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  1. Anyone by chance reach out to HLJ or NY to see if they will offer the VF-4A Premium Finish?
  2. I only paid the 10% deposit. That's most strange, did I do something wrong or is it just a roll of the dice who processes your quote?
  3. Had a terrific transaction with @RedComet. Thanks for the custom Roy!
  4. Thanks to @RedComet I was able to curb my hunger for a DYRL Roy. It's a beauty to behold!
  5. ty @Shizuka the Cat, although I'm highly suspicious this is a glitch. We shall see!
  6. Had another great transaction with @jeniusornome. Highly recommended seller!
  7. Ugh, did I already miss the boat with NY !?
  8. Those displays look great guys! Just got my shipping notice from NY via UPS yay!
  9. LOL, yea I see your point. I must figure out that secret sauce!
  10. Regarding sites like HLJ, how do you guys find the listing? Just keep searching the site until they make it available ?
  11. The re-list will also usually require full payment in advance if I’m not mistaken.
  12. Great news, ty for the update!
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