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  1. Hi. Thanks for all your corrections. My Remix sales figures are unofficial. I got them from a fan's YouTube video. A podcaster and blogger at RT dot com with relationships with the creators of Remix feels Remix is not cancelled.
  2. Hello. Another long strange journey of Robotech has come to a premature termination. It seems like Robotech Remix has failed in the commercial market and has ended with Issue 4. It looks like Robotech Remix was cancelled. It seems retailers purchased less than 5000 copies of Issue 4 and it is unknown how many of those 5000 were actually purchased by customers. If Remix is ever resurrected, it would probably be a reboot and be numbered as Issue 1 to increase sales. I suspect the title would be The Return and Rehash of Robotech Remix as a Resurrected Reboot. Remix began in November of 2019. Issue 5 was supposed to be issued in March of 2020. I just wanted to say thank you to the Macross Forums and all the users posting here. I learned a lot reading all your posts on this topic. It was very insightful and helpful. Thank you for tolerating the discussion. As a fan of both Robotech and Macross, it was great to see things from a Macross point of view. After all the years since 1982 and 1985 I am hopeful the fans of the two franchises will continue to communicate with respect and civility. I hope this understanding continues to manifest and grow stronger. I am taking it upon myself to write Issue 5 as the finale. Here are random guesses and wild speculation about the unfinished story arc of Robotech Remix. Of course, as soon as I post this, Issue 5 will be published, and I will look totally foolish. However, this is the best I can do based on 4 issues of Remix. Spoiler Alert for Robotech Remix Issue 5 which is not published at the time of this writing. Well, keep in touch. If anyone is interested in writing a “Macross for Dummies” or an “Idiot’s Guide to Macross” focusing on Episodes 1 to 36 please contact me. This post of wild predictions (fan fiction?) will have to tide us over until the next Robotech storyline. In the meantime we can explore the Macross franchise. Again, thank you to the Macross Forum and all the contributors posting here. It is very much appreciated.
  3. I agree with JohnMc. While re-imagining and remixing the series is fun, without a masterful overarching vision, the basis and underpinnings of the series begin to fall apart. J. Switzer has recently observed by making Minmei and Lisa so assertive in their Titan incarnations, the contrast between the two is lost. This muddles and diminishes Rick's romantic tension between these two love interests. Originally, Minmei and Lisa were illuminated against the backdrop of the other. In 1982 the plot tension was generated by the dynamics between these character archetypes. As JohnMc observes, this contrast is now lost between Rick and Max. It is doubtful the Titan creative team foresaw these repercussions. Minmei and Max were the alpha female and alpha male of the original series. Max was the Anti-Rick and Minmei and was the Anti-Lisa. In Titan their character arcs and opportunities for growth have been squandered. I would love for Titan to prove me wrong with reinvented plots and alternative plot conflicts, but it seems they will never get the chance to publish their intended material. I do see some potential for Titan's Max and Miriya in an opposites attract and growing sexual tension plot line. But again, in support of JohnMc, Max seems stubborn and whiny in Issue 4. Miriya seems mentally and emotionally dominant. Also, she is illogically very maternal even though she has not fallen in love nor had children. In Issue 4 Miriya reminds Max they do have children in another space and time which seems to make her more wise and reasonable.
  4. Spoiler Alert for Robotech Remix Issue 4 February 2020
  5. I also alluded to this topic back on 2/18/2020. Brian Wood wrote the first 8 issues of the last Robotech Titan series. He has a few accusations floating around google about his possible harassment of women. I believe there were even some quasi-articles written up prior to or just after Titan's Robotech comic book premiering indicating he was taking this Robotech opportunity to almost apologize to his accusers, right his past wrongs, or perhaps market himself to the latest fad of comic book plots. On another topic, I am sheepishly a fan of both the RT franchise and the Macross franchise and there really is no discussion of the Titan comic anywhere. Unless, I'm missing something this thread is the most active and intelligent discussion of the comic I can find. Is it happening on Facebook? In YouTube comments? Maybe 10,000 comics are sold and how many of those consumers want to converse about it? The absence of activity is a pretty big indictment of the franchise.
  6. Spoiler Alert for a backup story in Robotech Remix Issue 3 January 2020 framed as a MBS TV show titled Pop Star Sleepover.
  7. Spoiler Alert for Robotech Remix Issue 3 January 2020
  8. My apologies. What was my first impression here? My Robotech Gender essay?
  9. Your hopes for the demise of Robotech Remix brings two visions to mind. First is Peanuts' Lucy pulling that football away from Charlie Brown one more time or in this case publishing Issue 5 of Remix. Second is that old saying about cockroaches being the most successful organism on Earth even after the apocalypse. Robotech is the cockroach of anime?
  10. All great points concerning the logic behind the Zentradi clones. The ethical point makes sense but prior to the Zentradi discovery of Earth, in all their cycles, why wouldn't Boddole Zer or Laplamiz have made squads of their best soldiers? Laplamiz could've made squads of Milia's and even exterminated them after a battle to avoid any personality issues. Is it possible to clone their skills or consiousness for insertion into each clone? I am only familiar with SDF Macross, and I am ignorant of the Protoculture civilization so excuse my ignorance in the following. If the males and females self-segregated and became the Supervision Army, Meltrandi, and Zentradi, maybe the clones we now know are clones of the original Protoculture civilization. Perhaps their arrogance led to non-identical clones as they were proud of their individual clones. Could this be why the out-of-universe writers never considered identical clones? Is there an internal logic to the clones being non-identical? You made good points about non-identical clones providing a richer storytelling experience from an out-of-universe perspective. It probably allows for more creative choices in the plots and subplots.
  11. Thanks for the answers. I see a plot hole regarding just making an army of Max's and Milia's and cloning their memories as well and piping over their memories into all the clones so they are all experienced pilots. Maybe the viewers must assume this was attempted in-universe and it didn't work. Maybe Max and Milia work best alone or in a pair. It's intriguing the out-of-universe creators utilized non-identical clones. I wonder if they considered identical clones in the early stages of writing or if it even occurred to them they used a diverse population of clones for their plot. Maybe it just came naturally to the writers.
  12. Hi there. Just a quick question. In the original SDF Macross, what kind of clones are the Zentradi? If Milia is the best pilot, could the Zentradi clone several copies of her? Is this a plot hole? Have any micronians ever been cloned in the Macross franchise? Could Max be cloned? Is it strange the Zentradi are clones but not identical clones? Thanks
  13. This is a delicate subject and I wish to be respectful and even neutral in the matter. I just wanted to make an observation. I possibly detect an intentional organized effort by Harmony Gold to market Robotech to females and minorities. The original 85 episodes contained these qualities inherently with the Lisa and Azonia characters, Roy and Claudia's relationship, Bowie and Musica's relationship, Lancer's lifestyle, and many other examples. These two Titan Comics may be attempting to update the series to further meet current sensibilities of 2020. As evidence Lisa and Minmei were more assertive in the last series. Brian Wood wrote the first 8 issues of the last Robotech Titan series. He has several accusations of improper behavior so he may have written an updated version of Robotech to demonstrate his egalitarian views. Or maybe Titan hired him either with with or without knowledge of these accusations. Somewhat related is Harmony Gold CEO Frank Agrama's association with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who has been proven to exhibit certain interesting behaviors. In 2012 Agrama was found guilty of tax schemes occurring in 1988 which involved Berlusconi. Just food for thought. These topics are probably too divisive to discuss here. However, this information may better inform the fans understanding of certain creative decisions.
  14. Spoiler Alert for a backup story in Robotech Remix Issue 2 December 2019 framed as a MBS public service announcement.
  15. Spoiler Alert for Robotech Remix Issue 2 December 2019
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