad.
  10. Maybe this type of situation can be turned into a benefit for future iterations of DX VF releases. I hope you do get your @sqidd. Have they taken payment? Or was it an order that "Pay later not an option?"
  11. This is messed up! I wonder if the various retailers who have been I business for a while: 1. Qont be able to fulfill thier orders 2. Causes enough backlash to those retailers from the buyers. 3. Pressures either a rerelease or more initial stock to be created. And this IS what I hate about this "hobby." Shouldn't be this silly to support the companies that make good Macross products.
  12. I said that to myself. " Just one, I dont need to many of them..." I have like 35 now. But the VF-1S will be a great start for you.
  13. Part of me is happy I decided to willingly sleep instead of spend. I dont have any Arcadia 1/60s yet. I may get the 0S PF and collect the Zero line. But that can of worms of the VF-1s...my wallet would kill me. Just looking last night, I was thinking " Oh I could spend 2.5k easy right now" and today I am okay with that decision to hold off.
  14. And this is what I assessed would happen. Glad that there was a MWer here ( will give a huge shout out to them once the deal is done) that managed to get an extra to sell, and I was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time. I hate the places, on the next day from PO craziness, raise the price 100.00.
  15. Not a bad price to. Got one and that is enough for me
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