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  1. Has anyone heard from Otakusquare regarding the status of the Metal Build Eva-02 orders by any chance?
  2. It looks like Bandai showcased the MB Eva-02 down at the 2019 Unboxing Toy Convention. Was able to find some pics as well:
  3. https://www.dbzfreaks.com/en/evangelion/3908-neon-genesis-evangelion-eva-02-metal-build-bandai-pre-order.html?search_query=MEtal+build&results=3 Sorry y’all trying to prep with all the Earthquakes, but here’s the link for the Eva-02, I’ve ordered from them in the past past and they’ve pulled through on their orders for me.
  4. Anyone up? Got another link for a Metal Build Eva-02, just wanna give y’all a heads up before I drop the link if that’s cool so y’all can get ready.
  5. Hello y’all, to add to the Eva-02 Preorder fiasco, this site also has POs open for $240 USD: https://www.poopoopanda.com/EVA-02-Production-Model-Evangelion-Bandai-Metal-Build_p_9852.html
  6. I know we're all on the PBandai MB that sold out in seconds (lol), but in case anyone missed out on any preorders or looking for an affordable price, the Evangelion Metal Build Eva-01 Test Type is going on this site for ~200 USD https://www.deepdiscount.com/goog/4573102550408?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkMDiBRDNARIsACKP1FHmF-GuhSuJY7P749buFMnydgPhH4bgdlYMvoJNvdjCWsau4sOxdooaAi_QEALw_wcB
  7. Ah man, that is just the cleanest shot of the Ozma I've ever seen.
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