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  1. Hi there. Is there an up to date thread or post here listing the entire Macross franchise by production order? Rearranged by continuity order? Is it still true only Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross II: Lovers Again, and Macross Plus have been released with English subs or dubs outside of Japan? I found an excellent post about this from 2003 over at RT dot com. It is titled "DYRL Question." Do the terms of use here forbid discussing fan subs of the media not available outside Japan? Thanks. Enjoy the holidays everyone!
  2. My apologies to those who do not find this worthwhile. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 4 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 3 Issue 23 September 2019
  3. I apologize for upsetting anyone with these posts. Only one more issue to go after this. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 3 or Issue 23 September 2019
  4. You're right. Sorry. Any discussion of Robotech on the Macross forums does lend a small amount of credence or validation to the Robotech franchise. This cannot be avoided. There is no such thing as bad publicity. I am posting for the sake of completion and maybe... obsessive compulsive disorder.
  5. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 3 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 2 Issue 22 August 2019
  6. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 2 or Issue 22 August 2019
  7. I agree Robotech 3000 is not a reboot. It is funny to think of this Titan Comics Issue rebooting it. I reworded the sentence as... 11. The Regess penetrates the future reality of the quasi-in-universe failed Robotech 3000 franchise restart/reset/reboot set in the year 3000. The Sentinels was released in the year 1988 and Robotech 3000 was teased in the year 2000. It is a serial chronological continuation of the series as a sequel but it was also an embarrassing attempt at a restart/reset/reboot of the franchise.
  8. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 2 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 1 Issue 21 July 2019
  9. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 1 or Issue 21 July 2019
  10. Wow. Thanks again Seto Kaiba. You are a very helpful and valuable resource. Do you feel confident this canon is recorded somewhere on the internet? It should really be archived somewhere or accessible for easy reading and comprehension. Do you speak Japanese Seto Kaiba? I only speak English and read the subtitles. DYRL might have slight translation differences. I feel Misa says the Protoculture from DYRL became giant Zentradi and Meltrandi in the subtitles. I suppose there is a canon to each series and then a broad overarching canon which fits them all together as well as a fanon or fandom. Each series is an in-universe fictional retelling of in-universe historical events. Therefore, all these canon's won't fit together perfectly. Is there a canon (history) for the non-fictional in-universe events? I assume the Protoculture split into male and female sides first. Next, there was a civil war inside the Protoculture society. The male Protoculture society used proxy male Zentradi and the female Protoculture society also used proxy male Zentreadi? Then each side also got Meltrandi warriors as well? Did the civil war involve male Protoculture versus female Protoculture? Or did a gender segregated but united coalition of Protoculture have a conflict with another gender segregated but united coalition of Protoculture? Were the Zentradi first created for defense, exploration, and intergalactic war or for the male society of Protoculture and the female society of Protoculture to attack each other? Is the civil war of the Protocultue the same war as the conflict between male and female Protoculture?
  11. Can anyone help me out with this? Can someone straighten me out? My current understanding is in episodes 1 to 36 of SDF Macross the protoculture is the first prototype culture and they created the Zentreadi and the Supervision Army. These forces accidentally killed their creators... the protoculture. In SDF Macross the Zentreadi are male and female but segregated and they are allied against the Supervision Army. In DYRL on Altira Misa explains there really is no Supervision Army and instead the protoculture themselves split into Zentradi and Meltrandi. The protoculture were miclones but became giants to fight. Some of them realized their error and decided to become miclones again and live in a coed city on Earth. These miclones eventually left Earth and never returned while Zentradi and Meltrandi continued to fight. However, prior to Misa's scene on Altira Bodole Zer stated the creators did not teach the Zentradi about culture but only programmed the Zentradi. The word programming alludes more to the Zentreadi creation story form episodes 1 to 36 relative to Misa's DYRL explanation at Altira In both versions of events the Zentradi have lost their history and information about their creators or ancestors. How does the fandom or canon for strict DYRL events reconcile Misa and Bodole Zer's slightly differing explanations? If the Zentreadi or Supervision Army from episodes 1 to 36 encountered the true protoculture would they recognize their authority and follow chain of command? Did the protoculture intentionally sever ties with these forces and had no intention of ever commanding them? They just told them not to mess with miclones as a small fail safe? If Misa's DYRL version of Zentradi or Meltrandi encountered true protoculture I suppose all three parties would see each other as traitors but perhaps the coed miclones of Altira would propose peace. If Bodole Zer's DYRL version of Zentradi encountered true protoculture I would think he would follow chain of command and submit to their authority as they are his programmers. I was thinking Bodole Zer's version of Zentradi (mentioning creators and programming) might cause him to see the human miclones as his authority. If so, in DYRL this would weaken his motivation to break his alliance with the miclones based on his version of history. Has Bodole Zer gone rogue? Is he serving a master? Episodes 1 to 36 has a more coherent version of male and female Zentreadi being segregated to eliminate culture. Misa's DYRL version is coherent. However, Bodole Zer's version (more credible in-universe than Misa's speculations because he would know better) is not really coherent. If he was programmed, how did he come to see the Meltrandi as enemies? Combining the explanation from episodes 1 to 36 with Bodole Zer's DYRL explanation starts to make more sense. It must be assumed and accepted at some point in DYRL the Zentreadi split into Zentradi and Meltrandi and began fighting each other due to past unseen events. Unless Misa is correct and the protoculture became Zentradi and Meltrandi. In Misa's version there would be no creators or programming. Would any Zentreadi or Meltrandi ships have accomadations for miclones? Did the protoculture intend on occupying the same space as their giant soldiers or giant versions of themselves? Would the SDF-1 have accommodations for miclones/protoculture? Does the existence of micloning chambers insist on this logical conclusion? If so, in episodes 1 to 36 they did not have any miclone sized clothing for micronized Zentreadi. Is this covered in another thread? Elsewhere on the internet? Thanks for any help.
  12. Thanks for all your responses Seto Kaiba. I am beginning to see the light. I really appreciate it. Has anyone come to a consensus on how Max was macronized? I propose Max was folded to Meltrandi friendly space while inside the airlock of Milia's ship. I can only assume he was captured at some point. Although I suppose he was Milia's pet or the darling of the crew. Milia must have had a miclone chamber on her ship. Max was macronized. I assume they defected and folded back to Earth prior to Lap Lamiz folding in for the climactic battle. Although, Milia and Max could have arrived with Lap Lamiz and quickly defected to Earth forces. Does anyone have any ideas on these unseen events involving Max? Does anyone have a rough timeline for these events? Milia folds away with Max. Boddole Zer has a formal alliance with the miclones. Max is macronized. Lap Lamiz arrives in Earth space. 24 hours? 48 hours? 2 weeks?
  13. It is hard to express my sincerity through text but I am sincere. I really apologize for implying any flaws in something sacred like DYRL. You guys are a tough crowd around here Lol! I suppose my avatars negative rating is not helping. I think I was punished for liking... (whisper) RT. I am trying to understand how Max was macronized and got his Meltrandi mecha and how Milia sided with the miclones. Please see my previous post. I suspect we are all projecting our knowledge of Episodes 1 to 36 onto DYRL. I have watched DYRL as if I am a first time viewer and there is no motivation for Bodolzaa to withdraw from his alliance with the miclones unless we project his character motivations from SDF Macross onto DYRL. When he discovered the lyrics were not finished and Minmay was missing he could have just called Global and arranged for a new strategy or a Plan B to attack Lap Lamiz. I can only justify Bodolzaa's rashness being due to his assumption the miclones had deceived him so he broke his alliance with them. Villains tend to jump to conclusions so I guess Bodolzaa was just a typical villain. I actually sympathize with Bodolzaa in DYRL. Hikaru seems vicious to shoot him in the face. Moments (hours?) earlier Bodolzaa was their ally. Could Global have arranged for Bodolzaa's surrender? Wasn't Bodolzaa's fleet exposed to culture? Were the miclones so outnumbered they had to destroy the command and control center to save themselves? I feel only the motivations from SDF Macross justify Hikaru's actions in DYRL. The viewing audience had expectations from SDF Macross and the writers for DYRL kind of sleepwalked and went through the motions. The 25 minute section of DYRL I referenced in my previous post has some tiny plot holes if you ignore the SDF Macross episodes. In DYRL Bodolzaa's fleet was exposed to culture. In SDF Macross his fleet folded into Earth space without any exposure. Bodolzaa had to be killed in SDF Macross. I am not so sure in DYRL. They could have resolved their misunderstanding in DYRL. I really respect and enjoy SDF Macross and DYRL. I mean no offense. Thanks again for all your responses. :)
  14. Hi there. Thanks a lot for your replies. I honestley think you guys are really smart which is why I posted here. I own DYRL and have watched it many times which I guess makes me very ignorant. Lol! It is available for free on youtube as well. Due to the compression of events for an animated film the character motivations are just unseen I suppose. Is it fair to say Milia's ship captured Max and took him to Meltrandi friendly space when the ship folded out? While there Max seduced the crew similar to Minmay seducing Bodolzaa? At some point Milia's ship returned to miclone friendly space and aligned with Bodolzaa and the miclones? Did others go with Milia and turn against Lap Lamiz prior to the climactic battle? So at this point Max was macronzied and Milia's small fleet was integrated with the miclone military machine prior to the climactic battle? There must have been time allowed to macronize Max and give him a Meltrandi mecha. Another strange alternative is Max defected to Milia's fleet and during the battle the song re-awoke his humanity and he and Milia joined the Miclones against Bodolzaa. My small assertion is Bodolzaa had already battle tested the melody without the lyrics when he first drove off Milia's ship containing Max. That alone as a weapon seemed powerful enough. If he had a recording to broadcast he could just repeat this on Lap Lamiz. It is just odd he felt he needed the lyrics and a live performance to defeat Lap Lamiz and then was willing to break his alliance with the miclones because the lyrics were not ready and Minmay was missing. Although your point about destroying the song/culture before it fell into Lap Lamiz's hands is well taken. I missed that plot point. Thank you for pointing that out. I guess once Bodolzaa had killed Lap Lamiz he felt he did not need the lyrics or a live performance. However, Bodolzaa made all these decisions prior to killing Lap Lamiz. If his one and only shot had not killed her, he would've been screwed. He died. So, obviously he would've been wiser to stick with the miclones and simply use the melody and someone besides Minmay to hum along with it against Lap Lamiz. There is also a big assumption inherent in Bodolzaa knowing the "lee-rics" would make the melody much more powerful. Why did he have so much faith in the lyrics if he was ignorant of culture? The miclones convinced him lyrics were a super-weapon? Miclone poets were going to create the lyrics. It was Lisa's chance discovery of "THE" lyrics which enabled such a phenomenal response to occur. Bodolzaa would have had no foreknowledge of any of this. The miclones were going to give him lyrics written by miclone song writers. I would think Bodolzaa's decision to strike Lap Lamiz, destroy friendly forces, and accept collateral damage is the correct decision when your society is made of clones. I would assume Britai would see the wisdom in this decision except Britai had been contaminated with culture. I suppose the alliance of the miclones and Bodolzaa was taken by surprise when Lap Lamiz defolded in Earth space. Her presence forced Bodolzaa's hand which forced Britai's decision to stick with the miclones. All my questions center around a 25 minute portion of the film from 01:15:42 to 1:41:08. I see a lot of plot holes here. Especially how Max got macronized and got a Meltrandi mecha. Thanks for all your input and help.
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