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  1. I did the same for 3 sets the first hour a link came to MW. I dont want to have to many orders to NY as I understand they "wait" until all orders are gathered up to ship. Which would mean wait for Arad armor. VF-1A, then the missiles. Besides I havent ordered from AE so I thought now is a good time to give them a go
  2. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    Has anyone worked a 3D printed version of the 1/48 type side panels used for Battroid mode, but in a HMR scale?
  3. Right?!?!?! Wonder if anyone e is working a 3D printed version?
  4. 2 VF-1Js available at Mandrake https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1111571707&ref=list&keyword=Macross DX&lang=en 1 for 35K, another for 28K missing an I take cover.
  5. Which you would think if you wanted more revenue to do the exact opposite and make more Valks.
  6. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    I have always been a fan of those lines of toys that put out "cell shaded" versions. Though most seem like 4th party KOs. This filter is actually cool in as much that it gives a good guide on how to customize or color the Valks if one wants the cell shaded look. I wasn't planning on getting a second set of valks. But I may on the cheap ones to give this a go
  7. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    I love that filter. Always have.
  8. THX for the information @sumyumgoy. I ordered 3 from AE. First time order with them. I see that they didn't charge me for shipping yet. May or may not order more in the coming weeks.
  9. I agree it is. And as @canklebreakerstated , which I myself was unaware of, that this hobby is like sneaker purchases I guess. I do not collect those. But I myself am done with this for a bit, at least at the rate I was going. 4k spent in the last 3 months to "catch up" on MW. Now I want to dedicate my resources (outside of the normal releases incoming) to my display cases for these beautiful Valks. I have experience modeling and am thinking of pulling the trigger on an inexpensive 3D printer to try to learn it, and work on making 3D printed panels to fit the detolf shelves. Cityscapes to me are easy enough with all of the existing model (think N scale/G Scale) but I am interested in working towards making an interior of the SDF-1 Hangar. I am actually surprised (or maybe I don't know exactly where to look) that this type of thing hasn't been done already I know this is outside of the topic, but if anyone has any insight PM me.
  10. I dont blame @canklebreakerin the slightest. The whole process is frustrating. I am quit amazed at those here who even managed to score any copy. I wonder if the distance of being in the center region of America played into the lag of seeing "Sold Out" when I got to PayPal...or even to some of the sites. Also, who here has ordered from Anime Export before? placed my first for 3 Fast Packs. I paid for the items but not the shipping, I think? Anyone that could provide insight I would be greatly appreciative. NVM after taking a second to check, it appears that they don't charge for shipping until it is ready...Is that correct? THX MW
  11. Well @canklebreakerstick around for a while. Become a regular. But please understand for someone like me....I had an account back in 2002-2003ish...left until DEC last year. I lost my previous account. and from my personal experience, I was treated with open arms upon my return, and under a new name. It just takes a little consideration. ie...How would you want to be treated, is how you should proceed with treating others unless they show otherwise. I do not in any way fault your frustration and I myself wanted to buy 2 copies of the VF-1S only to sell another to someone here. I didn't even get 1 myself. I only want 1 for a display piece. Not to keep in a locked dungeon away from all harmful elements. But some here do. And more power to them. And what I have found out over the last 6 months of being back, many will eventually size down their collection and sell the second piece for less then what you would get it on the open market. I just woke up and looks like this "Web Exclusive" is already going into overdrive with price increases (am I wrong?) I see NY at 97.00 but also see previous posts stating 78.00 or so. I could be wrong. Grrr...welp. If what I have read is correct.......it shouldn't be as hard to get these.
  12. Okay...switching it to move this conversation along. Speculation on what coming after the 1S in Nov? Or what is next "Most desired" release? Was the 1J a flook or test subject? Because it seems like the window between that and the 1A versus the VF-1A to the 1S was a bigger difference in time between the first 2 releases.
  13. Alphahorizon

    Hi-Metal R

    @vlenhoffgreat stop motion. Thx for sharing.
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