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  1. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    WHOA! Flippin NOYEEEECE!
  2. I guess... if you really can't help yourself, but I really like your usually awesome contributions. I hope you'll reconsider.
  3. I believe it's this one. That is very tempting, but I'm more interested in the VF-31J that's supposed to be coming. I don't think it's happening "first quarter" either.
  4. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    Just take a 1/16" or similar small drill bit and roll it in your fingers to drill a small hole on the inside, then use the drill bit to push out the broken peg. It won't take long to drill through the plastic and it should actually make this problem disappear completely in the future as it will no longer create a vacuum.
  5. If you don't like the content of this thread, please continue to improve it by posting your own great content. But please don't criticize others for their contributions. I'd like to assume you didn't mean this in the way that it came off, but it sounds like you just criticized this entire thread and then proceeded to call someone out for some sort of geek foul. If so, not cool, but maybe I misunderstood.
  6. I love you guys! This forum is the best.
  7. It's only a toy if you open and play with it.
  8. Pontus

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Mine are stiff in some positions more than others, so yours is probably particularly bad. I'm betting there's a bad seam line running through the middle of the ball that's holding you up.
  9. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    Oooh, that's this weekend? Awesome, thanks for the head up. Looks like Ami is going to be hitting me up for some yen. Hope that tax check comes soon!
  10. Pontus

    Macross figures

    As I said, I meant no shame to anyone buying these, I get that they're cute versions of yr favorite characters. But I do apologise since what I'm saying implies it. I just think Bandai should have turned the sex dial down along with the age.
  11. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Wow, uh... I'm a big fan of anime figures, and I don't even mind displaying straight up hentai ones in my house (there's nothing wrong with nudity in art as the human form is beautiful), but even though these are clothed, aren't these a bit pedo? Maybe it's just me, but these make me a bit uncomfortable. I'm not saying that whoever bought these is a pedo or that there's anything wrong with appreciating them for being cute, but I'm just not sure a toy company like Bandai should be taking scantily clad and/or large chested characters and making them 12yrs old without considering whether their appearance is age appropriate. It seems like someone simply said, "hey let's take these figures and make them cute little girls." "Ok, let's just keep them exactly the same but shrunken with little girl faces." Not sure that's the best tactic for making cute figures. Open large chested cleavage, short shorts, bondage, and blown up skirts REALLY clash on a 12yr old figure.
  12. Uh, hmm... letsee, how big would a 1:285 scale SDF-1 be? Well, that would take up a whole room at 14’, but I still want these. Not sure I want to paint them tho.
  13. Don't forget to pick up an SDF-1! I recommend the old school Matchbox (Bandai) 1:3000 version if you like the original SDFM show. You can pick those up for a song on ebay any time. If you're a DYRL fan, go for the Arcadia one. But it sounds like what you need most is a YF-21 to go with your 19. Those are going much cheaper now that Bandai will be coming out with a DX version, or you could just wait for the DX. And yeah, HMR 1:100 stuff is still plenty available if a little overpriced, but much cheaper than DX stuff. But then again, for not much more, you can pick up Arcadia 1:60 premium finish valks for $200 new sometimes. And don't forget about all the cool stuff that Kitzconcepts is putting out, especially the figures if you like SDFM.
  14. Sorry, I didn't take before pics, but it had big curls of hair coming out the back of his head behind the ears.
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