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  1. Thanks. I really appreciate your expertise on all these matters. Thanks for the AnimEigo recommendation. Interesting to know there are about 3 translations of SDF Macross. You are a total Macross... (and RT) ...expert. It would be cool if the core group of experts here posted a thread of their backgrounds, their journey to becoming a super fan, real names, social media accounts, and stuff like that. You are all like superheroes with all your knowledge. Sometimes I wonder who you all are. I kind of piece together the SpeakerPodcast guys and Jonathon Switzer. Anyway, thanks again.
  2. Are there any forums here discussing the most accurate Japanese to English subtitle translations of Episodes 1 to 36? Maybe even a sort of canon translation? Are there any episode transcripts in English? How many different subtitle versions are there? I watched SDF Macross using the current Amazon version with the English subtitles. It is by FilmRise. There seem to be multiple VHS and DVD versions and translations over the years. There are a lot of archived discussions across the internet which do not apply to this Amazon or FilmRise version. One example is the term "comfort woman" not being present. I have read archived discussions about Episode 15 when Minmay's father accuses her of being a "comfort woman" but in this current Amazon version it is translated as "entertaining the troops." I would be interested in purchasing the version with the most accurate translation or maybe officially endorsed translation. Thanks.
  3. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 5 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 4 Issue 24 October 2019
  4. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 4 or Issue 24 October 2019
  5. Thanks for all the insights. I'm still undecided about all this. I am trying to wrap my head around 1985 television technology and RT being broadcast to China, Russia, France, South America, etc. There were no other real alternatives for distribution or viewing creating a captive audience. This audience would be pretty big but confined to the late 80's and now aged about 30 years older. This audience would have a lot of nostalgia and possibly passion and enthusiasm for RT. However, the active audience of 2019 with disposable income would be much younger, mostly Japanese, and focused on Macross... but today's Macross is just one franchise in an ocean of content compared to 1982. It seems difficult to judge.
  6. I know this is infuriating but does RT have the larger number of worldwide fans and overall viewership since 1985 due to all the licensing issues? Granted the Macross franchise has more media and material, but it seems the majority of the Macross content is confined to Japan? Would it be wiser to make a live action Macross film or RT film based on worldwide audience? The numbers would be interesting for comparison. How many humans worldwide have been exposed to RT versus Macross? Could it be like 500 million to 50 million in favor of RT? Does anyone have any educated guesses on this? Regretfully, I assume RT has the larger audience. Thanks. Just curious about this. I apologize for raising a RT related question.
  7. So to summarize, only SDF Macross, Macross II, and Macross Plus had official US releases which obviously had English subs or dubs. Macross Frontier "shooting star", Macross Plus special edition, and Macross Delta were not released in the US but were released in Japan with either English subs or dubs. These are compatible with USA DVD players as region 1. Macross 7 (all of it), Macross Zero, and Macross Frontier (series) have never had official releases with English subs or dubs. What about DYRL? I own the 2 disc Perfect Edition of DYRL and it has English subs. It has English language on the DVD box. It is made and distributed by Crescent Media.
  8. Hi there. Is there an up to date thread or post here listing the entire Macross franchise by production order? Rearranged by continuity order? Is it still true only Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross II: Lovers Again, and Macross Plus have been released with English subs or dubs outside of Japan? I found an excellent post about this from 2003 over at RT dot com. It is titled "DYRL Question." Do the terms of use here forbid discussing fan subs of the media not available outside Japan? Thanks. Enjoy the holidays everyone!
  9. My apologies to those who do not find this worthwhile. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 4 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 3 Issue 23 September 2019
  10. I apologize for upsetting anyone with these posts. Only one more issue to go after this. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 3 or Issue 23 September 2019
  11. You're right. Sorry. Any discussion of Robotech on the Macross forums does lend a small amount of credence or validation to the Robotech franchise. This cannot be avoided. There is no such thing as bad publicity. I am posting for the sake of completion and maybe... obsessive compulsive disorder.
  12. Spoiler Alert for Curtain Call Part 3 of 5 appearing as a backup in Event Horizon Chapter 2 Issue 22 August 2019
  13. Spoiler Alert for Event Horizon Chapter 2 or Issue 22 August 2019
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