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  1. So the question I have for the good of the group is: Should I file a claim with PayPal now regarding Nin-Nin Games for the Kaki? I paid on the 25th of March. Just curious. I also ordered a back up on Okini which i have had zero issues with in the past. Thanks all.
  2. Man, I have been away doing training for a few days and new TV packs dropped. Welp, I'll just Mandrake them in a few months I guess. They do look really good. I was expecting a little more greenish/blue to the tiny but still they look nice.
  3. Yeah I was very surprised myself.
  4. Congrats brother in Macross!
  5. Good luck @sumyumgoyand godspeed!
  6. Congrats Jenius!
  7. Indeed it is. Don't lose hope for the people here. There will be opportunity. And it was MW member here that reached out to me and offered a VF-1S for original price plus additionasl shipping as it had to go to their home then to mine. This community is awesome!
  8. I also recall that once the scalpers purchased a ton of the stock they started to have listing wars on price on the VF-1S Hikaru. I think I saw a few at about 24500 before all was said and done
  9. AJ is where I scored. First time with PO success for me
  10. And this is where I, in the past have just waited for either release day or Mandrake. You will find one the day of release for a closer to normal cost 35k is robbery.
  11. Or its possible after effects the next day!
  12. Finally got confirmation order from AJ. Was a little worries I wouldn't.
  13. SAME HERE!!! Holy man this is adreniline filled madness. And I was going to stay asleep due to the previous pre-order events and the kick in the teeth it was
  14. It does indeed
  15. Good call. Got one here
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