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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the same one they displayed at the M-Tama event and at the Bakuonsai movie event. So far it seems there's just one pre production model floating all over the place
  2. That one dude

    Hi-Metal R

    Wait what? Bandai is doing Patlabors this quarter?! Link please
  3. Anyone else see this? https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ NHK is running a full Macross series poll for favourite: Series, Character, Mecha and Song The halfway announcement has Nekki Basara as 2nd most popular character which was actually a pleasant surprise for me.
  4. At this point the secondary markets you're only option. The first and second lotteries have finished and there aren't anymore performances. Otherwise try to get a part time job working the venue? lol
  5. They're hoping to open up the market once the rights come back to BW. Right now they aren't legally allowed to distribute overseas so all you get is scalpers and resales.
  6. Websites up https://tamashii.jp/special/macross/vf-1a_max/ Pre orders start on April 8th
  7. Passion project, the dude in charge of DX Chogokin right now at Bandai is a super old school fan who's always trying to sneak through the stuff he personally wants.
  8. That one dude

    Uta Macross!

    Oh damn, Time to start logging in. Hate to miss out on the freebies
  9. That one dude

    Uta Macross!

    Anyone still playing? I've been busy with work and missed a few months but keen to get back into it over the Christmas break.
  10. I'm up here in Tokyo so I'm going to be joining the hordes lining up on the streets of Akihabara Tomorrow Also BANDAI just put out a shortened version of their video, nothing new except a few new pictures from the manual but hey! pictures from the manual right? Also I don't know how to post links >.< https://youtu.be/mgfeidV4X0o
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