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  1. Great Collection @Parabellum! That's a ton of Takatoku Macross.
  2. Rest in peace Kobe. May and your daughters memories remain fresh to those you loved and who loved you.
  3. Oh dang. I was really looking forward to this one. And it has already shipped. So no cancellations here. Sorry to hear the frustration @sqidd.
  4. Okay, so I didnt press down enough on them! Ty
  5. This was just a down and dirty for the time I have ATM
  6. Welp, got my Steel Legends 1/100 SL-01 NZ-666 Kshatriya. This thing is massive. I assume the same or similar to the Kampfer. Pros: 1. Its hefty 2. Details are and paint (at least on mine) seem really good and solid. 3. Articulation - Both good and bad. Good first: I can put this thing in some pretty decent poses all in all. 4. Great waist swivel. 5. It really is a great display piece for sure - Play wise...hmmm * Note* I tend to find a pose - leave it in said pose for a a few months and switch it up. This toy is great for that for sure BAD: 1. Articulation: When I put on the wings the hips seemed to slightly collapse and not be able to hold the weight. Have to have a specific set of poses for it to hold the weight. 2. The wings: Anyone know of a means of tightening them to the hole the posts insert into? They swivel around a lot if not positioned "Just right" - For now I am choosing not to attach them 3. Hands - These seem a little lackluster for options. 4. Head - limited mobility of poses. Overall I can say I am very happy with this piece. Packaging is what you would expects. Item and boxes arrived together in one large box. Outer box was in decent shape. No dents on the actual boxes. BUT THAT SMELL...WTF!!! Outside that wretched smell I would recommend this to anyone.
  7. Safest place to not contract the Chrono Virus I guess. And now that I mention that, this may be the actual reason for the hold ups? Just a thought.
  8. grrrr....5 items in transit. 3 of which have been held up at the ISC New York, NY processing facility. Is this normal? Maybe they think I am getting some under the table Fetanyl.
  9. Looks like a great candidate to work a little marker, paint, highlights, drybrushing and a seal coat or two. High grade model then. Since I havent gotten a single 3P as of yet I will hold out judgement.
  10. Thanks for the quick down and dirty of the 3P Sazabi @SuperHobo. I didn't get int he first batch. And I am going to keep my pre-order for the second. Looks pretty good IMO.
  11. No..no.. I will endure to maintain my..... Oh look at that awesome robot!
  12. I got the Steel Legends Ksh. That was the first I ordered and am still waiting. I have 4 or 5 things from ShowZ in transit. Actually excited to get a few non Macross items in the collection. When i started re collecting Macross o told myself " just Macross stuff for me." That didnt hold to long! I think that there are some enablers here! Honestly a free clean picts and I find myself justifying the additions.
  13. Well..so far anyways all the ingested paint chips from my parents old window cills haven't had much long term affects.or at least any I can track. Great flicks @sumyumgoy. Mine has been held up in New Yorks Inspection post office since the 15th. I worked for the Postal Inspection Team for a time as an analyst, and cant say they will test for lead. I know they will for other "substances"
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