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  1. Really hoping my ebay pre-order works out. I've never had a problem so far being picky about my sellers. It was a lot cheaper than Nin Nin and free shipping. If it pans out, I'll be selling my Hikaru VF-1S which I bought in case this was never released so I could paint it yellow instead of red. Glad I didn't have to, because this pretty much completes my collection other than the upcoming Kitzconcept figures. I would have been satisfied with my 1/60 DYRL Roy, but if I'm not mistaken, this DX is one of only 2 TV Roys ever released(?). That seems strange to me, especially since Roy seems t
  2. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Did you guys get them direct from Kitz? I'm supposed to be getting a Lisa from BBTS, but they have been very slow lately. Took them a week to ship my last item from my pile of loot. Looks like I shoulda waited, but so far, Lisa is still listed as pre-order.
  3. Thanks for the reply. With that comparison and everyone's GLOWING assessment of NY and NN, I think I trust the ebay scalpers more.
  4. Well, now you've got my curiosity piqued, so... YES I ABSOLUTELY DO want to see what x-rays will do!
  5. So... is NinNin reliable? I read reports replying to this post that they might not be. How can they offer a pre-order when all others are gone, and why does the price keep going up? What are my chances of actually getting one, and if not, how much will I have to wait and/or fight them for a refund (although I see that they do take paypal credit, so that might not be an issue)?
  6. You might notice that I'm missing one key component to a complete set of SDFM HMR Valkyries, but I figured Roy was the one Valkyrie that needed to be had in a larger scale, so I have a 1/60 of him. And I don't like the scale on the HMR baddies, so I'm working on model kits of those... plus they are stupid expensive for what they are. I'd really love to get a DX Roy (as one of the few TV versions ever made), but it doesn't look like that will be possible for anything less than $450. I did buy a DX DYRL Hiky just in case though so that I could paint it to look like Roy's VF-1S. I may sell it
  7. I was torn about whether to get rid of my excess packaging in case I ever want/need to sell, but I don't ever want to sell these. I was going to toss it all, but thought perhaps someone might actually want them. I'm not going to ship them, but if anyone is in the Southern Wisconsin area and wants to pick them up, I'll save them from the trash for you. It's all in one bag, and you must take all. You also get a free Vickers Prometheus figure (no box). Oh, and there's no backgrounds in the HMR boxes because I wanted to keep those for displays.
  8. I've been away for a while and missed the Roy pre-order (not that I'd have been able to get one). I'm sure this has probably already been said a bajillion times, but if anyone pre-ordered extra DX Roys, please PM me. Ebay scalper preorders are already going for $460!!! I did get a VF-1S Hikaru just in case so I could repaint it and get a 3D printed Roy figure, but I'd rather just have the right one to begin with. Some sort of trade would be beautiful, but I don't hold out much hope in that. Thanks guys, and sorry for the absence. Hope everyone is doing well!
  9. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    WHOA! Flippin NOYEEEECE!
  10. I guess... if you really can't help yourself, but I really like your usually awesome contributions. I hope you'll reconsider.
  11. I believe it's this one. That is very tempting, but I'm more interested in the VF-31J that's supposed to be coming. I don't think it's happening "first quarter" either.
  12. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    Just take a 1/16" or similar small drill bit and roll it in your fingers to drill a small hole on the inside, then use the drill bit to push out the broken peg. It won't take long to drill through the plastic and it should actually make this problem disappear completely in the future as it will no longer create a vacuum.
  13. If you don't like the content of this thread, please continue to improve it by posting your own great content. But please don't criticize others for their contributions. I'd like to assume you didn't mean this in the way that it came off, but it sounds like you just criticized this entire thread and then proceeded to call someone out for some sort of geek foul. If so, not cool, but maybe I misunderstood.
  14. I love you guys! This forum is the best.
  15. It's only a toy if you open and play with it.
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