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  1. Anyone looking for a Minty White G1 Jetfire? This one is really nice and complete with working landing gear: http://ebay.us/EMF7C9?cmpnId=5338273189
  2. Forgive my noob-ish questions here, but I need some help. Will any fast/super packs work on the VF-1J Bandia DX? I love the DX VF-1J and recently received the missle set. I really can't afford to go all in on VF-1S, but really dig the big thrusters and armor of the fast/super packs. I know it's not cannon with the show.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm not sure where the other images go. I thought they were options instead of the city, but I didn't look that close.
  4. How did you get that in so well? I had to cut mine in sections.
  5. If you send me a PM with your e-mail, I'll send you the art file. It's just the background. The rest is already in the Arcadia PF SDF-1 transforming toy/piece.
  6. I'm really happy with these pieces. Real quality in these Macross lines. I'm looking forward to getting the missle pack for the DX VF-1J and hopfully a Super Pack.
  7. I also added the background to the city part. I got the background from wm cheng . His customizing of this piece is light years ahead of anything I can do, so I very much appreciated the assist on my piece.
  8. It's been awhile since posting some progress on this guy. . . I've finally added all the littel screw covers and snap-in bits. There is so much great detail in this piece. Here is the beast in a flying pose with a pencil eraser topper VF-1J in gerwalk mode to try and scale with it. Also pictured is the glorious DX VF-1J. I placed some Diaclone pilots to scale with the DX VF-1J. Enjoy
  9. Has anyone gotten their hands on this Robotech mini-arcade? I believe it plays the Game Boy Advance Robotech game. Link below: https://robotech.com/store/product/coleco-robotech-macross-saga-mini-arcade-game
  10. Heck yeah! Thanks for the link. He looks so cute!
  11. After some fun research and fun ebaying, I found these very small VF pencil sharpeners. They can be taken apart and have the smallest VF toy I've been able to find. Pics below:
  12. Incidently, I was able to get the LD Die Cast Black Lion to sit in that pose:
  13. any word on the super packs for this guy? I don't want to miss-out on them. These Bandai pieces are crazy hard to get.
  14. You could try to get your hands on the Icarus Voltron or Mad Toys Voltron. Both are made with decent die cast and have a premium feel to them. I had the Mad Toys one and only sold it after I got the SOC. I regret selling it as it is a really fun version with tons of accessories. You should be able to find one on ebay for around $300
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