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  1. Shout out to @ScrambledValkyrie. Communication, packaging, shipping, and item all fantastic!
  2. Shout out to @jeniusornome . Communication, packaging, shipping, and item all fantastic!
  3. Had a great transaction with @Vifam7. Recommended seller in my book!
  4. Had a great transaction with @spacemanoeuvres . Highly recommended seller!
  5. I was one of the last, if not the last order placed for Stike Parts @ AE before they were closed and before the April batch being announced. I just emailed them the status of my order and here was the response: Sadly I'm stuck paying scalper prices this Christmas


    Looking for an ARCADIA VF-1S Hikaru Ichijo without the SSP pack. PM me if you have one for sale thanks!


    Hey guys, looking for a decently priced set of DX VF-1 Super Strike Parts for my VF-1S . (Prefer to stay away from ebay and YJA). PM me if you have one for sale ty!
  8. Nothing from AE or NY yet for me.
  9. I was fortunate to get a vf-1s order in with HLJ during release and was super excited when it arrived. Upon pulling the legs down to transform into gerwalk, the right arm fell off! Closer inspection showed a piece of the plastic tab that connects the arm to the metal slider was still in the clam shell. Suffice to say, I wept that evening...
  10. Wow, a fellow macross junkie just down the street. That's pretty cool!
  11. ^^ yes I agree with this.
  12. @sqidd, NY still hasn't shipped my VF-1s (# 706XXX) . I purchased at the hiked up price of 28k. Probably won't do that again, lesson learned!
  13. A big think you to @Skull One for getting me a valk I've been after for awhile. Communication, product, packaging, and shipping speed all high marks, thanks man!!!
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