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  1. Did you pay extra for "collector packaging"? If so, I would take it up with them. Also, those boxes look more than a bit kicked around, so I wouldn't immediately blame BBTS.
  2. Pontus

    Macross figures

    I was a sucker for the cute, complacent eyes of the playmax model, but those too are not the eyes of an assertive, top brass female. I may try my own if not too small (they're way too small). The hair is perfect on the kc figure tho. Ah, who am I kidding. I have the Minmei figure already, so I have to get this one.
  3. Pontus

    Macross figures

    Saw this in my email today. For $60 though, I think I'll pass, especially with those dead eyes and weird face. Not bad otherwise though.
  4. My apologies for posting something non-Macross related. I don't mean to be argumentative, but I would have assumed that the "overtechnology think tank" was the obvious label that specified Macross (looking back now, I saw @no3Ljm's post and... duh), but it seemed like a general toy thread much like the "most recent Macross or toy purchase" thread which would be in constant violation of that rule. My bad. This is a Macross Forum, so I will keep it on track from now on.
  5. My appologies... deleted.
  6. @valhary How did you manage to get some 1/60 VF-1 Fext armor?
  7. Other than the inclusion of the cannon, how are they different?
  8. Pontus

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    It says about 100yen. Isn't that only about $1USD?
  9. Pontus

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Awesome! Now, is there some way I can buy one of these without learning Japanese? I take it that you're making these Xigfrid? If so, could I purchase one from you directly?
  10. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    I had the same prob, but I noticed that it would go back with steady, careful pressure. Once it did it became much easier. You just have to force it.
  11. You can use this armor for Gerwalk, I did it as a joke a while back, but without the chest and nose armor, it looks quite good.
  12. Pontus

    Macross figures

    I'll do my best! Thanks for all the help guys. How long does SAL unregistered typically take?
  13. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    I was talking about the HM non-R for sale being compatible with my HMR brownie.
  14. Where did you get this, or is this a future product? None of the sci-fi sets available look like this, and nothing comes with clear ceiling parts. Nevermind, didn't see the first post. Someone did ask about clear wall bits for lighting, and I did notice that the new Sci-fi2 set has them.
  15. Pontus

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know if the chest piece is interchangeable with the HMR line? I might like to pick this up for spare parts and to change my brownie to a Kakizaki.
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