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  1. Noice! Was the head laser ok? Have you transformed it yet? Most seem to need their hips loosened, so don't force them.
  2. Well, you got me on a technicality, but I was actually referring to the one above Big Chap that's from Alien Isolation. You're right though, the one above is a prototype for Aliens, but Cameron chose to leave the skull exposed instead. Personally, I like this one better. Why would they suddenly have exposed sk... no. Wait. Don't start applying logic to the Alien franchise. Btw, that "newborn" from Rez is downright LEWD! I was planning on displaying it at work, but it's a bit nsfw. I was also disappointed that it doesn't have human eyes like it does in the movie.
  3. Oh, and the Cat power loader didn't come with a light up rotating warning light, so I looked to the RC community for one and found this LED version. I'm not yet sure if it actually rotates or just flashes as there weren't any directions or specs, but it looks like it has LEDs all the way around in a circle inside. This was made by Integy and is the yellow 10mm version. It's almost exactly the same size.
  4. I posted some of these before, but I've been getting more and holding out for a full group shot. The only thing left is the Aliens Warrior (I chose blue, no sense getting both blue and brown variants) which is due this month hopefully. That will be the first one to come with an egg and facehugger which will complete the set. Personally, I think the original Aliens prototype that comes with the Hadley's Hope set (inc. Burke and the sign) is much better than the one that Cameron chose to go with that has an exposed skull. I didn't get any of the other human figures because I just wanted one of each different type/stage/hybrid alien, but I had to have the Cat power loader and of course a Ripley to operate it. I consider Ripley8 from Resurrection to be a hybrid alien, so I had to have her as well. And I wouldn't have gotten David8 if he didn't come in a lot with Deacon for the same price as Deacon alone, but he's pretty important, so I'll keep him. I also got Vickers with said lot which I'll send to anyone who wants her for free plus shipping. Oh, and I agree with Ridley Scott; AvP isn't canon. Also pictured here is one that wasn't in any movie. Can you tell which it is and where it came from?
  5. I believe that's the "Megahouse Cosmo Fleet Special". For the price, it was a bit small imho.
  6. If you look up the reviews of the previous 1/4 scale figures, they aren't all that articulated like the smaller ones are. The new ones look the same, but I ordered one anyway. I wish they'd do a 1/4 scale queen, but since the smaller one was $100, I doubt I could afford a big one. I recently found a thread where a guy modded his power loader to be a bit more like the movie. But he didn't do the light on top. I found this to do so from the RC community. It might be a little bit big tho. We'll see.
  7. That's a NECA figure. They're about 9" iirc, but they do vary over different versions. As poseables go, NECA is the biggest, most accurate, and have made all of the various aliens and humans from the series. I only know of Figuarts as another manufacturer of poseable Alien figures, but there may be others. Knockoffs of these abound in identical packaging, and I did buy one from China just to see. It seemed to be from the same factory as it was identical with a loose knee, so I think they're just QC rejects. As for quality, it could be better, but that goes for just about anything. The joints tend to be a bit too tight on some, too loose on others, and I had an elbow snap off of one of mine because it's only a small 2mm round peg that holds the joints to the major bits. I've also found that the translucent head coverings tend to pull up at the edges sometimes. Otherwise, they're pretty awesome figures. I highly recommend that, if you're going to get into Alien figures, you jump on the preorder for the re-release of the Cat Power Loader from Aliens. ...and a queen of course... oh, and you'll want the "Rescuing Newt" 2 figure set to go with the power loader so that you can get the proper "dirty" Ripley to go in the loader. The other one looks way too clean and perfect, especially with the weathering on the loader. That can come out any time now NECA!!! I'm very impatient after being promised it in August, especially since I have EVERY OTHER ALIEN now waiting in my pile o' loot. Edit: YES!!! I literally JUST got the email saying it was due in the next few days. There's going to be robot vs alien fight very soon!
  8. Looks like the Valkyrie Factory VF-31J has been put off until 1st quarter 2020. They still have pics of the model kit up instead of anything they actually made.
  9. If you don't want it mirrored and don't want to do backgrounds, try lining the back with black velvet. The acetate type works best. It's the closest thing to vantablack the average consumer can get, and thus it looks like space. Route a few fiber optic strands from your light source, poke them into the fabric from the back, and you'll have stars too!
  10. Looks good! Not to disparage your display, but if you want a more invisible string, try fluorocarbon fishing line. It's more expensive but thinner and clearer than regular mono line.
  11. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    The chest piece is a little loose, but otherwise, I highly recommend it. For $40 or so, it's absolutely worth it. Double, double barrel strike cannons FTW!
  12. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Has anyone gotten their MEPToys Britai figure yet? It was supposed to come out back in May but keeps getting pushed back. Any word on that, or is it just because I went through BBTS?
  13. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    I made a post about this very thing a while back. The included adapter works quite well if you just trim it a bit. See here...
  14. 1/3000 SDF1 Robotech TV version by Matchbox/Bandai (not the Takatoku version). 600x600 DPI scan. Box for reference courtesy of @jenius and Anymoon.com where he also has a scan of the stickers and instructions (the stickers here are mine) so thank you!
  15. I'll post these in the decal library as well...
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