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  1. What kind of masking tape do you use for modeling? Is it something special that seals well or will something like frog tape work? I don't exactly trust regular household masking tape or even the blue stuff. Frog tape is supposed to seal better, but again, that's for household painting. If Bandai's tampo isn't great, is there some way to seal it to make it better, like some sort of matte clear coat or something? Anything you recommend?
  2. Ah, this is one of those optical illusions isn't it? It's really the same valk.
  3. OOOOH! That'd be cool! Now if only one could get the magnets INSIDE the valk so it doesn't need a platform to float. THEN you'd have a REALLY sick display!!!
  4. According to Anymoon.com, 492g.
  5. Pontus

    Macross figures

    HOORAY!!! Is that from BBTS or a US distributor of some nature?
  6. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    I'll help with that. Thanks for the reminder. Kinda wanted the first run but passed and didn't manage to snag any after, but this one is more my style anyway. Plus, wouldn't Hikaru have wanted to continue honoring his senpai?
  7. Well, I put Hikaru in a snapping pose out of the box and promptly snapped the stand support not realizing it only bends one way (why?!). Oh well, my bad. My only complaint is the hair is loose (probably just mine and easily fixed), and... does he always have that harness on in the show?
  8. She wears it whenever she's working in her family's restaurant iirc.
  9. All of the red bits are painted over white plastic right, even the heat shield? So it wouldn't be all that difficult to simply paint over the few red bits with yellow right? Just some high quality oil based model paint should do it. Anyone wanna trade a DYRL pilot for a SDFM one that I can paint blue?
  10. I will be buying this, but I would rather have her original singing outfit or at least make the dress on this one less restrictive. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same plastic as before which, even in the short skirt, restricted articulation quite a bit (I'm considering cutting it off and replacing it with fabric). With the long red dress, you might as well make the legs solid.
  11. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and good Black Friday deals. I got a few this year. My wife surprised me when we got to Best Buy whereupon SHE tried to convince ME to get a PS4pro, so I countered with a "might as well get VR too." Both were $100 cheaper. I was hoping to try VR when No Man's Sky supported it. I had no idea it already did. I also found a used Rahxephon action figure going for $100 less than usual. I loved this anime, but didn't wanna spend over $200 on the action figure. The model from Bandai is only $60, but this is so much better, mostly die cast, with clear plastic bits, an excellent figure. And the new Steven Universes movie was awesome, love the show, and the DVD was worth the $15 to see some behind the scenes footage (even if CN never releases their shows in proper sets! GRR!)
  12. When pre-order madness hits, is there usually any warning or announcement, or do we just have to keep a vigilant watch on this here thread and the stores? I've not yet participated in one of these events but am determined to get in on it if/when a Roy VF-1S gets released (regardless of DYRL/SDFM). I really wanted the first release of the VF-1J, but it's not as high on my list as Roy's 1S and is a bit out of my price range, so I only want to collect one of these beauties. But I'd rather not pay the $80+ markup after release, although the shipping is probably similar anyway, so...
  13. Yeah, I thought it was a Japanese popularity thing. But imho we've had enough DYRL VF-1S releases. ( yes I see your name there, plz don't hate ) I'd be happy if they simply included rounded hands and a blue suited Roy. They include rounded hands in their HMR releases (in all BUT the Roy?!!!), so why not here? Eh, whatevs, I digress and am happy they are putting out toys at all from a 40yr old show!
  14. True, but I would have thought they would have gone with a Roy release that would sell better before doing a second Hikaru. And I was referring to all large scale releases of Roy's VF-1S, not the DX line itself - sorry for not being clearer there. The only 1/60 or larger SDFM release that I have found so far is one of the the Yamato V2.2 releases. In smaller ones, there's the Kitzconcept and Toynami Robotech stuff (but we all know that doesn't count).
  15. Hah, yeah, same here. I'm surprised they haven't yet released what would probably be the hottest selling model. I haven't been particularly interested in collecting the 1/48 scale DX stuff, but I would sell my kidney for an SDFM Roy VF-1S. Why are nearly ALL releases of that DYRL?! And it looks like the next one will probably be DYRL too. Le sigh
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