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  1. +1 for @Reni. Quick payment and awesome comms. Glad the package arrived and hope you enjoy them!
  2. If anyone has some extra or they do not want theirs, or someone has made some water slide version please let me know.
  3. DANG Sorry @Pontus. Didn't scroll high enough up. Huge thanks and +1. Great buyer and solid comms throughout the entire process. I saw the images you posted...Cant look back. I am set on a few new things in life. But I intend to maintain my 1/48 DX collection. As well as my Premium Macross Zero line I have. Those birds are cool IMO.
  4. Items sold have been removed from list or marked as on hold. YF-30 On Hold, VF-25S + Supers and VF-25A Supers on Hold.
  5. Thanks @Benson13. +1 to Benson13. Great comms and swift payment.
  6. Thank you good Sir! I want to give a shout out to @vladykins, prompt payment and great communication throughout the entire process. I hope you get to have some fun with the HMR!
  7. Prices updated to include a few items on hold. Taking realistic/reasonable offers now before dropping to Ebay soon
  8. @VT-102 I didn't take an image when the change of order happened. However, the missile effects set will be in the new box I sent out yesterday.
  9. @Pontus Will send out this afternoon. Man that Monster and its box is huge. Im happy these are going to people here.
  10. Monster and Arcadia GBP reissue sold. Updated list with what remains.
  11. Hi-Metal VF-1S and 1 Missile effect set sold. Will update list soon.
  12. Elintseeker, VF-4III (first version) Sold. Will update list soon
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