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  1. @no3Ljmhow much was the first markup, 25k? I'm on the fence with their current offer of 28k or just taking my chances on opening day.
  2. This thought has crossed my mind more then once as well. Just dealing with the pre-order madness is enough to drive one crazy.
  3. Wow! Max tv was not what I was expecting but it looks fantastic. Can’t wait ...
  4. Looks like Valkyrie Factory is going to release a VF-1S Roy + SSP Premium edition much like their Hikaru release. bababobo00712 is currently taking pre-orders. Personally, I much prefer Yamato's vf-1s head sculpt over the ko, but its fighter/gerwalk mode work rather nicely. On an un-related note, for anyone that was able to pick up VF's SSP on sale and is willing to sell one at around cost, please PM me

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Apologies if this has already been asked, but is there a pre-order date for the vf-31S armor/super parts?
  6. Fantastic news! I was so close to picking up the yamato version off ebay just a few days ago.
  7. You're right Shiz, it was literally unlocked when I posted this topic. Thanks!
  8. Hi friends, I'm finding I can't post in the Sales & Trade section. Are new members limited to only viewing this forum?
  9. Sent a PM, ready to buy some valks!

  10. Got this beast the other day. Must say it makes me smile!
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