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  1. To be honest, the white doesn’t really match that much to start there
  2. Looks like the bank blocked my charge too. Lol. I’m fine with that tbh. Screw nin2. Guess I’m on the mandarake path now. Or I guess I should be looking and YAJ near launch too. What’s the scoop with that?
  3. Yeah I’m leaning that way if it happens. Would be more comfortable doing that and if N2 wanted to ban me from the site or something then frankly all the better
  4. If my bank calls me about my nin-nin order maybe I should go ahead and let them cancel it. Really don’t like supporting that company
  5. Unless the place you got it from can help you you’re SOL. Bandai doesn’t service customers outside of japan. I tired to get help when my YF-19 literally fell in half and nada
  6. If it sells out it must mean they have some limit to what they’re selling lol.
  7. Every page monitor I’ve used is either a nightmare of false positives, doesn’t catch what you need or just simply doesn’t work well in other ways. I’ve tried so many in pursuit of convention toys
  8. Anything since then? Not gonna excuse it, they are scum, but the whole 31A debacle sounds like a very special circle of hell.
  9. Ever since they screwed me on shipping with that Figuart Tridoron I’ve despised them. Can’t believe I had to go back
  10. No. How bad they will go is up in the air
  11. I’ve been in it for 2 years and most of that has been waiting for this roy so...it’s something. I managed to snag a hell of a deal last year on alto’s 25 and tornado parts from Mandy before those started really climbing. I’ll get an armored Ozma one day but it’s for sure on the stupid person expense bucket list. That is unless they do a new issue
  12. It’s the only VF-1 I want which I’m happy about. Still the idea of getting up to $400+ is stomach churning
  13. I would say that I would probably be willing to pay more than that aftermarket than I would Roy’s but that’s mainly because those damn armors are $300 on their own
  14. Well I say never again but if they reissued Ozma‘s 25 and the armor parts...ugh
  15. Yeah. Never again. Most valks that I would want I can be reasonably assured they won’t like triple on the aftermarket. If it was anything else I wouldn’t have gone through this
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